Bot Blacklist v 1.0

By DragonFlare on Oct 25, 2010


I got bored and decided to make this blacklist script.
It has been tested so it works.
Just thought i would post it
I am currently working on a newer version of it with more features.

Features to come.
On/Off. I will be adding an On/Off feature for the script.
Appeal. so you can appeal the blacklist.
Reason. Displays the reason that user was banned.
Exempt List. So you can add people that won't be blacklisted even if the bot is told to Blacklist them.

Misc Items.
Blacklist Game. Just a game i thought i would add for fun.

I will be adding other things to the script as well.
So check back frequently.

On *:Text:*:#:{
  var %Blacklist write Blacklist.txt $address($2,1)
  var %Delete write -dl [ $+ [ $address($2,1) ] ] Blacklist.txt
  var %Check $read(Blacklist.txt)
  tokenize 32 $strip($1-)
  if ($1 == Blacklist) { %Blacklist | msg $chan $2 Added to my Blacklist files. | mode $chan +b $address($2,1) | kick $chan $2 Reason: $3- Blacklisted! }
  elseif ($1 == Delete) { if (%Check = $null) { msg $chan $2- Isn't blacklisted $nick $+ . }
    else { %Delete | msg $chan $2 deleted from my Blacklist files $nick $+ . }
  elseif ($1 == Check) { if (%Check = $null) { msg $chan $2 isn't Blacklisted $nick $+ . }
    else { msg $chan $2 is Blacklisted under the address %Check $+ . }


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DragonFlare   -  Oct 27, 2010

Well as it's clearly posted i'm still working on it.

Sorasyn   -  Oct 25, 2010

Your screen shot is nothing short of a blur of black boxes and black scribblies Lol

}{exer   -  Oct 25, 2010

If any person is added blacklist will add the same person again if removed the ban.
and write it in Blacklist.txt
... and rejoining is possilbe too
thats bad

Jethro   -  Oct 25, 2010

Burrito has a valid point with certain restriction to people allowed.

You should make sure if a nickname to be added to the black list is on the channel. People can easily abuse this script by adding bogus nicknames that don't exist. You may also need a trigger flood protection to protect the client running the code from being flooded or spammed.

Burrito   -  Oct 25, 2010

So anybody can blacklist anybody? Maybe add a check for address to see if it's the owner or something..

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