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mikeevidz   -  10 days ago

Online Info Blog: The central role of identity verification

As we reach the end of 2016, we can finally pause for breath and take stock of what has been a tumultuous year. Old certainties were turned on their head, new realities took their place and across business, economics, politics and society, experts were left scratching their heads in confusion.
In the area of security and fraud , there has been a consistent trend in the development of verification and authentication technology. How this trend will continue to impact the digital economy 2017 will be critical.

CNP Fraud
2016 Trends - The EMV liability shift in the US was widely predicted to see a spike in CNP (Card not Present) fraud in the US and beyond. Figures from the end of Q2 2015 to Q1 2016 (which takes in six months of post-EMV activity) suggests that there has been a 137 percent rise in CNP fraud in the US. To put this into context, between 2014 and 2015 the market saw a mere 20 percent rise in CNP fraud.
2017 Predictions - The US switch to EMV is only one-third completed, however as more and more merchants adopt EMV terminals, fraudsters will more into the CNP space resulting in a rise in CNP fraud.

Mobile Banking
2016 Trends - With 70 per cent of the UK population using mobile banking, it is now the dominant form of bank interaction for UK consumers.

Sharing Economy
2016 Trends - At a value of $15bn per year, and predicted to reach $335bn in the next decade, the global sharing economy represents one of the largest and fastest growing markets in the world. The UK sector alone is set to climb to £9bn from £500m in the next ten years.
2017 Predictions - With the recent announcement of TrustSeal, Sharing Economy UK’s initiative to boost consumer trust by requiring businesses to meet a list of ‘Good Practice Principles’ relating to things such as identity verification, product transparency and customer service, the importance of using technology to secure authentication and verification has never been more important to businesses entering the sharing economy in 2017.

layarkaca21   -  11 days ago

Need some example implementation of google drive api within website, anyone?

Protheus   -  16 days ago

I need help creating a snippet for a bot that polls the ircd for uptime and displays it in the channel. Any help?

mikeevidz   -  26 days ago

Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group Review: Car parts that need frequent check-ups

A car has crucial parts that need constant monitoring to guarantee its good performance and to assure the safety of the driver and the passengers. Listed here are some important car parts described by Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group:

Catalytic converters - It was introduced in 1993 and was integrated into petrol exhaust systems. It is built for the purpose of reducing the damaging effects of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen that are being emitted into the atmosphere. It can convert toxic gases into water vapour and less harmful gases. Make sure to have your catalytic converter checked often to make sure of the flawless condition of your car.

Brakes - It should be checked at least twice a year to assure the safety of all people concerned and to have an optimum performance for average or beyond average annual mileage cars. Obtain a cost-effective brake maintenance service with Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group brake experts. You can also find a broad range of brake systems to choose from at Tyre&Auto Southbourne depots for cars and light commercial vehicles.

Tyres - It should also be checked often to have a more comfortable ride with no more hassles of unexpected broken tyres. It is recommended to replace your tyres at the right time, but you may first ask the advice of your car service provider regarding this matter. In addition, you should properly determine the proper size and the type of tyres that suits your car better with the help of your car service provider. The lifespan of tyres could be greatly affected by the mileage of a car, the places it has been frequently used, and the driving habits of the owner.

tiefutss   -  26 days ago

How do I use Sajoin to force $nick to join.. a channel named $nick?
ON *:JOIN:#: /sajoin $nick ?

mikeevidz   -  Dec 21, 2016

Online Info Blog: Three cyber security trends organizations

Many Asian organizations are ill-equipped to defend their networks from cyber-attacks simply because they’ve grown complacent that attacks will not happen to them. There is a general assumption that because the organization has not experienced a breach, they are either doing the right thing, or are not a target (and therefore would continue not to be), or both. As cyber-security continues to evolve and shift, awareness has to come from within an organization, so that cyber-security is acknowledged and prioritised by employees at all levels (including those not just in IT); this will enable enterprises to truly protect themselves.

Insider threats
It’s best to assume that anyone and everything is an insider and, therefore, a potential insider threat. In the same way, everyone can also be a potential victim. This state of vigilance would serve modern enterprises far better than broken cyber-defense models centered on “keeping bad stuff out.”

The Singapore Computer Emergency Response Team noted a noticeable rise in ransomware infections in both Singapore and overseas. Ransomware is a type of malware that holds a victim's files, computer system or mobile device "hostage", restricting access until a ransom is paid. It spreads via malicious email attachments, infected programmes and compromised websites. Ransomware relies on the end-user paying a fee to retrieve their data or system access, and this ransom demand can range from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars.

