May 24, 2009

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}{exer commented on a Page, mIRC (more secure) encode and decode  -  Jul 15, 2011

Nice Script :)
ty I like it

}{exer commented on a Page, Middle finger + counter  -  May 18, 2011

GooD :)
Just for prevent some possible conflicts give the Timer names.
.timer.M2 ...
I add this

}{exer commented on a Page, 3D text  -  May 12, 2011

Nice :)
if turned on and I write something it poste two lines
the original and your modificated
What to do ?

}{exer commented on a Page, Acronyms with switch  -  Mar 06, 2011

Don`t work in/with Actions :\
nice Switch

}{exer commented on a Page, address logger  -  Jan 17, 2011

Now i can click C:\xx\xx\xx\xx\xx\xx ....
for see the ini File(s) :\
but i like the group idea to set on/off

}{exer commented on a Page, Password Generator  -  Jan 03, 2011

Nice Tool
Works good ty

}{exer commented on a Page, Bot Blacklist v 1.0  -  Oct 25, 2010

If any person is added blacklist will add the same person again if removed the ban.
and write it in Blacklist.txt
... and rejoining is possilbe too
thats bad

}{exer commented on a Page, Reaction Adder  -  Oct 07, 2010

Works fine. I like it

}{exer commented on a Page, Rawr List.  -  Aug 30, 2010

once again something like this
its bored :\
Bold is Ctrl + B
if its marked

}{exer commented on a Page, Kickban Script v1.1  -  Aug 28, 2010

too much of this i found :\
It becomes a good note if added a kb Counter !

}{exer commented on a Page, EggDrop Party Line Connection for mIRC  -  Jul 22, 2010

I say Thanks too again :)

It is Flawless as usual !

}{exer commented on a Page, IRCOp  -  Jun 20, 2010

What is this ?
Where is the command for remove maybe a gline ?
or a Shun before time up ?
useless -.-

}{exer commented on a Page, Darkengine 4.0   -  Jun 17, 2010

by click on Sys Info my Script shut down :\

}{exer commented on a Page, Advanced Google Bot Search  -  Mar 27, 2010

T}{x too from me :)
yeah Good Job again !!

}{exer commented on a Page, Auto Translator  -  Nov 23, 2009

Really Good Work again !!
Thank you FordLawnmower
I like translate to Chiniese for learn this help me fine :))

}{exer commented on a Page, Colour for notices  -  Oct 04, 2009

Good Good
but u forgot a } below

}{exer commented on a Page, !IMDB Movie Search  -  Sep 27, 2009

Fantastic Work always from you :))
Big Database Scripts are very useful on longer time
I wonder how small is the Code for that ^^
Thank you for this.

}{exer commented on a Page, !Uncyclopedia Search Script w/Random  -  Sep 17, 2009

Once again a good Snippet :))
many Thanks

}{exer commented on a Page, $utf8 + upsidedown and octatext  -  Aug 09, 2009

Very good Work !
Its a giant thing with over 200.000 Signs for Show.
Chinese, Arabic all is now easy to bring up on Screen :))
I like it.
Thank you

}{exer commented on a Page, Pandoras Talking Bot  -  Jun 16, 2009

Picius, join with him in an empty Channel like /join #anyName

Ford have many thanks :)
Once again a perfect Script from you !!!
Its amazingly how Variously to add more Bot`s in it.
Sure is, i wait for a Update too (if is something what need to add)

}{exer commented on a Page, command for your bot  -  Jun 16, 2009

I´am confused about this Area @.@
What should do that ?

If ($strip($1) == +kk) /Masskick
If ($strip($1) == +bb) /massban
If ($strip($1) == +oo) /massop
If ($strip($1) == -oo) /massdeop
If ($strip($1) == +hh) /masshop
If ($strip($1) == -hh) /massdehop
If ($strip($1) == +vv) /massv
If ($strip($1) == -vv) /massdv

}{exer commented on a Page, Anti Op { permanet }  -  Jun 10, 2009

WorldDMT your Version is fine too

Thank you for this

}{exer commented on a Page, Anti Op { permanet }  -  Jun 10, 2009

yea, Kirbeh_Pr0nz yours looks better :)
I am not a Master in MSL !

Thank you :)

}{exer commented on a Page, Anti Op { permanet }  -  Jun 10, 2009

Yes a Error. Should mean "Permanent"
Sry for :(

}{exer created a Page  -  Jun 10, 2009

This snippet (steal) anyone permanet the OP Status maybe for fun or is a Bad Person in Channel ! Need Access Level 5 as Minimum for Work ! Perhaps in some Networks are other Anope Rules and need to fix by yourself then Comments are Welcome at all

}{exer commented on a Page, mIRC Music Downloader  -  Jun 06, 2009

Fascinating very fast Downloada :))

Good Work thx

}{exer commented on a Page, Mortal Kombat  -  Jun 04, 2009

Good Work !

Thank You

}{exer commented on a Page, Music Search Script  -  Jun 01, 2009

Hello Ford :))

Nice Script what you make it works perfect :))

Daniel , this Script runs on all other Networks too.
Mindforge is a Network who you can find Ford for possible Questions !

}{exer commented on a Page, /slap - Reinvented  -  May 31, 2009

Cool Socket Script thX. I collec the spells with /write ...txt to

Good Stuff !!!!

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