Better $duration

By LIQUID_NiTrO on Dec 30, 2006

This snippet does what $duration should do and converts a string like 2w4d10h3m2s into seconds. Usage is $lduration(string) where string should be formatted as above. Accepted time measures are the same as for $duration and include w, d, h, m, and s. Poorly formatted strings, such as 5m2h4m, are okay (the previous example would be evaluated the same as 2h9m).

alias lduration {
  if ( $regex($1,/[^wdhms\d]/) || $regex($1,/[wdhms]{2}/) || $1 isnum || $1 isalpha || $right($1,1) isnum ) {
    return $null
  var %str = $1,%tot = 0,%x = 1
  while ( %str ) {
    .echo -q $regsub(%x,%str,/(\d+[a-z])/i,$null,%str)
    inc %tot $duration($regml(%x,1))
    inc %x
  return %tot


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Yoinx   -  Dec 31, 2006

It can, however, that would only work in 6.2 ^ I believe.

As it is, this should work from at aleast 6.16 and up.

Cherish   -  Dec 31, 2006

.echo -q can be replaced with .noop

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