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HoachatVNT   -  1 day ago

Công ty hóa chất VNT – chuyên nhập khẩu và cung cấp hóa chất công nghiệp cơ bản, phân bón và nguyên liệu sản xuất cho các ngành sản xuất. Với tiêu chí luôn đặt lợi ích khách hàng là hàng đầu, cam kết sản phẩm luôn chất lượng mà giá thành phải chăng.

Địa chỉ: Xóm 3, Thôn Hải Bối, Xã Hải Bối, Đông Anh, T.p Hà Nội
Phone: 0904616638

hoachatcongnghiep #phanbon #hoachat

axiomprint   -  2 days ago

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Gamerswarehouse   -  2 days ago

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kalyandevelopers   -  3 days ago

Builders in Kottayam
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Alexakim197   -  3 days ago

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Alexakim197   -  3 days ago

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Alexakim197   -  3 days ago

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EVOS77   -  5 days ago


Alexakim197   -  6 days ago

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Alexakim197   -  6 days ago

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elabays   -  6 days ago

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alexclara75   -  7 days ago

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darpanjha   -  8 days ago

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farmkeyin   -  9 days ago

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Alexakim197   -  10 days ago

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Alexakim197   -  12 days ago

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Channel-X   -  20 days ago

Hi, I need help I have mIRC version v7.19 but I have no talkers.
How can I use these mirc talkers do I need a script for that, so where can I possibly find that please?

independent911   -  Aug 21, 2019

;Made by independent
;Use it only if my name stays on it.

menu * {

alias init {
inc %aaa
if (%aaa == 1) {
hadd -m conf ip
hadd -m conf port 9051
hadd -m conf p2 9050
if (!$sock(fromnet).name) socklisten -d fromnet $hget(conf,port)
if (!$dialog(tcpwatch)) dialog -m tcpwatch tcpwatch
did -a tcpwatch 11 [Info] listening on port $hget(conf,port) redirect to $hget(conf,ip) $+ : $+ $hget(conf,p2) $crlf
did -a tcpwatch 11 [Info] Script has been started %aaa times


dialog tcpwatch {
title "TCPWatch-dataforward"
size -1 -1 347 93
option dbu
box "Config", 1, 4 4 66 65
edit "9051", 2, 42 16 22 10
text "Listen Port", 3, 7 17 32 8
edit "", 4, 13 36 50 10
text "forward to ip", 5, 14 27 47 8
edit "9050", 6, 39 47 23 10
text "To Port", 7, 9 47 25 8
button "START", 8, 4 71 34 12
button "STOP", 9, 39 71 30 12
box "Debug", 10, 69 4 268 65
edit "", 11, 72 13 263 54, result multi autohs autovs hsbar vsbar limit 99999
button "CLEAR", 12, 116 72 37 12
button "SAVE", 13, 214 72 37 12

on 1:dialog:tcpwatch:sclick:8:{
on 1:dialog:tcpwatch:edit:2:{
hadd -m conf port $did(tcpwatch,2)
did -a tcpwatch 11 [Info] changed listen port to $did(tcpwatch,2) $crlf
on 1:dialog:tcpwatch:edit:4:{
hadd -m conf ip $did(tcpwatch,4)
did -a tcpwatch 11 [Info] changed ip to $did(tcpwatch,4) $crlf
on 1:dialog:tcpwatch:edit:6:{
hadd -m conf p2 $did(tcpwatch,6)
did -a tcpwatch 11 [Info] changed forward port to $did(tcpwatch,6) $crlf
on 1:dialog:tcpwatch:sclick:9:{
sockclose fromnet
sockclose redirect

sockclose tcpwatch*
did -a tcpwatch 11 [Info] Closed port. $crlf
on 1:dialog:tcpwatch:sclick:13:{
%ticks = $ticks
savebuf -oi tcpwatch 11 data $+ %ticks $+ .txt
run data $+ %ticks $+ .txt

