May 15, 2009

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Lucius commented on a Page, CHAT BOT RPG / FIGHTING / SLAVERY / GAME  -  May 13, 2013

Here's a couple of images of a new RPG I attempted, 2 town areas were complete. AFAICR anyway.
If there is demand I may continue it.
Any thoughts on it would be appreciated.
(no the fighting other chatters isn't on this, and the money is in game only. It's a more pure RPG, and works in it's own room with an EIGHT second delay because it spams a lot.)

The images are right to left so look at -this end- first to see from the player creation onwards.

Lucius commented on a Page, Pan's Monster Manager (For use with IRC RPG games)  -  May 12, 2013

Quite nice but it won't work universally, and for the people actually needing something to help add monsters to a text file it may cause problems more than it fixes.
for instance I have an RPG which also stores health, strength, agility on the same line, and the RPG itself uses defined lines for each level rather than multiple text files so any additions have to be changed in the script.

rat 10 2 5
slime 20 1 1


bat 10 2 10
etc etc.

You may wish to add the name/link of the rpg itself so anyone wanting to use this will be able to find your rpg.... wait 12 levels, is that my old rpg?--> !fight evil
ifso I'd appreciate a link, if not I'd like to see it.

Lucius commented on a Page, mIRC profiles  -  Oct 31, 2012

That was pretty rapid. I never could get dialogs to click in my mind and since I haven't scripted in a long time I know even less XD

good job.

Lucius commented on a Page, How Long (Calculate your letters)  -  Jul 19, 2012

one thing though, the alias will show the wrong number of words, I only did it for the reply version which will count the trigger as a word eg:

!howlong legen wait for it dary legen wait for it dary is 5 words, 22 letters long and 18 letters without spaces. /howlong legen wait for it dary legen wait for it dary is 4 words, 22 letters long and 18 letters without spaces. the info is still the same, just the alias removes the trigger word from the calculation. change the alias line from $calc($0 - 1) to $0 There are always more things you can do, like count vowels, or count individual letters, find any grammaticals(,.:;!"), or numbers but then thats always the way with scripting, more to do, more to learn, more efficiency to find (or as it's called here napa-fy).
Lucius commented on a Page, Code/Text grabber  -  Jul 19, 2012

It would really improve the ease of adding simple scripts to non-script chatters mIRC. Trying to explain the simplest of script language to someone who doesn't know and is not interested anyway is still the most retetitively challenging thing about scripting.

The only issue I can see with it other than the forementioned access is accuracy of the pasted code being transfered into a script would need to be perfect, pure copy paste from the owner without any text alterations as some scripters favour replacers and colour themes, and then there are other possible reasons for inaccuracy like lag or disconnections... In my opinion it's a nice idea, but would be hard to impliment effectively.
A better way of doing it would be a popup dialog when you are transfered a file: accept / deny / accept & install
Then the script will be complete, and the person recieving the file doesn't need to turn it on/off simply click a button.

But I'm not sure if thats possible, to over-rule the incoming file dialog for mIRC.

Lucius commented on a Page, CHAT BOT RPG / FIGHTING / SLAVERY / GAME  -  Jul 10, 2012

Thanks to everyone for the interest in my game.
I've fallen off the radar a little recently, but if there's more need I'll re-continue my newer complete rpg game.

Everyone these days just seems to want an idle rpng (role playing NOT game) and I don't do those. weeks of work for someone to sit in a room silently and wait for random shit to happen for them... I just don't see the point, any idle rpg discussions always boil down to... "I can do nothing better than you, or, while doing nothing I had some good/bad luck."
It's far too easy rot your brain doing nothing than something, thats why I'm a gamer more than a tv watcher, a scripter more than a reader, a sport player more than a sport watcher (thought neither much hehe) and do the lovin' instead of watching it.

RANT OVER lol ja ne!

