Reaction Adder

By Brock on Oct 07, 2010


Example :
[13:55] <&Masterbrock10> !reaction-add !dance describe $chan Dances with $2
[13:55] -Shadow- Reaction Added successfully
[13:55] <&Masterbrock10> !dance GS
~Shadow Dances with GS

on *:TEXT:!reaction-add*:#: { 
  if ($2 == $null) { notice $nick Correct Syntax is: !reaction-add <triger/word> <reaction> }
  elseif ($3 == $null) { notice $nick Correct Syntax is: !reaction-add <triger/word> <reaction> }

  else { 
    /write scripts\reaction.mrc on *:TEXT: $+ $2 $+ :#: { $3- } 
    .notice $nick Reaction Added successfully
    .load -rs scripts\reaction.mrc


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Lucius   -  Oct 09, 2010

depends if you just want to do it manually or through a script.

manually, you just open your bot's IRC folder, look for reaction.mrc, open with wordpad/notepad and remove the line you see that looks the same as the trigger you want removed.

otherwise you'd want to have

/write -ds"on *:TEXT: $+ $2 $+ :#: {" scripts\reaction.mrc

not tested and you would have to add in the rest yourself but that should search the file for the $2 trigger, EG: !reaction-del !slap
(Might need the full pathname on the end, c:\whtever\whateverbotirc\etc\scripts\reaction.mrc.)

Brock   -  Oct 09, 2010

thanks..i will try to re code it..with permission gainer..and can anyone tell me how to remove a reaction from d list..
i can make d reaction-list in mins..but failing how to delete them..

Memoli   -  Oct 08, 2010

add maybe !reaction-list for see all cmds ;)

[Plornt]   -  Oct 07, 2010

Make it not evaluate $ and | etc and make it replace [nick], [chan], [2] etc so you can control what can be added or not would probably be better :p

napa182   -  Oct 07, 2010

I concur with Lucius it is a bad idea to let just anyone add commands to ur bot. Just seems like you are begging to be screwed with...

}{exer   -  Oct 07, 2010

Works fine. I like it

Lucius   -  Oct 07, 2010

Nice if you want people to kill your bot.

!reaction-add !pwn :pwn | say I've Been PWN'd | goto pwn

There are lots more ways it could be done too, so you would be better adding an allow list, and only let ops/certain people add allowed people.
And as always, any script that can be used to message should have a flood protection on it.

Otherwise it could be useful.

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