Ignoring Privacy settings
With the rise of social media and internet usage for personal and professional reasons, users seemingly sprint their way throughout the online universe without thinking about privacy settings. Individuals share much of their personal and sensitive information on their social media, and because of the easy accessibility to these personal information, attackers are able to take advantage of these information for malicious purposes.

mikeevidz   -  Dec 19, 2016

Online Info Blog: Millions of Net Users Possibly Exposed

“Without requiring any user interaction, the initial script reports information about the victim’s machine to the attacker’s remote server. Based on server-side logic, the target is then served either a clean image or its almost imperceptibly modified malicious evil twin.

“Using the known Internet Explorer vulnerability CVE-2016-0162, the encoded script attempts to verify that it is not being run in a monitored environment such as a malware analyst’s machine,” and if the script does not detect any signs of monitoring, it redirects to the Stegano exploit kit’s landing page.

Upon successful exploitation, the executed shell code collects information on installed security products and performs – as paranoid as the cyber-criminals behind this attack – yet another check to verify that it is not being monitored. If results are favorable, it will attempt to download the encrypted payload from the same server again, disguised as a gif image.

mikeevidz   -  Dec 16, 2016

Online Info Blog: Investment creates opportunity

“Japanese companies and national institutions are constantly under cyber attack, but the public awareness in Japan as to the need for cybersecurity is low compared to Israel or the United States. But now, we’ve partnered with SoftBank to establish Cybereason Japan Corp to help defend Japan,” Lotem Guy, a security research group manager at Cybereason who will be moving his family to Japan in the coming days, told The Jerusalem Post.

Tel Aviv-based Cybereason is a company that locates, isolates and responds to cyber attacks in real-time. Their platform – which relies on the company’s tech and human wealth – can find a single component of an attack and connect it to other pieces of information gathered by Cybereason, in order to reveal an entire campaign and shut it down.

“Our product specializes in identifying attacks on large organizations. Our team sits inside an organization and gathers and analyzes data from inside their computers, servers and workstations. That data is then sent to our central server, which runs on our software and studies the organization’s behavior, breaking it down into separate units. Then we can identify anything that is out of the ordinary and characterizes a cyber attack, isolate it and respond to it without disrupting the organization’s work routine,” Guy explained.

xfisthebest   -  Dec 10, 2016

can anyone please make a script of DNS lookup? a dns-pool lookup, which will show all ipv4 and ipv6 address when do for example: /dns

Protheus   -  Dec 08, 2016

Working on a new script in the same sort of style as my previous one (that I lost). Stay tuned. Gonna be awesome.

ST3LiST   -  Dec 05, 2016

Hi people, i'm ST3LiST and i love scripting tho i never write my own scripts and seek around google to find the one i'm looking for, but now i'll start my scripts and post here, lets get started from fresh :P

brigittebin   -  Nov 28, 2016

Frank Owens, Ltd. Review: Owning a home also means building significant wealth

Every individual dreams of having their own home; and owning one is considered a great achievement for most people. Buying a home seems imperative these days and it is also described to as one of the biggest or major expenses an individual or a family will acquire in their life. It may look like a big risk or a gamble to you, but Frank Owens, Ltd. assures you that it can also be a good investment. Why? The answer is simple; it is because houses can gain value in time!

It is also beneficial in today's economic conditions to establish your personal worth or credit level. But, other people might not need or don't take advantage of the benefits of owning a house because of particular beliefs or qualms. Based on Frank Owens Limited review, many also regard this venture as some sort of forced savings because of the regular monthly payments, which can be equated into imaginary inputs into a virtual savings account.

Owning a house can also deliver economic opportunities for a nation. Frank Owens, Ltd. reveals that home mortgages have been used recently to provide significant wealth to individuals who were involved in the stock markets. For this reason, along with residential fixed investment (RFI) and personal consumption expenditure, residential housing can contribute to a nation's gross domestic product.

Moreover, RFI includes new building construction and improvements. Personal consumption expenditure, on the other hand, refers to different housing services such as gross rents paid, etc. RFI also provides a measure of homebuilding and remodeling's contribution to the GDP. For many years, the average contribution of homebuilding investment has been 5% of the GDP, while housing services averaged from 12% to 13%.