Lucius commented on a Page, How Long (Calculate your letters)  -  Jul 09, 2012

thats pretty useless as it is. anyone can do $len(words go here)
to be usefull you'd be better adding in a few more bits of information, and remove the er on the end of longer in the reply too.

 else { notice $nick $2- is $calc($0 - 1) words, $len($2-) letters long $iif($0 >= 3,and $len($remove($2-,$chr(32))) without spaces,in a single word) }
Lucius commented on a Page, Mirc friends/notify list  -  Jul 09, 2012

Impressively cleaned up from when I saw you working on it last.
I like. :]

Lucius commented on a Page, Chatspace/ircd checker  -  Jul 09, 2012

With an alias and storage though, you can more easily edit any other scripts to check rather than manually check in each one.
Nice work Ryan.

Lucius commented on a Page, Code/Text grabber  -  Jul 09, 2012

Really handy for when someone pastes a script in chat, good work!

Lucius commented on a Page, Latets News from the world of Science (  -  Mar 26, 2012

liked and rated 8.

it's a 10 for usefulness
it's a 9 for coding (difficult to follow but exceptional as usual from NAPA)
and a 7 for editability.

If you could set the colours and the style to your own preferences then it would be 10 overall.

I've wanted something like this for ages now, but sockets never locked for me.

Lucius commented on a Page, Custom DCX Identifiers  -  Dec 07, 2011

wouldn't it be easier to use $v1?

if ($super($+(complicated,retireval)))  {
  if ($v1 == 1) { do this }
  elseif ($v1 == 2) { do this instead }
  elseif ($v1 == savvy) { touch ProSec's hair }

I haven't ever tried it but I should think the elseif would make sure the $v1 would stay for the main if, although in this format it wouldn't make a difference. The point I'm making is you only need to log the first if as in existance then $v1 for what it actually is. that should shorten a code down but I have never seen incomplete if brackets in any msl script.

Lucius commented on a Page, mIRC Coder tools  -  Dec 01, 2011

Well deduced. I was guilty of boredom, it's true. lock me up. :D

Lucius commented on a Page, mIRC Coder tools  -  Nov 30, 2011

You mean things like:
%IPtrack. [ $+ [ $nick ] ]
%adminpass. [ $+ [ $nick ] ]

True enough, but also not all variables need that 2 point style, what about simple counters which only need one?
Or 3point ones like: %autopass. [ $+ [ $server ] . $+ [ $nick ]
(take note of that people, thats the kind of thing you need to stop you failing OPER when you connect to another server, I still have my autokill on failed oper. And I still use it.)

The way you have it now is permenantly set to 2point variables.
So something like %lolcount would become and unusable (although it would be simpler to use /set
I understand that you meant it to help a standardised variable set, but isn't it better that everyone has their own style of doing it? Thats one of the reasons vars don't overlap across scripts very often.

If I was to consider using that, I'd need it to be multiple optional. $setvar(blah blarg blah INFO,3) or $setvar(blah blarg bleh 4th_option, INFO) etc which would make it recognise %how.many.are.needed for the variable in question.
For games on bots especially I can see this having a use once it isn't so restricted.
for example.

It's just too simplified right now to be a properly useful tool. It's a 2.point or nothing type of alias.

That said I apologise for my inital derogatory post, it has more use than I expected but it's got more potential as more of an intermediate/advanced use for bot game coders than an initial help.

Lucius commented on a Page, mIRC Coder tools  -  Nov 28, 2011

while you are at it why don't you add in:


then you wouldn't need to actually know how to use IRC at all. You'd just have to learn those commands instead...

yes that was sarcasm, sorry. I don't mean to be an ass but seriously?
why not make the variables use mirc's built in /set and /unset along with /echo
that way people can learn the right way of doing it, and just add some echo reply information which mirc doesn't do as standard like: your variable was set/unset.
The closest I can see to useful is the getvar but that is easily accomplished with //echo -a %varname

There's no reason I can see for this at all. One of the first things someone learns for coding is the /set and /unset along with /echo -a
this just confuses the issue with unneeded complications.

