By `Kazuma on Apr 15, 2006

Put in remotes. When you type, for instance, "lol" it comes out, "Laughing Out Loud" with colors and designs


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guest598594   -  Dec 19, 2007

theres no ponit of the goto end at the end

Sasuke   -  Jun 10, 2006

Adds more to the document tree

`Kazuma   -  Apr 17, 2006

Thanks for the tips too, I just learned something and I\'m at school. :)

`Kazuma   -  Apr 17, 2006

oo; What? Beginner? o.O Oh, thanks anyways. and thanks for the score. ^^

LIQUID_NiTrO   -  Apr 15, 2006

Could be improved if you could make it replace the word in the sentence, e.g.
if ( $istok($1-,gtg,32) ) msg $active $replace($1-,gtg,cOoL CoLoRs for GTG hErE)

But overall not bad for a beginner snippet, no major flaws or anything.

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