Outwar.com Stats Lookup

Platform:  mIRC
Published  Jan 02, 2006
Updated  Jan 11, 2006
I created this snippet for a topic on the forum, and now I've modified it a bit. This snippet will lookup stats from Outwar.com for any specified player. Refer to the snippet for usage /*
Outwar.com Stats Script
!outwar <Sigil/Torax/Fabar> <User's name>

on *:TEXT:!outwar*:#: {
if (!$regex($2,(S|s)igil|(T|t)orax|(F|f)abar)) || (!$3) { halt }
sockopen outwar $+($lower($regml(1)),.outwar.com) 80
sockmark outwar $2- $chan
on *:SOCKOPEN:outwar: {
var %s = sockwrite -n $sockname
%s GET $+(/profile.php?transnick=,$gettok($sock($sockname).mark,2,32)) HTTP/1.1
%s Host: $+($gettok($sock($sockname).mark,1,32),.outwar.com)
%s Connection: close
%s $crlf
on *:SOCKREAD:outwar: {
var %a
sockread -f %a
if ($+(%s.exp,%s.cl,%s.gr,%s.pa,%s.un)) {
var %r = $iif(%s.pa,$gettok(%a,5,60),$gettok(%a,4,60))
var %r = $gettok(%r,2,62)
set %s $+(%s,$chr(42),$+(%s.exp,%s.cl,%s.gr,%s.pa,%s.un) %r)
unset %s.*
else {
if (*size="1">EXPERIENCE</font>* iswm %a) {
set %s.exp EXPERIENCE
if (*size="1">CLASS</font>* iswm %a) {
set %s.cl CLASS
if (*size="1">Growth Yesterday</font>* iswm %a) {
if (*size="1">PARENT</font>* iswm %a) {
set %s.pa PARENT
if (*href="followers.php?id=4">UNDERLINGS</a>* iswm %a) {
set %s.un UNDERLINGS
if (*<a href="crewprofile.php?id=* iswm %a) {
var %r = $gettok(%a,4,60)
%r = $gettok(%r,2,62)
set %s $+(%s,$chr(42),$gettok($sock($sockname).mark,2,32) is a %r)
if (*</b> Trophy Points</b>* iswm %a) {
var %r = $gettok(%a,4,60)
%r = $gettok(%r,2,62)
set %s $+(%s,$chr(42),TROPHY POINTS %r)
if (%s.sn) {
if (*<td width="50%" bgcolor="#666666"><font size="2">* iswm %a) { halt }
var %r = $gettok(%a,3,60)
%r = $replace($gettok(%r,2,62),&lt;,<,&tl;,>)
set %s $+(%s,$chr(42),%s.sn %r)
unset %s.sn
if (*<b>SCREEN NAME</b>* iswm %a) {
set %s.sn AIM S/N
on *:SOCKCLOSE:outwar: {
var %x = $numtok(%s,42),%y = 1
msg $gettok($sock($sockname).mark,3,32) 4- Stats for $gettok($sock($sockname).mark,2,32) on $gettok($sock($sockname).mark,1,32) 4-
while (%y <= %x) {
.timer 1 1 msg $gettok($sock($sockname).mark,3,32) $gettok(%s,%y,42)
inc %y
.timer 1 1 msg $gettok($sock($sockname).mark,3,32) 4- End of Stats 4-
unset %s


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KuTsuM   -  Oct 27, 2008
Nope I didn't rip this. Where is this addon?
KoreyRdd   -  Oct 23, 2008
Im sorry m8, i looked at it and say the 4th, and for some reason assumed 2004, thats why.

SOrry bro
napa182   -  Oct 22, 2008
um did you even bother to check the date. hmm KuTsuM posted this on Jan 02, 2006 and that other guy didnt say he made it he said he was looking to add more to it and he posted that on Jan 4, 2008

i dought that KuTsuM ripped this.
KoreyRdd   -  Oct 22, 2008
taken back
itsreallyme   -  Jan 04, 2008
great script be nice if displayed atk/hp
LIQUID_NiTrO   -  Apr 22, 2006
I agree; why the low score?
Not bad at all IMO, I give it an 8 ;)
KuTsuM   -  Apr 22, 2006
Dark; You need to load the code into your mIRC, and have someone else (or open a new connection to the server) type !outwar <sigil/torax/fabar> <username>
KuTsuM   -  Jan 11, 2006
Sort of amazing how this working script, that has no complaints at all, has a rating of 2 (otherwise known as an \"Incomplete\"). As for your question Riachu: Yes, just need to reformat the code to match the html of the website
Raichu   -  Jan 03, 2006
Would this be possible also for a game like: Www.belikeme.nl ?
SnoooP   -  Jan 02, 2006
very nice script! ive gave it 5 because its a good script
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