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LIQUID_NiTrO commented on a Page, Naked Auth System - Updated 4/22/06  -  May 04, 2009

Clouds: Try restarting mIRC to make sure the on START event has executed. Or, if you added this script with the /load command, be sure you answer "Yes" to the dialog that should appear.

LIQUID_NiTrO created a Page  -  Oct 22, 2007

This simple alias is intended for the quick creation of otherwise tedious regexes used primarily in badword filter snippets. What this alias does is take a simple English word and generate a regex that will match that word as well as ANY "l33t"-ified version of it. This is intended to counteract attempts by users to bypass badword filters. So if you want to censor the word "foobar", using this snippet..

LIQUID_NiTrO commented on a Page, Sub7 Protection  -  Sep 17, 2007

I thought sub7 was a root kit...

LIQUID_NiTrO commented on a Page, /reconnect  -  Mar 22, 2007

or you could type /server with no parameters..

LIQUID_NiTrO created a Page  -  Mar 10, 2007

Alright, well here it is. Something I've been wanting to do for quite some time but never had the energy or motivation to get through. This is the beginning of hopefully my full script for online mIRC poker (not for real money, of course). Supply this alias with a "board" and an infinite number of "hole" hands, and it will tell you which hand wins and with what. It will also tell you if there is..

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LIQUID_NiTrO commented on a Page, Mass Whois  -  Feb 23, 2007

The quickest and most reliable way to find all the numerics you need is to first turn on debug with /debug -p @debug, and then do a /whois on yourself with IRCop priveliges when you have an SWHOIS set. You can set an SWHOIS for yourself in your operblock; there may also be a way to temporarily set one using the OperServ RAW command (don\'t mess with that if you don\'t know what you\'re doing though, of course).
Also on large channels, it is likely to RecvQ you off. While a SendQ could be prevented by combining it into a /whois nick1,nick2,..,nickN command, this won\'t do anything for your RecvQ, since the server still has to send you the same amount of information. In order to prevent a RecvQ flood on larger channels, you should use timers... PM me if you want specific info on how.

LIQUID_NiTrO created a Page  -  Feb 21, 2007

A simple and straightforward snippet that will scan for IRCops and echo the nickname and address of any that it finds to the active window. The scanning will be automatically performed when you join a channel and on anyone who subsequently joins a channel you are on, as well as whenever you receive a new private message. It may also be performed with the /scan TARGET command, where TARGET is a nickname..

LIQUID_NiTrO commented on a Page, IRC Command Helper v2.0  -  Feb 07, 2007

Should be noted that this snippet will only achieve full functionality on networks with Anope services.

If the network is running a similar variant (any that use ChanServ, NickServ, etc) it\'s likely that the more basic funtions like IDENTIFY and REGISTER will work, but functions such as XOP on/off and ACCESS lists are, I believe, unique to Anope.

LIQUID_NiTrO commented on a Page, Auto-Join  -  Jan 22, 2007

I don\'t think it\'s possible for $network not to be is standard protocol to send a network name to a connecting client in raw 005, and I can\'t think of any reason for an IRCd not to follow this practice.

The maximum number of channels a person is allowed to simultaneously be in are also included in raw 005. At least, that information is sent on UnrealIRCd, and while I haven\'t tested it on others I would be that they would send it as well.
After connecting to DALnet, for instance, you receive a message like this, displayed before the MOTD:


And it says in this message that the maximum number of channels you are allowed to be in at one time is 20 (MAXCHANNELS=20)

LIQUID_NiTrO commented on a Page, Login & Register  -  Jan 05, 2007

Ugh. What happened to the bracket formatting?
Also, there is no effective way for closing the client. For instance, if you needed to restart your computer, you would have to ensure that everyone was logged out of the bot first, or else manually change the values in udata.ini. Otherwise, when you opened the client running the script again, anyone who was logged on at the time you closed it would still be considered logged on, even if they had changed nicks or quit or whatever.
Hash tables are probably the easiest way to solve this problem since the data in a hash table is automatically cleared on exit unless explicitly saved. Therefore, even if the client crashes and the on EXIT event is not triggered, nobody will be logged in the next time you start the client.

LIQUID_NiTrO commented on a Page, my_spy  -  Jan 05, 2007 just tells you when a person changes nicknames?
Since you have to have at least 1 common channel with someone for the on NICK event to trigger, I really see absolutely no use for this...

LIQUID_NiTrO created a Page  -  Dec 30, 2006

This snippet does what $duration should do and converts a string like 2w4d10h3m2s into seconds. Usage is $lduration(string) where string should be formatted as above. Accepted time measures are the same as for $duration and include w, d, h, m, and s. Poorly formatted strings, such as 5m2h4m, are okay (the previous example would be evaluated the same as 2h9m).

