IllogicTC commented on a Page, Sticky Note Custom Window  -  Dec 22, 2011

Yeah after playing with it a bit more I realized the format. As for dialogs, just saying it was my taste, @Windows server your purpose just as well don't they? :D

As for the line length, take a look at using the -p switch on your aline command under note entry. This would force it to wrap if it's too long. Otherwise unless I broke everything up manually, it'll be a mess if I do a decent ramble in one entry. When writing what's in the @Window to the save file (or INI when updated), even though one entry is split up amongst two or more lines, mIRC will remember that it's all one line and enter it as such to the file.

//window -d @Test -1 -1 300 300 | /aline @Test This is Line 1. This is a test without word wrapping. You can see that it's messy (but mainly because this window is so small) | /aline -p @Test This is Line 2. You can see here that this line is broken up amongst several lines for display within the window. | /echo -s $line(@Test,0)

Copy that and paste it in your mIRC's editbox. You can see that even with word-wrapping, mIRC still reports there are only 2 lines there.

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