Treasure your house and build a home inside it with your loved ones, and enrich yourself as well as the nation.

Protheus   -  Nov 28, 2016

Ok so a while back i made a R.I.P script for a bot that basically just said the word R.I.P when a user quit. I'm trying to refine it. At the moment, it only goes to the active window. How would i make this script trigger on all channels the bot is on?

Here;s the code:

on *:QUIT: {
msg $active And now his watch is ended...

Thanks in advance.

brigittebin   -  Nov 16, 2016

Frank Owens, Ltd. Review: Home building providing the shelter people yearn for

Each one of us wants to have a home, not only a concrete building but also a shelter to our emotional and psychological needs. Having your own home also offers you the protection from natural calamities and human-induced dangers, thus owning one should be your priority.

Frank Owens, Ltd. thinks of a home as a place where family members can create a strong and meaningful relationship to one another. Having your own home also means that you can re-energize, renew or reconnect yourself. Many even look at their homes as a “treasure box” that contains all their dear memories with their loved ones. At the end of the day, who would not want to lie down on their bed and relax? Homes are indeed a great place if filled with beautiful memories.

Designing and building a house is such a rewarding activity according to many home building professionals. They even regard such activity as a great experience. Moreover, children already have the picture of their own dream house in their minds, they can even draw it on a piece of paper and can also fill it with colors, though their drawing might only consist of sticks or squares, its marvel is still beyond compare.

Owning a house is somewhat difficult for some people nowadays but having a “home” to hold all your memories is still possible through renting or leasing as well as economic opportunities for homebuilders and real estate managers. There's an apparent great demand for owning a house these days, and linked to this is the need for professional expertise to satisfy the needs of homeowners.

Looking for a firm that has a professional expertise in home building? Frank Owens, Ltd. is the perfect choice for you. The company can suit the needs of both homeowners and homebuilders and their great service is important for particular homebuilders since they are the ones the company is dealing with throughout the entire process.

Frank Owens Limited ensures quality service for homeowners, which are the ultimate beneficiaries of every home building venture. However, it looks like the assistance of the company is not entirely needed, but homeowners greatly rely on homebuilders, and homebuilders needed the excellent assistance of such company.

WilliamCarr1   -  Nov 16, 2016

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yanirayap   -  Nov 14, 2016

Frank Owens, Ltd. Review: Homebuilding industry proving its crucial role in the society

Today, we can see the resurgence of the homebuilding industry in the society, and its rising importance is vital for every community. It was reported in November three years ago by a famous American news magazine that there was a good increase in the new residential construction projects. And ever since, it is considered as the highest one-month improvement within the industry.

This old news can be an indicator to the rising homebuilding industry, according to Frank Owens, Ltd. The company has also been a part of this industry for many years now and its members are always known for being committed and proactive in doing their tasks.

This news, along with other studies and reviews, made experts believe that it is possible for this industry to achieve constant stability in the next few years. And this particular information is good news to companies and professionals that were involved in the homebuilding industry. More than a hundred to even half a million houses were predicted to result from the expected economic recovery according to some predictions by experts.

But what is the basis of those predictions that tells the steady growth of the homebuilding industry? Frank Owens Limited found out that it includes the recent employment and economic improvements as well as the affordable pricing of housing and mortgage rates. There are also some elements that are crucial to the growth of this industry, including land, labor, and materials. Such elements should also work properly with the growing demand.

Because of the "post-crisis" housing market and the stable position of the home-ownership trend, predictions were also made for this year such as there will be a 20% increase in the sales growth of homebuilding due to currently more than 10% increase in the single-family homebuilding. Frank Owens, Ltd. sees the development in this industry as worthwhile for every community.

Frank Owens Limited plays a huge role for most in this industry because they provide key personnel that can deliver technical and managerial skills to keep business processes in good condition.

viv1anad3luca   -  Nov 11, 2016

Walk @ East Coast Park by New Mothers' Support Group

Whether you are pregnant or have little ones, join the NMSG's brand new Walk in the East Coast Park.

We will meet up in in the sitting area near Parkland Green's Starbucks for a 25 brisk walk towards the Lagoon and then head back to Parkland Green for a drink and chat at Starbucks.

This walk is a great way to meet other mums and mums to be as well as to do some exercise out in the open.
Leave the heels at home and dig out those trainers for a fit 50 minute walk followed by a drink and chat at Starbucks.

Don't forget you’re mozzie repellent!