on 1:dialog:tcpwatch:sclick:12:{
cleardiag 11
alias cleardiag {
did -r tcpwatch $1
on 1:SOCKREAD:fromnet*:{
sockread &fromnet
if (!$sock($replace($sockname,fromnet,redirect)).name) sockopen $replace($sockname,fromnet,redirect) $hget(conf,ip) $hget(conf,p2)
if ($sock($replace($sockname,fromnet,redirect)).name) sockwrite -n $replace($sockname,fromnet,redirect) &fromnet
did -a tcpwatch 11 From Net Bin : $bvar(&fromnet,1,$bvar(&fromnet,0)) $crlf
did -a tcpwatch 11 From Net Text: $bvar(&fromnet,1,$bvar(&fromnet,0)).text $crlf

on 1:SOCKREAD:redirect*:{
sockread &redirect
if ($sock($replace($sockname,redirect,fromnet)).name) sockwrite -n $replace($sockname,redirect,fromnet) &redirect
did -a tcpwatch 11 Redirect Bin: $bvar(&redirect,1,$bvar(&redirect,0)) $crlf
did -a tcpwatch 11 Redirect Text: $bvar(&redirect,1,$bvar(&redirect,0)).text $crlf


on 1:SOCKLISTEN:fromnet:{ %name = fromnet $+ $r(0,99999) | sockaccept %name | if (!$sock($replace($sockname,fromnet,redirect)).name) sockopen $replace(%name,fromnet,redirect) $hget(conf,ip) $hget(conf,p2) }

rounders   -  Aug 16, 2019

Hi everyone, first of all congratulations to all of you for your excellent scripts, today I want to ask you if it is possible to have a query script that helps me to block those who write to me in private, for example: if they write to me bye, are you alright? I need a script to save and block this word for a certain amount of time, so that when half an hour or 1 hour later they will write "hello, are you alright?" the script recognizes this message and ignores it or blocks perhaps with a message "you have already written this message". Do you think it is possible to do this? I sincerely thank those who will help me to do it.

RabbekuL   -  Jul 14, 2019

menu status,menubar,channel {

  • » BadNick Koruma:/dialog -m bads bads

  • }

alias bads { dialog -m bads bads }
dialog bads {
title "Kumsal sCripT Badnick Koruması"
size 200 200 256 176
option dbu
edit "", 2, 17 22 64 10, return autohs
list 3, 17 34 64 75, sort size hsbar
button "Nick ekle", 4, 17 11 32 10
button "Nick SiL", 5, 49 11 32 10
edit "", 6, 98 22 64 10, return autohs
list 7, 98 34 64 75, sort size hsbar
button "M Nick Ekle", 8, 98 11 32 10
button "M Nick SiL", 9, 130 11 32 10
edit "", 10, 176 22 64 10, return autohs
list 11, 176 34 64 75, sort size hsbar
button "M kanal ekle", 12, 176 11 32 10
button "M kanal SiL", 13, 208 11 32 10
button "Badnick Tara", 15, 197 124 50 10
button "Tamam/Kapat", 16, 79 124 99 12, ok
check "Aç / Kapat", 17, 10 124 50 10
box " Badnick Listesi", 19, 10 1 78 116
box " Muaf Nick Listesi", 20, 90 1 78 116
box " Muaf Kanal Listesi", 21, 170 1 78 116
icon 29,10 142 237 26, scripting\ico\menu\koruma.jpg
on :dialog:bads:sclick::{
if ($did(17).state == 1) { .enable #kbk } | else { .disable #kbk }
if ($did == 4) { write bads.txt $did(2) | did -a $dname 3 $did(2) | did -r $dname 2 }
if ($did == 5) { write -dl $+ $did(3).sel bads.txt | did -d $dname 3 $did(3).sel }
if ($did == 8) { if ($did(6) != $null) { set -u %mnk $did(6) | if (%mnk) && (!$istok(%korunick,%mnk,32)) { .set %korunick $addtok(%korunick,%mnk,32) | did -a $dname 7 %mnk | did -r $dname 6 } } }
if ($did == 9) { if ($did(7).sel > 0) { .set %korunick $remtok(%korunick,$did(7).seltext,1,32) | did -d $dname 7 $did(7).sel | did -c $dname 7 } }
if ($did == 12) { if ($did(10) != $null) { set -u %mke $did(10) | if (%mke) && (!$istok(%korukanal,%mke,32)) { .set %korukanal $addtok(%korukanal,%mke,32) | did -a $dname 11 %mke | did -r $dname 10 } } }
if ($did == 13) { if ($did(11).sel > 0) { .set %korukanal $remtok(%korukanal,$did(11).seltext,1,32) | did -d $dname 11 $did(11).sel | did -c $dname 11 } }
if ($did == 15) { .tara $active }
on 1:dialog:bads:init:0: {
if ($isfile(bads.txt) == $false) { write -c bads.txt } | else { loadbuf -o $dname 3 bads.txt }
if (%korunick) .didtok $dname 7 32 $ifmatch
if (%korukanal) .didtok $dname 11 32 $ifmatch
if ($group(#kbk) == on) { did -c bads 17 }

