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IllogicTC commented on an Image, Undead RPG  -  Jun 30, 2013
Extremely delayed response incoming!

No. No, I did not expect anything less. I just expected to have a bit more squeezed into 400 lines already. Not sure if you've seen LimePlayer, but I have an absolute TON of stuff worked into about 1500 lines, that includes a few comments for organization and spaces between modules.

I expected most of the actual work to be in map development. My current system uses a separate text file to provide the "map," that is the text cues you're seeing at the bottom. Since the file is pretty well expandable to whatever degree you wish, and I planned on a play area of 500 by 500, that's a LOT of lines.
IllogicTC commented on a Snippet, Mp3 Script  -  Jun 30, 2013
Not sure on the bug, but check line 72. Everywhere else the dialog is referenced using "mp3player," but in this one line you have just "mp3."

Also, I see under the alias randomsong you're setting global variables when you could get by using the temporary /var function. %mp3.num and %mp3.ran2 can be set with a var instead, since they aren't ever used outside the alias and only set up data for the next script line.
IllogicTC commented on a Snippet, Money Variations  -  Jun 30, 2013
I would find this more interesting to use in your example for a game or something if it wasn't forcing the $ on the beginning. Maybe have some variable to set what character(s) you want pre- or suffixed to the number? Like you could have the $12,345 by default, or you could make it use the Euro symbol, or say 12,345GP for those good ol' medieval style games.

It would also be interesting to be able to make this output WITHOUT commas. Let's say someone uses a command called !givegold Ted, which gives user Ted some amount of their gold in a game script. This snippet would allow the someone to go !givegold Ted 2k, and have it automatically give 2000 gold to Ted, instead of having to type it out.

Just some thoughts.
IllogicTC commented on a Snippet, Zombie Shooter (Updated 06/11/13)  -  Jun 11, 2013
Just made my first update in a quite a while. Changes are listed up top at the bottom of the description.
IllogicTC commented on a Snippet, NiCK CoMPLeToR  -  Apr 16, 2012
The only thing you need to set as a global variable is %nc.status.on, since it is used in different aliases and commands. All the other variables should be set as local variables using the var command, as to not bulk up users' variables file unnecessarily.
IllogicTC commented on a Snippet, Zombie Shooter (Updated 06/11/13)  -  Apr 14, 2012
Major setback, had to do a Windows re-install (bleh), and then have been having personal issues around the home. I promise I'll get back on this at some point, when my motivation has returned more.
IllogicTC commented on a Snippet, Decode Yahoo "Y" cookie   -  Feb 11, 2012
The -l just localizes the alias to the script file it's saved to.

Try using:

/dialog -m y_cookie y_cookie
IllogicTC commented on a Snippet, Decode Yahoo "Y" cookie   -  Feb 09, 2012
Although I probably wouldn't use this, this is a very unique snippet indeed.

Good work on this.
IllogicTC commented on a Snippet, mIRCB - mIRC Bouncer  -  Feb 03, 2012
Used to operate a sorter system with a computer using Win2000 Server. Worked great. Easy interface, of course, and uptime never caused an issue. They did a yearly purge and reset just to be sure, and that was about it.
IllogicTC commented on a Snippet, Simple Youtube Downloader  -  Jan 16, 2012
Why won't it let me like it more than once nor rate it higher than 10 ;.;
IllogicTC commented on a Snippet, Simple Youtube Downloader  -  Jan 11, 2012
"$30 for JUST THAT!? Man, at that rate, you may as well think you're missing some zeros there, Movie Company. In fact, I think you're missing some zeros, too. As in, $00 HELLO TORRENT!"

I don't actually torrent, that is just how I imagine torrenters going about their business.
IllogicTC commented on a Snippet, Simple Youtube Downloader  -  Jan 10, 2012
Sounds like how I had to strip DRM from some songs by giving it a go through Audacity to be able to burn them to CD. I bought the songs from Amazon, digital copies of course, and wanted to make my own physical copy of it. TRY TO STOP ME, WILL YOU!? *loads up Audacity*
IllogicTC commented on a Snippet, Simple Youtube Downloader  -  Jan 06, 2012
Speaking of audio-only, it doesn't automatically delete the source file when it's done for me.

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium.
mIRC Version: 7.17
Downloading to: C:\Users\Guest\Music\

No error codes are given, works great, just doesn't delete the original video.
IllogicTC commented on a Snippet, Zombie Shooter (Updated 06/11/13)  -  Jan 06, 2012
Yeah, I noticed the diagonal movement. Seems like bullets travel a little faster in those directions, too. I'll just have to do something to compensate and even it all out.

I did the herding, also, running an octagon-like pattern around the edge then pulling off to one corner of the map and firing like mad.

Think about it though, it's kinda like having a square and running a diagonal line through the square. The square is 3 inches on all side. When you travel in a cardinal direction, you're traveling 3 inches to the next point. But when you travel the diagonal, you're actually traveling about 4.24 inches from one point to the next. Ah, back to basic geometry, but this is the same principle showing up in the game.
IllogicTC liked a Snippet, Simple Youtube Downloader  -  Jan 05, 2012
IllogicTC commented on a Snippet, Simple Youtube Downloader  -  Jan 05, 2012
Well, since I usually run on Guest, and the old lady's got the admin access (her computer, seemed fair enough though I PAID FOR IT lol), thought I couldn't get this going.

Remembered I had a clean-slate version of mIRC 7.17 on a thumb drive. Works great :D
IllogicTC commented on a Snippet, Zombie Shooter (Updated 06/11/13)  -  Jan 05, 2012
Update coming soon.

Things completed in the update:

Invincibility Pickup (not only gives you invincibility for a short time, but zombie attacks HEAL you while invincible. Rare pickup.)