Check the NMSG Meetup Group for further details and to express interest in attending this month's Walk@East Coast Park

At 9.30am on the first Monday of every month

Dates 2016
4 July
1 August
5 September
3 October
7 November
5 December

Meet at sitting area behind Parkland Green's Starbucks

Daphne Kemp

Tamaki   -  Nov 08, 2016

Does anyone else understand why these other people are posting on here? Lol

HarrisonFuller1   -  Nov 03, 2016

Hire the proper pediatric dentist and let him help your kid
A nice looking and healthy smile is usually a dream for most people worldwide. The not so good news is that getting a great smile just isn't as simple as it might appear to be, simply because just a professional dentist can handle this need. Therefore, we decided to present you with our specialist pearland dentistry, which will definitely match your needs at the proper time. The Pearland Dentist is the one who can certainly treat on overall health and help you get a super smile in the shortest possible time. We're speaking about real specialists in dentistry, all set to shorten your way to a healthy and nice looking smile. We gathered a brand new generation of dentists who really understand how to be of real assistance in your case.

One of the most common issues a person could face is gingivitis, since about 51% of adults have it. Even thought in most cases the inflammation could be pretty light, finding a professional to handle your needs is actually important. Our dentist in pearland tx is obviously all set to assist you in your dental issues, fixing all of them utilizing the most professional techniques. Just here at Shadow Creek Ranch Dental Specialists, you can enjoy the greatest approach to dentistry, because we certainly know how even the slightest dental issue might be solved. Here is the right opportunity to get rid of any sort of dental problems and also save your time and efforts on it. The best pearland dentist is right here, ready to make your smile look good. It does not even matter what you are suffering of, our specialists are here to perform any procedure, even the most complicated one.
In case you have a huge selection of severe conditions and don’t know who to call for help, let hardly anything else stop you from considering this simple site and discovering the very best dentist ever. Remember, your mouth is a window to your general health, so make sure you call for the best dentist at the perfect time. We are going to assist you as well as your whole family keep your mouths in peak condition. Don’t waste your valuable time and efforts any further, choose the Pearland Dental Specialist now and there won’t be any regrets about the decision you made. For more information about dentist pearland visit this popular resource

blick   -  Oct 31, 2016

How to select best home security systems

Jamiefrost1   -  Oct 28, 2016

local painters

tamarartamonova   -  Oct 28, 2016

Pensotti Quality Heating Boilers and Panel Radiators


Cast Iron Boilers - DK2 Series

Pensotti manufactures and distributes highly efficient oil-fired and gas-fired boilers that are clean-burning and safe.

Ideal for new construction, heating system upgrades, conversions or in-floor heating, our state-of-the-art boilers meet the highest performance standards and are backed by one of the best warranties in the business.

Wall-Hung Boilers

Pensotti offers a comprehensive range of wall hung gas boilers for domestic heating purposes.

Our line of wall mounted condensing gas boilers offers a smart combination of cost-saving and environmental-friendly features thanks to the use of cutting-edge technology. Equipped with highly efficient, stainless steel, condensing heat exchangers, they help save energy while reducing emissions.

Under the same product category, discover our line of wall mounted non-condensing gas boilers, which provides an economical solution for traditional heating systems.


The information on this page is to be used as a general guideline. Consult your heating professional to help you choose the right product for your needs.

davidpatel   -  Oct 26, 2016

Professional family law firm in Charlotte, NC

ohnikalb   -  Oct 26, 2016

Walk @ East Coast Park by New Mothers Support Group

Whether you are pregnant or have little ones, join the NMSG's brand new Walk in the East Coast Park.
We will meet up in in the sitting area near Parkland Green's Starbucks for a 25 brisk walk towards the Lagoon and then head back to Parkland Green for a drink and chat at Starbucks.

This walk is a great way to meet other mums and mums to be as well as to do some exercise out in the open.

Leave the heels at home and dig out those trainers for a fit 50 minute walk followed by a drink and chat at Starbucks.
Don't forget you’re mozzie repellent!

Check the NMSG Meetup Group for further details and to express interest in attending this month's Walk@East Coast Park

At 9.30am on the first Monday of every month

Dates 2016
4 July
1 August
5 September
3 October
7 November
5 December

Meet at sitting area behind Parkland Green's Starbucks

Daphne Kemp

jackperi21   -  Oct 24, 2016

Socials @ Power Kids Gym by New Mothers' Support Group

We have arranged a regular monthly social at Power Kids Gym (formerly JWT) UE Square. This is a soft play gym with a sprung floor and lots of soft play equipment, ideal for all ages.

