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Doggirl3   -  17 days ago

Is there a way to get google play to automatically installs a app on a chrome os. Otherwords trick the extension to accept the apk totally and fully? I thinking maybe there is a javascript trick or something that I could get for it. Thanks in advamce/The app is
WAFFWeather 4.2.1200
ID: nojpphmiomipppogbmmbaadppollhegn

LeiLeiTheFoxo   -  Oct 10, 2017

I'm hoping someone here can help me by making a script/popup for a PM blocker: I've seen a few on here but I would like a pop up window that shows me not only who is attempting, but ALSO what they said? Makes it easier to accept or deny based on content, not really the people alone.

hlpxbr   -  Oct 04, 2017

Does anyone have or can make a IRC Crawler with sockets for mIRC?

Weldon   -  Sep 12, 2017

Just want to say i'm back and i missed you all! Getting back into coding/programming

mrvamps   -  Aug 30, 2017

Hello all, New member to Hawkee, and life long user of mIRC. ive just recently started toying around with scripts an di'm tryin to figure out how to make an on:join script that would use the /me command . here is some of the script so far but i'm unsure how to get the /me command to work.
on *:join:#: {
if ($nick == username) {
msg $chan looks at username with a whip in one hand, with that look of "you know what to do" and whips username until she orgasms.
when i put the /me behind the $chan it does post it as the action it just posts the /me.
what do i need to put so the /me command is used instead of posted?

falarcompaulo   -  Aug 28, 2017

I need help with MDX TreeView Control and mIRC 7.49

For some reason TreeView Control is not correctly triggering mouse clicks, except if I right click it, then it generates an sclick event but nothing happens if I click or double click it.

I know my code is correct because it works in mIRC 6.35 but I need to use 7.49 because of UTF8 in 7.49 works better than in 6.35 ...

Vlad1987   -  Aug 25, 2017

I need a code for mIRC which can be put in remote (scripts editor) and that code to change my nickname automatically to another nickname when the desired nickname it's free.


upredictable   -  Aug 09, 2017

i need script of welcome with hide commands i mean like slash commands which we can see at final satge like we type /salam it comes nick: says asalam o alaiakum can any one help me ?????

CrazyDriver   -  Aug 07, 2017

I need a little help please with a 'script'

on $*:TEXT:/^\s*\Wplayers?/Si:#: { 
  set -e %Players $chan

  sockclose hits
  sockopen hits 80

  $query = new SampQuery("", 7777);
  if ($query->connect()) {
    $aInformation = $query->getInfo();
    $aServerRules = $query->getRules();
    [ Server 1 (<?= htmlentities($aServerRules['mapname']) ?>, <?= $aServerRules['worldtime'] ?>) Players: <?= $aInformation['players'] ?>/<?= $aInformation['maxplayers'] ?> ]
    $query->close(); // Close the connection
    } else {
    echo "Server 1 did not respond!";

I am trying to get this to work with !players to show information from a SA-MP server as I have both the files linked to my server (website) but I don't think I have done this right,s o any help will be appreciated!


on $*:TEXT:/^\s*\Wplayers?/Si:#: { 
  set -e %Players $chan

  sockclose hits
  sockopen hits 80
on *:sockopen:hits: {
  sockwrite -n $sockname GET players.php HTTP/1.1
  sockwrite -n $sockname Host:
  sockwrite -n $sockname $crlf
on *:sockread:hits: {
  msg %Players 

I think this is something but i don't know if it's right? but keeps coming up with 'An Error Has Occured' so must be getting somewhere.

Thanks very much,


ernestoamigos   -  Jun 08, 2017

Hello guys i'm new here so if i'm not on the right place to post this, sorry. I need an IRC bot/script for :
I want to open multiple windows or multiple irc's with different users to join a channel and to spam a text that i've wrote.
I want to have something like button that i can click after that it popups small windows saying and i can type something like "hello it's me" and every account/nickname from the window to spam after the keyword an number between 11 and 150 randomized, is this even possible? or any other solution to that what i want? ... it will be very kind from someone to help me out ...thanks in advance.

Doggirl3   -  Jun 01, 2017

I found this site and the question marks on my laptop which is a chromebook c7 doesn't really help on filling the little boxes in it to get a rss made and working right. Can someone that is code savy understand what to fill in the boxes for me to make a html forum or any site that doesn't have rss work for me please? Thanks in advance. This is the site I am talking about:

dronez4   -  May 23, 2017

Hi guys i'm trying to figure something out but i cant find the right information for it
Lets say you got a server running
test1.exe (command prompt console)

and you got a command prompt
Is it possible to get this command prompt to type to test1.exe and initialise a command?