If you are going to make a coding help script, why not run it as an interactive script that people can do themselves with mirc's normal commands. If It's for a bot then it's even easier, just make the bot pose hypothetical variable names and ask them to answer them.

how can I remove my variable? it's called: %kick.count.ROOMNAME (reply with !answer ...) !answer /unset %kick.count.ROOMNAME CORRECT! how do I check what is in my variable? it's called: %brb.count.ROOMNAME !answer /echo -a %brb.count.ROOMNAME Close! remember to use double slash. /echo -a will show the name, not check inside it. Use //echo -a now that would be useful for learning. As I can see right now you are just making new commands to learn and adding a bit of info to it.
Lucius commented on a Page, staus bar  -  Nov 27, 2011

I was only making a funny..... granted it wasn't a great one. I knew what it meant to say

Lucius commented on a Page, FML  -  Nov 26, 2011

Thanks. I think I'll attempt some hodgepodge grafting, see if I can get the details from this one and the actual text from yours lol
(minus the link of course, not worth that 3rd line)

Sorry Testor but it's true.

Lucius commented on a Page, staus bar  -  Nov 25, 2011

10 comments (yes 2 of them were mine) but nobody has asked the really important question....

what is a 'staus bar' ?

so I had to.

Lucius commented on a Page, FML  -  Nov 25, 2011

No longer works :[
fml must have changed a little of the site, no text but the ratings are all there.

Lucius commented on a Page, staus bar  -  Nov 23, 2011
xdid -v sbar 1 4 Network: $iif($network,$v1,ChatSpace)

I love $iif lol

btw, you could add functionality to some of the icons like a quick disconnect or a cycle for the active server.

Lucius commented on a Page, Password Generator.  -  Nov 22, 2011

I was just giving an example of what extremity said.

Lucius commented on a Page, Password Generator.  -  Nov 22, 2011
    xdid -t $dname 46 -o
    xdid -C $dname 46 +bk $color(12)
    xdid -c $dname 46 +n $color(4) 

text says -o (for deop)
outline colour is blue
text colour is red

Hope that helps.

Lucius commented on a Page, staus bar  -  Nov 22, 2011

Thought I should mention... ChatSpace doesn't have $network, so you should probably have- if -or maybe- $iif

Lucius commented on a Page, DCX Switchbar  -  Oct 15, 2011

/me slaps forehead "ofc"

Lucius commented on a Page, DCX Switchbar  -  Oct 13, 2011

for dcx... treebars? hmm a little checking gave me:

if ($2 == rclick) && ($3 == 1)  { 
  if ($left($xdid(SwitchBar, 1, $4-).tvtext == $chr(35)) { hop $xdid(SwitchBar, 1, $4-).tvtext }

That theoretically would let you hop a channel on rightclick. Don't know that without testing it myself, but should be easy enough. if you use word matches in it too (other than the simple # I put) then you could make the right click content based.

I suppose you could even have a right click list if you have the skills with dcx xpopup to do it, then you could choose an action rather than a simple right click action. I can't see any real reason you'd need it other than the server window having a disconnect/reconnect option.

Lucius commented on a Page, DCX Switchbar  -  Oct 01, 2011

I second the request for an image too.

Lucius commented on a Page, Theme  -  Sep 27, 2011

looks like you just want:

echo -a $d!t.buffer(MSG) < $nick > $1-

exactly as you'd normally have in your theme:

echo -ta < $nick > $1-

(generalised of course the -t would put in a timestamp normally)
Replace the MSG with EVENT for room joins,parts,quits,etc etc.

Lucius commented on a Page, DCX wallops ircd  -  Sep 27, 2011

Nice work.
one thing I see to make it more streamlined:

elseif ($7 == changed) && ($8 == his/her) && ($9 == nickname) {

change to:

elseif ($7-9 == changed his/her nickname) {

you don't need the split ifs for simple word matches.
would be 9 with chatspace stylings too.

I really like the word matches for the quits and joins, and hope you don't mind I implimented similar on my own project wallop bar lol.
If you do... tough it's public property now bish! lol

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