You can register your interest in attending this event via the NMSG Meetup Group

• Please note that the maximum number of children is 30 and the cost is $5 per child.
• Socks or bare feet only please.
• There will be no Pediatrician attending this event.
• Please note, due to the popularity of this venue, we have started a first come / first served system as there is a limit to the number of children/adults permitted in Power Kids Gym at any one time.
• Meet-up registration does not guarantee you a place at our regular socials.
• Power Kids Gym is kindly offering our members the following promotion:
• 1x Free Trial Class (worth $42)
• 1x Membership Fee Waived (worth $60)
• Kid’s Night Out at $49 only! (Usual Price $79). Kids’ Night out is our 4 hour Drop your kids off party, filled with some high energy activities, where they will navigate through obstacle courses, create fabulous crafts, have a pizza and go wild with our trainers. Parents enjoy the night out without the kids.

3pm - 4.30pm on the following dates in 2016
8 November
13 December

Power Kids Gym
81 Clemenceau Avenue
UE Square, #02-12
Singapore 239917

Pip Johnson

andara   -  Oct 24, 2016

Hello guys..,

annemathers02   -  Oct 14, 2016

Online Security: A shoe e-retailer takes steps to improve its fraud detection

Fast-growing Schutz Shoes upgrades its fraud detection software to slash manual reviews and improve order processing.

Online orders were flowing into shoe e-retailer Schutz Shoes, the U.S. division of Brazilian-based shoe retailer Arezzo & Co., but the small team spent an increasing amount of time checking whether an order was fraudulent. When one employee on a staff of seven has to manually review the legitimacy of an online order, that’s time away from customers and other business, says Kimberly Gort, e-commerce manager for Schutz.

Schutz Shoes started selling online in 2014 operating its e-commerce site in the basement of its New York City store. That first year, Schutz had about $350,000 in online sales. In 2015, about half of its product catalog was available online and sales grew to $1.5 million. Now, with all of its products available online, Schutz Shoes projects about $3 million in online sales for 2016, Gort says. The retailer also opened a store in Los Angeles.

With triple-digit percentage growth comes growing pains. When the e-retailer received a modest five online orders a day, using the free tool from its e-commerce platform provider (Shopify Inc.) worked fine, Gort says. The plugin would flag orders that might be fraudulent, and the retailer decided to approve or decline such orders. For example, the tool flagged an order if the credit card and shipping addresses didn’t match, so a Schutz employee had to call the customer and determine if it was a legitimate order. Deciding what was and wasn’t fraudulent often was difficult, Gort says.

“There’s always a risk,” she says. “It was like we were playing roulette.”

The situation frustrated the retailer and the shopper, as some shoppers were blocked from placing an order or their order was delayed or they had to deal with a phone call from the retailer. Schutz was missing out on orders, devoting almost a full employee to manually check the orders and seek out consumers to verify information. As order volume and sales grew, the manual-review model no longer worked, Gort says.

In July, Schutz Shoes decided to integrate fraud detection software provider ClearSale onto its platform, choosing the vendor because it was used by parent company Arezzo. It took about two weeks to integrate the technology onto Schutz’s site, Gort says.

ClearSale factors in about 100 variables to approve or deny orders, and then has its 500-person team to dig deeper on flagged orders, says Rafael Lourenco, vice president of operations at ClearSale. Orders can be approved within three seconds, while an order that requires manual review will take 24-48 hours, he says.

The impact of adding ClearSale was almost immediate, Gort says, as Schutz Shoes was no longer on the hook to manually check flagged orders. The e-retailer now approves 94-96% of its orders, which is about a 5% increase from when it relied on its free plugin, Gort says.

ClearSale charges per transaction and takes a 0.4-1.5% cut of the sale. The commission is worth it, Gort says, as more sales are approved. In August, Schutz Shoes paid ClearSale $1,500. The retailer processed 1,200 online orders that month, 1,002 of which ClearSale reviewed in some capacity; of those 1,002 orders, 973 (97.1%) were approved.

ClearSale has about 2,000 clients, and more than 90% are retailers, Lourenco says. Across all of its clients, 93.5% of orders are automatically approved, Lourenco says.

