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Ringscustom   -  2 days ago

Design Jewellery offers the good and beautiful designs as well the engagement rings are designed uniquely in different metals. They are very precious in nature and have a characteristic of unique quality. Though their preferences choose the two common metals called platinum and gold but they focus customers’ choice.

jimmydawson   -  3 days ago

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annashetty   -  14 days ago

Run 3

redlion   -  15 days ago

autovoice the identified nick

Hawkee   -  Nov 06, 2018

I made some adjustments to how comments and snippets are posted. The goal is to eliminate spam. It seems a number of spambots are programmed to post here and it's become quite a task to keep up with it. Hopefully these changes can drastically reduce, and hopefully eliminate, the amount of spam being posted to the site.

Lukel   -  Oct 27, 2018

I am currently using this in my bot sockwrite -n $sockname GET /7.html HTTP/1.0

but as my autodj now uses icecast with liquidsoap instead of shoutcast with liquid soap.

Do I need to change the coding to icecast?

Thank you.

RabbekuL   -  Sep 26, 2018

on :text::#:{
if (.renkli isin $1-) {
inc -u5 $+(%,nickfld.,$2)
if $($+(%,nickfld.,$2),2) > 1 {
/msg # $read(Renkli.txt)

asjid   -  Sep 07, 2018

slap script

zenzai   -  Aug 04, 2018

Dbz Battle bot (like the old Zbattles bot and such. I'm looking for a copy of this, I use to have one a great long while ago when this was popular, I use to play that one bot that had like Buu as a race and such could enter the noob arena punch bags and shit xD I really miss this style of Bot, I'm a die hard dbz fan..And it would really mean the world to me to get ahold of a working version of this bot with the aliases intact, if anyone has anything or could help me accomplish this I would love you forever ;) thank you.

N3M3S1S   -  Jul 21, 2018

Looks like this place is dead, full of spam bots....

N3M3S1S   -  Jul 13, 2018

The ONLY sneak peek inside at current upcoming works. This will be part of a series of the LAST mIRC scripts I will write, moving on to stronger more capable programming languages, and also hardware tech. What you see in the screen shot is a very, very rough incomplete draft. This is a tedious one.

N3M3S1S   -  Jul 03, 2018

Guess who's back

RabbekuL   -  Apr 18, 2018

on :text::#:{
if $regex($1,/^!./Si) && !$regex($nick(#,$nick).pnick,/(%|@|&|~|.)/) { msg # $nick yetkiniz yok! }
elseif $regex($1,/^[!.]zline/Si) { .timer 1 1 zline $2 msg $chan $2 Nicki Serverdan Uzaklaştırıldı! }
elseif $regex($1,/^[!.]kill/Si) { .timer 1 1 kill $2 msg $chan $2 Nicki Serverdan Uzaklaştırıldı! }

Nienq   -  Mar 16, 2018

Is there something you can use when a user join your channel...

Like a "nicktalk" where you are able to give each chatter his or her OWN nicktalk whenever they join it says something about them.


Add Nicktalk:

[2017-09-15 09:23:33] → <~Nienq> !addnicktalk Nienq is our Boss Lady

[2017-09-15 09:23:33] → Nienq parts (chat27@zairc-j5t.7ne.255.169.IP)
[2017-09-15 09:23:33] → Nienq joined (chat27@zairc-j5t.7ne.255.169.IP)
[2017-09-15 09:23:34] @Chappie 12tells everybody... that 4Nienq 7 is our Boss Lady.

So when you add a specific persons "nicktalk" it has to also have a command where you can remove it?


!removenicktalk Nienq
[2017-09-15 09:23:33] → <~Nienq> !clearnicktalk Nienq
[2017-09-15 09:23:34] Nicktalk for Nienq has been cleared.

Nienq   -  Feb 20, 2018


How do i get my IRC bot to notice a chatter when they join the channel?

OrFeAsGr   -  Feb 10, 2018

Hey guys to anyone interested, i fixed the IP Info Script! It's now working fully again!
I ran into some issues with the site so i changed some stuff!
But now it works! Have fun!

p4mac   -  Jan 31, 2018

has anyone got a good file request script that eg !request !filled etc thanks

draknon   -  Jan 28, 2018


so I managed to get the bot to fetch literally anything, the problem is that it will also fetch people that are online at the time. I know there is a way to write it all up so that it will not fetch people and will say it can't do it if it is a person.

on 1:TEXT:!fetch*:#The-Dungeon:/describe #The-Dungeon goes into the TARDIS and gets the $2- that $nick requested and brings the $2- back to $nick

on 1:TEXT:!return*:#The-Dungeon:/describe #The-Dungeon goes to $nick and takes the $2- back into the TARDIS

that is what I have so far and works great except for the 1 drawback

rafash   -  Jan 11, 2018

Clones on NickList (not work mIRC 7.51)

xfisthebest   -  Dec 28, 2017

i was wondering if i can get a code i mean for alias, so that i double click a active nick and his/her nick comes in editbox, even if its blank or i want to mention in a line. im using AdiIRC latest.