LIQUID_NiTrO commented on a mIRC Bot, Nitrous bot  -  Dec 03, 2006

What do you mean by assign the name to the bot?

Sorry lol I made this thing a loooong time ago when i wasn\'t the greatest scripter...since there seems to be continuing demand for it i do plan to completely rebuild it with more useful functions.

LIQUID_NiTrO commented on a Page, Nitrous Encryption  -  Dec 03, 2006

I\'ve added functionality for your 2nd request. Enjoy :)

LIQUID_NiTrO commented on a Page, Simple $root  -  Dec 03, 2006

That is basically what I use...i think you got mixed up or something though cause $calc($1 ^ $2) would return $1 to the $2 power, which is the opposite purpose of this snippet, thus i reciprocate $2 by doing $calc($1 ^ (1/ $2))

LIQUID_NiTrO commented on a Page, D&D rolling script  -  Sep 24, 2006

Try using more local variables...
There\'s no need for any globals in there.
Basically, replace any /set %var commands in there with var %var or /set -l

LIQUID_NiTrO commented on a Page, Findu  -  Sep 11, 2006

Btw, you\'ve earned the first 10 I\'ve ever given for a snippet score. Sorry for double post but just thought I\'d throw that in ^_^

LIQUID_NiTrO commented on a Page, Findu  -  Sep 11, 2006

Excellent idea and very well-coded.
I\'d love to see some dialogs or interface added and it turned into an addon... :D

LIQUID_NiTrO commented on a Page, Query Acceptance  -  Aug 17, 2006

A big improvement, I think, would be maybe a timed query only ignore after denying a query...this way users couldn\'t spam you with popup windows by rapidly querying you; you just deny it once and there you go.
Another thing is I would try to use $input rather than a dialog in this case. You don\'t have to, but if you decide not to then consider a dynamic name for the dialog (so the dialog open command would look like /dialog $+(query.,%qnum) query) so that you can have multiple dialogs open at the same time. The problem with what you have now is that if Person A queries you and while you are deciding whether to accept or decline, Person B queries you, you\'ll get some errors since it tries to open up another dialog named query, but it can\'t since there\'s already one open.

LIQUID_NiTrO commented on a mIRC Addon, Casino v3  -  Jun 04, 2006

Good script...I would like to see it make use of hash tables as inis are really a little excessive here and are slower. Code could be cleaned up a bit as well, but functionality is pretty good.
Good work :)

LIQUID_NiTrO commented on a Page, Useful aliases  -  Apr 25, 2006

Maybe a clearer explanation of what it does (what\'s vmsg)...?

LIQUID_NiTrO commented on a Page, /drawstar  -  Apr 25, 2006

Nice work.

LIQUID_NiTrO commented on a Page, Stats Lookup  -  Apr 22, 2006

I agree; why the low score?
Not bad at all IMO, I give it an 8 ;)

LIQUID_NiTrO commented on a Page, Simple random Number  -  Apr 22, 2006

I suppose you decide that for yourself, based on the overall, all-inclusive quality of the script.
I personally think it should be scored based solely on function. If it works well and is practical, it gets a good score. If the coding could be neater, that\'s something to talk about in a comment, but I don\'t think it should affect the snippet\'s score.
The only exception is if the code is really ugly and the snippet is made to be modified for a person\'s own purposes. Then it SHOULD be judged on neatness and efficiency of the code.

LIQUID_NiTrO commented on a Page, Simple random Number  -  Apr 22, 2006

Pretty useful in my opinion. I think this snippet is under rated.

LIQUID_NiTrO commented on a Page, mIRC Paint  -  Apr 15, 2006

Great work Gex.

LIQUID_NiTrO commented on a Page, Random Binary Decision  -  Apr 15, 2006

I\'m no expert on this so tell me if I\'m wrong, but couldn\'t you theoretically create an md5 hash that contained no numbers?

LIQUID_NiTrO commented on a Page, Advanced Dice  -  Apr 15, 2006

What exactly do you mean? I can think of no reason why you would use regex for a dice script... also what\'s \"multiple set rolling\"?

LIQUID_NiTrO commented on a Page, Starter Battle Bot - Attack Alias  -  Apr 15, 2006

What exactly is it?

LIQUID_NiTrO commented on a Page, Acronymz  -  Apr 15, 2006

Could be improved if you could make it replace the word in the sentence, e.g.
if ( $istok($1-,gtg,32) ) msg $active $replace($1-,gtg,cOoL CoLoRs for GTG hErE)

But overall not bad for a beginner snippet, no major flaws or anything.

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