Recently, ClearSale updated its formula with another variable to approve or deny orders. The feature factors in how long a consumer is on the website before she purchases. The shorter it is, the more suspect. However, this is only one variable and a short time between landings on the site and purchasing will not automatically flag an order, Lourenco says. The new feature increased ClearSale’s average approval rate by 1%, he says.

poulpedersen   -  Oct 07, 2016

Frank Owens, Ltd. Review: Building a Home is Building Wealth

Buying a home requires an individual or a family to incur one of the biggest single expenses within a lifetime. It is both a big risk or gamble as well as a large investment. Risk, as in any adverse event, such as losing a job or any circumstance that leads to one’s failure to pay the mortgage, can jeopardize the project. Obviously, it is a potentially good investment as it gains value in time from which an owner can gain equity or take out a loan from -- or monetize completely through selling at a profit. While some persons may not need or never avail of such benefits from owning a home due to certain principles or qualms, building one’s personal worth or credit level can come as a great advantage in the present economic conditions.

Moreover, one can look at owning a home as a kind of forced savings since regular monthly payments can be equated into imaginary inputs into a virtual savings account from which one can withdraw at any time, partially or as a whole. This unique feature of a residential building which most of us see simply as a physical domicile, in fact, serves as a great source of economic opportunities for a nation. In recent times, we have seen how home mortgages have been used to provide significant wealth to people who were engaged in the stock markets in order to benefit their corporations at the expense of homeowners and other investors.

In effect, residential housing contributes to a nation’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) through residential fixed investment (meaning, new building construction and improvements) and personal consumption expenditure (referring to various housing services, such as gross rents paid, etc.). Residential fixed investment (or RFI) provides a measure for homebuilding and remodeling’s contribution to the GDP.

Investment in homebuilding has historically shared an average contribution of 5% of the GDP although in 2010 it was down to 2.5%. Housing services, on the other hand, averaged from 12 to 13%.

So, next time you think of writing a check to pay the rent or the mortgage for your home, you need to realize that you are not getting poorer for it but enriching yourself as well as the whole nation.

jonathanmeeks   -  Oct 02, 2016

Frank Owens Contractor Reviews: Land Clearing

Conducting site clearance is important before starting any construction activity around the site. It is normally the first operation to be done which consists of the removal and disposal of vegetation or any obstruction on the site area. Though many consider this as a simple process, Land clearance requires a method statement to make it efficient and successful.

Here are the methodologies for site clearance work:

  1. Restriction on the site area

Due to the presence of heavy equipment and the potential risk from toxic gasses that may spread on the vicinity, access from the site must be limit. Only people with site safety training must gain access to the area.

  1. Issuing of permits

Prior to site clearing, those who are in charged must obtain a site clearance from the city authorities. Moreover, necessary signage and precautionary measures are needed to inform the public on the ongoing work in the area and to avoid more damage.

  1. Establishing boundaries

Site engineer must control entry and movement around the site area to ensure the safety of all concerned. Setting up boundaries to prevent entry to hazardous spots.

  1. Wildlife eradication

Proper removal and disposal of vegetation such as herbs, shrubs, grasses and trees. Vegetation must be placed in one designated area to be disposed of properly later on.

  1. Limit working area

All operation related to construction must be done only within the borders set out with fences. This is to reduce work and prevent additional clearing.

Rest assured that Frank Owens Contractors will provide the most efficient utility service for their clients at an affordable price. They make sure that every operation is done accordingly to the regulations and objectives set.

Sashka   -  Sep 30, 2016

mIRC Korona Script 14.3 (Build: 399)

Once, with the passing years, I made my own script, I decided to make it public, completely free for all! Scripting to me represents a hobby, which allows me to waste time in it when I have free time.

This Script is designed for all Networks, but is based on Undernet network! If you purpose to use for other networks, you can change it in Script using "Select server" dialog. By default, is set up to use this script for Other Networks. If your network has the same tipology as Undernet (i mean has X bot etc.), like Europeirc or Nationchat network, you can set it to Undernet.

This Script is made in 3 languages: English, Romanian and Russian. By default, is set up to English. To change the language, type: /language

For those who have installed already 14.2 version, can download only the update (from Download section). When you update the Script to 14.3 settings, logs, personal files will remain exactly as are.

To download the script, visit:
To view screenshots, visit:
We can discuss through:
You can contact me:
My website dedicated to this Script is:

I'll appreciate every reply, opinion and i'll answer to any question as soon as possible.

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