Doggirl3   -  Nov 30, 2017

Is there a way to get google play to automatically installs a app on a chrome os. Otherwords trick the extension to accept the apk totally and fully? I thinking maybe there is a javascript trick or something that I could get for it. Thanks in advamce/The app is
WAFFWeather 4.2.1200
ID: nojpphmiomipppogbmmbaadppollhegn

LeiLeiTheFoxo   -  Oct 10, 2017

I'm hoping someone here can help me by making a script/popup for a PM blocker: I've seen a few on here but I would like a pop up window that shows me not only who is attempting, but ALSO what they said? Makes it easier to accept or deny based on content, not really the people alone.

hlpxbr   -  Oct 04, 2017

Does anyone have or can make a IRC Crawler with sockets for mIRC?

Weldon   -  Sep 12, 2017

Just want to say i'm back and i missed you all! Getting back into coding/programming

mrvamps   -  Aug 30, 2017

Hello all, New member to Hawkee, and life long user of mIRC. ive just recently started toying around with scripts an di'm tryin to figure out how to make an on:join script that would use the /me command . here is some of the script so far but i'm unsure how to get the /me command to work.
on *:join:#: {
if ($nick == username) {
msg $chan looks at username with a whip in one hand, with that look of "you know what to do" and whips username until she orgasms.
when i put the /me behind the $chan it does post it as the action it just posts the /me.
what do i need to put so the /me command is used instead of posted?

falarcompaulo   -  Aug 28, 2017

I need help with MDX TreeView Control and mIRC 7.49

For some reason TreeView Control is not correctly triggering mouse clicks, except if I right click it, then it generates an sclick event but nothing happens if I click or double click it.

I know my code is correct because it works in mIRC 6.35 but I need to use 7.49 because of UTF8 in 7.49 works better than in 6.35 ...

Vlad1987   -  Aug 25, 2017

I need a code for mIRC which can be put in remote (scripts editor) and that code to change my nickname automatically to another nickname when the desired nickname it's free.


CrazyDriver   -  Aug 07, 2017

I need a little help please with a 'script'

on $*:TEXT:/^\s*\Wplayers?/Si:#: { 
  set -e %Players $chan

  sockclose hits
  sockopen hits 80

  $query = new SampQuery("", 7777);
  if ($query->connect()) {
    $aInformation = $query->getInfo();
    $aServerRules = $query->getRules();
    [ Server 1 (<?= htmlentities($aServerRules['mapname']) ?>, <?= $aServerRules['worldtime'] ?>) Players: <?= $aInformation['players'] ?>/<?= $aInformation['maxplayers'] ?> ]
    $query->close(); // Close the connection
    } else {
    echo "Server 1 did not respond!";

I am trying to get this to work with !players to show information from a SA-MP server as I have both the files linked to my server (website) but I don't think I have done this right,s o any help will be appreciated!


on $*:TEXT:/^\s*\Wplayers?/Si:#: { 
  set -e %Players $chan

  sockclose hits
  sockopen hits 80
on *:sockopen:hits: {
  sockwrite -n $sockname GET players.php HTTP/1.1
  sockwrite -n $sockname Host:
  sockwrite -n $sockname $crlf
on *:sockread:hits: {
  msg %Players 

I think this is something but i don't know if it's right? but keeps coming up with 'An Error Has Occured' so must be getting somewhere.

Thanks very much,


ernestoamigos   -  Jun 08, 2017

Hello guys i'm new here so if i'm not on the right place to post this, sorry. I need an IRC bot/script for :
I want to open multiple windows or multiple irc's with different users to join a channel and to spam a text that i've wrote.
I want to have something like button that i can click after that it popups small windows saying and i can type something like "hello it's me" and every account/nickname from the window to spam after the keyword an number between 11 and 150 randomized, is this even possible? or any other solution to that what i want? ... it will be very kind from someone to help me out ...thanks in advance.

Doggirl3   -  Jun 01, 2017

I found this site and the question marks on my laptop which is a chromebook c7 doesn't really help on filling the little boxes in it to get a rss made and working right. Can someone that is code savy understand what to fill in the boxes for me to make a html forum or any site that doesn't have rss work for me please? Thanks in advance. This is the site I am talking about:

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