I would LOVE for someone to help me with this i been trying to figure it out for ages and i just cant

landyVr4   -  May 01, 2017

Okay, so I'm looking for a way to show what my internet radio is now playing through mIRC. I have thought of a timer that messages my channel either when the song changes or ever 3-4 minutes through Winamp. Or maybe reading what is now playing from the site. Whatever you can provide would be helpful and I would be very appreciative. Thanks!

Doggirl3   -  Apr 27, 2017

Is there a weather warning code that pops a weather warning in a chatroom? I hope there is.

Doggirl3   -  Apr 26, 2017

Is there a weather bot that does only weather warnings? It for a mirc chat room.

Fundamental   -  Apr 14, 2017

Can anyone make a trivia tcl for eggdrop like, after every 15 minutes bot show questions and hint and after 30 seconds its show the answer and than again next question show after 15 minutes keep playing trivia with that time period? and also make scores too can any help that make that code for trivia eggdrop?

[85]   -  Apr 02, 2017

On test #01: Clonex vs. BOPM

MrJ   -  Mar 09, 2017

My Crazy script LOL I am slowly adding to it.

ircdeLi   -  Feb 23, 2017

Hello friends. We are working on the development of mirc coding and irc servers as the biggest of the Turkish irc servers, and www.Sohbet.Net. We hope that you will reach out to the world's most valuable mirc coders and share their code on the Turkish platforms and review our codes to help each other and help us live mIRC. Today, almost every feature is encoded and we are looking for new ideas. We are very pleased if you can contact us for this reason.
Contact: & www.Sohbet.Net
Mail: help@sohbet.Net
Channel #Operhelp
Nick: OxiGen & deLi

Pawl   -  Feb 22, 2017

%Bandwidth = Bandwidth: $calc(%Bandwidth + $WbemGet(Win32_PerfRawData_Tcpip_NetworkInterface,CurrentBandwidth,2)/100000)
gives this reply
Network: / Bandwidth: 0KBps Received: 0B Sent: 0B Total: 0B
Hawkee script anyone have a solution?
I'm running windows 10 pro x64 if that matters my nic is an Intel(R) Ethernet Connection (2) I218-V newest driver

kibo   -  Feb 17, 2017
Iyouboushi   -  Feb 16, 2017

Hello everyone. Everyone who knows me knows that I'm big into programming various mIRC RPG bots. My current, and largest, Battle Arena ( is still going strong but I feel like it's reaching the end of its life in the way it is currently coded. Briefly I'll just say that everything is pretty static. There are pre-made weapons/items/equipment and while I could continue to add more manually I'm starting to think about the future.

I'm thinking of trying to make a Diablo style RPG bot where weapons and armor are randomly generated and dropped by the enemies. My problem is trying to figure out a good way of doing this. I feel like I could have templates and have the bot randomly pick a template and fill in various values based on the level of the player or the level of the battle but I feel like an armor/weapons database or player's character sheets would become really clogged over time. Not to mention there'd be a chance that the bot would randomly pick the same name and overwrite something.

The point of this thread is just to ask other mIRC scripters out there what kind of approach they would take to program something like this in mIRC. Any suggestions/ideas?

raccoon   -  Feb 09, 2017

█▐ ▌ ▐▌ ▌█▌▌▐▐▌ ▐  ▌█ ▌ ▐▐▌▐ ▐█▌▌▌ ██▐▐▌ ▐▐ █▐▌▐▌▐█▌▐▐ ▌▐▐▌ ▐▐█▌▐ █▐▌▐▌▐ █  ▌▌█ ▌ ▐ ▌▐█▌▌█ ▌ ▐ █ █▌█▌█ ▌▐▌ █▌▌█

HeRiNo   -  Feb 06, 2017


who can make for me a new .seen script? Working on .seen and not on !seen. Its for on an Unreal server. The script should only be used by @ ops or higher. Working on mIRC, (is the latest version at the moment of writing this) Is this possible? We can talk about a reasonable fee.

Best Regards, HeRiNo.

Sperjump   -  Jan 27, 2017

function eventNewPlayer(playerName)

function eventKeyboard(playerName, keyCode, True, x, y)
if x ~= 0 and y ~= 0 then
tfm.exec.movePlayer(playerName, playerName.x, playerName.y, false, 0, -50, off)

for k,v in pairs( do

layarkaca21   -  Jan 10, 2017

Need some example implementation of google drive api within website, anyone?

Protheus   -  Jan 05, 2017

I need help creating a snippet for a bot that polls the ircd for uptime and displays it in the channel. Any help?

tiefutss   -  Dec 26, 2016

How do I use Sajoin to force $nick to join.. a channel named $nick?
ON *:JOIN:#: /sajoin $nick ?

xfisthebest   -  Dec 10, 2016

can anyone please make a script of DNS lookup? a dns-pool lookup, which will show all ipv4 and ipv6 address when do for example: /dns

Protheus   -  Dec 08, 2016

Working on a new script in the same sort of style as my previous one (that I lost). Stay tuned. Gonna be awesome.

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