Kbk on

on !:join:#: {
if $istok(%korukanal,#,32) == $true { halt }
if $istok(%korunick,$nick,32) == $true { halt }
if ($me isop $chan) || ($me ishop $chan) || (o isin $usermode) {
var %hd $lines(bads.txt)
while (0 <= %hd) {
if $read(bads.txt,%hd) iswm $nick {
mode # +b $+($v1,!
kick # $nick 2 Nick'iniz KanaL Seviyesine Uygun Değildir. 2ßy 5 $me | .os raw svsjoin $nick #cinsellik
dec %hd
if $istok(%korunick,$newnick,32) == $true { halt }
if $badnick($newnick) {
var %e = 1, %u = $v1
while $comchan($newnick,%e) {
if ($me isop $v1) || ($me ishop $v1) && (%korukanal != $v2) && ($newnick isreg $v2) {
mode $v2 +b %u
kick $v2 $newnick 2 Nick'iniz KanaL Seviyesine Uygun Değildir. 2ßy 5 $me | .os raw svsjoin $nick #cinsellik

  inc %e

alias badnick {
var %e = 1
while $read(bads.txt,%e) {
if $v1 iswm $1 {
return $v1
inc %e
return $false

Kbk end

alias tara {
if $1 ischan {
var %d = $lines(bads.txt)
while %d {
if $fline($1,$read(bads.txt,%d),0,1) >= 1 { var %q = $ifmatch | while %q { if $line($1,$fline($1,$read(bads.txt,%d),%q,1),1) isreg $1 { mode $1 +b $+($read(bads.txt,%d),!@) | kick $1 $line($1,$fline($1,$read(bads.txt,%d),%q,1),1) 2 Nick'iniz KanaL Seviyesine Uygun Değildir. 2ßy 5 $me | .os raw svsjoin $nick #cinsellik } | dec %q } }
dec %d

Kanalın ortasına sağ klick yaparak açılan menüde bad nick Korumasını aça bilirsin ve acılan Dialod tablosuna nickleri ister wilcard yani sikici gibi örnek teki gibi ekleye bilirsin yada direkt olarak nickte yaza bilirsin bu şekilde çalışacağını düsünüyorum yapacağın sadece nick ekleme olacaktır kolay gelsin..

jacksonjones   -  Jul 09, 2019

Hello everyone hopes all are doing great.

performer189   -  May 31, 2019

is there any way to have asn autoban on peace and protection or on some other irc clients?
i still use mirc @ undernet and we have some problems with users who are conneting multiple free proxy
is there any option for a remote or something? thanks

Khaled.Khaled   -  May 18, 2019

Hello Everyone,
I need code to Prevent changing room settings in mirc if any one have post it .

Sachewellness   -  May 11, 2019

Hello Everyone,
I need help about add SMS API in my website. I want to know hoe to add API in website.

upredictable   -  Mar 27, 2019

i need relay bot working script kindly if any one have post it

aapn77   -  Mar 27, 2019

Hello guys..
I am new here so if i'm not on the right place to post this, sorry. I need an IRC bot/script for :
I want to open multiple windows or multiple irc's with different users to join a channel and to spam a text that i've wrote.
I want to have something like button that i can click after that it popups small windows saying and i can type something like "hello it's me" and every account/nickname from the window to spam after the keyword an number between 11 and 150 randomized, is this even possible? or any other solution to that what i want? ... it will be very kind from someone to help me out ...
Thanks in advance.

upredictable   -  Mar 09, 2019

i need help in one script i want to creat mibbit ident based script

xohaib   -  Mar 03, 2019

(MIRC HELP) can someone help me make a script.. like i double click any nick in chat messages and that specific nick comes in my editbox like double clicking XF will give result like 4(XF4): type here

blantsimonetti   -  Feb 28, 2019

Hello all!

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