Pickups now flash when they are about to disappear.

Slight modification to the rarity of a machinegun pickup. When I played my full round, after building up over 2500 bullets for the machinegun and not being able to get rid of them faster than I could find them, I figured I should balance this out. I may also implement a maximum ammo capacity.

Working on:

Hit "zones." Instead of checking every bullet against every zombie to see if there's a hit, the bullet will now only check zombies within the "zone" it is in. I'm working out the bugs on zombies standing on a borderline between two zones, where a hit doesn't register, and the lag induced by having many zombies onscreen with this setup. However, bullet updates don't seem to affect performance so much now :D
IllogicTC commented on a Snippet, Zombie Shooter (Updated 06/11/13)  -  Jan 03, 2012
@Kiddo96: After making my previous comment here, I decided to have a play.

I playtested this quite a bit, but I used a lot of hash table manipulation and whatnot to shortcut myself to possible scenarios, and otherwise just played through maybe 250 zombies in a semi-legitimate game. I had never, EVER sat down for a serious session, where I just started it, left the script and hashtable alone, and just tried to honestly see how far I could SERIOUSLY go, rather than just testing for a while and giving up.


Got a bit bored after a while because I have other things on my mind, and stopped picking up health. Otherwise, who knows how far I would have gone :P
IllogicTC commented on a Snippet, Zombie Shooter (Updated 06/11/13)  -  Jan 03, 2012
Thanks everyone for the likes so far, and for getting 250 views on this page. I am working on an update to provide more things, but I've been distracted by a lot of other things right now, so I don't currently have as much time as I would like to dedicate to this. I'm sorry for the delay.
IllogicTC commented on a Snippet, Toolbar Digital Clock  -  Dec 29, 2011
Eye-candy suggestion: For the mode where it just shows hours and minutes, have the colon separating them alternate between lit and unlit states, like a watch does.

As for one-upping with the scrollbars, I just did that because I figured it would be a bit easier for the average user to pick up and use. Slide it, and see the result immediately, rather than having to type numbers in to fine-tweak lol. Good knowledge on the did -c :D +1 for that.
IllogicTC commented on a Snippet, Toolbar Digital Clock  -  Dec 27, 2011
Very nicely done. Doing the numbers in-script rather than having to grab more files makes this much more user-friendly, very grab-n-go.

As for the colors, here's my take. It's nowhere near perfect, I'm still tinkering with it. Also I can figure out how to give a scrollbar a value when initializing a dialog... so it's bugged in a way. But works? I dunno.


Use /clockcolors to open the color selection script. The three bars adjust the RGB values of the lit "LEDs," as you move them. There are 32 intensities for each colours channel.

Like I said, my work on custom colors needs (quite a bit) of work. You can either stem off of what I have so far here, or well use your imagination! Having customization is a love of mine, and I would like to see this script have more options in the future. ^_^
IllogicTC posted a Snippet  -  Dec 26, 2011
IllogicTC commented on a Snippet, Sticky Note Custom Window  -  Dec 25, 2011
Thanks for trying, pball.
IllogicTC liked a Snippet, Digital Clock  -  Dec 25, 2011
IllogicTC commented on a Snippet, Digital Clock  -  Dec 25, 2011
I'm one of the people who voted a score on it. :) I voted 7. Maybe if you included the whole alarm clock and stuff, it would go up ;)
IllogicTC commented on a Snippet, Sticky Note Custom Window  -  Dec 24, 2011
Since you already use the delete key for deleting, how about using the Insert key to bring up the selected line for editing?
IllogicTC commented on a Snippet, Digital Clock  -  Dec 24, 2011
Couldn't you just specify w and h in the drawpic command, or use the -s switch, to adjust the picture to the size you need? Of course, looks sloppy when making the pictures bigger, and probably is more costly on resources than just doing a manual resize of the source images yourself before using....

Also... why didn't any of us think to use -c in the drawpic? Probably wouldn't make too much of a difference with the way it runs anyway, but you may as well cache them since you'll be reusing them again and again until the clock is closed.

Also, @pball: Analog clock has already been done by BlueThen, years ago lol. It was the script that I used for reference to learn how to draw lines in any specific angle ^_^

Also, maybe someone could include elements of my Higher-Resolution Timestamp snippet to give the time which includes hundredths of a second, for those who really need to know the EXACT TIME lol. Wonder how laggy it would be?
IllogicTC commented on a Snippet, Sticky Note Custom Window  -  Dec 23, 2011
Having a side listbox with all the notes that are saved shown in there for viewing/editing/deleting would indeed be a good idea, Firstmate. Maybe it's on the to-do list already?

@pball: Ah, okay! Will there be other things like editing entries in the future?
IllogicTC commented on a Snippet, Sticky Note Custom Window  -  Dec 23, 2011
Gotcha gotcha. Been so long since I played with a window in Listbox mode :|

Why not limit the length of a single input, then? I'm sure there are some people who would try to enter in a decent length of text, and will be mad that they have to adjust the window size to see it. They'd be even more mad if for some reason they couldn't figure out that you can adjust the window size to see more text. I do understand the purpose of this is for short little notes, but sometimes people can't trim what they want in one entry down enough to fit the constraints.

And on the note of interacting with notes.... what interaction is built in so far? Because I can't find any... :( is there some feature I'm missing here?
IllogicTC commented on a Snippet, Digital Clock  -  Dec 22, 2011
@blacvenomm666: If you would like to replace your original submission with the one I posted in the comments above, go ahead. It's still pretty much your code, just with a lot of redactions that I made. The modifications I made in some areas wouldn't account for much, so it's still within guidelines.
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