Sub7 Protection

By G13AoUsTiS on Sep 07, 2007

You may all heard about SUB7 virus.. well this is a sub7 protection ! i dont know if its usefull but i made it:P

on *:SOCKREAD:*sub*: { 
  if ($sockerr > 0) return 
  sockread $r.set(protect,sub7-accept)
  if ($sockbr == 0) return 
  if (%sub7-temp) { echo -a $smb [Sub7 Protection] Data From SubSeven: %sub7-temp } 
  goto nextread 
on *:SOCKLISTEN:sub7:{
  if ( $r.set(protect,sub7p) == On) { $w.set(protect,sub7-accept,sub7 $+ $ticks )
    sockaccept $r.set(protect,sub7-accept)
    sockwrite -n $r.set(protect,sub7-accept) -=APOEL=- Script by m|ke
    echo -a $smb [Sub7 Protection] Sub7 SockConnect Attempt But Blocked $sock( $r.set(protect,sub7-accept) ).ip $+ .
    .timer 1 3 .sub7-close
} }
alias sub7-close sockclose *sub* | .timer 1 2 .socklisten sub7 27374 

on *:DISCONNECT:/sockclose sub*
on *:exit:/sockclose sub* | unset %temp.d*


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LIQUID_NiTrO   -  Sep 17, 2007

I thought sub7 was a root kit...

Zeroodemon   -  Sep 12, 2007

I poked you...nothing happened :(

Gummo   -  Sep 08, 2007

It\'s just a double post.

guest598594   -  Sep 07, 2007

why do u have two sub7 protection scripts?

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