IllogicTC commented on a Page, Mp3 Script  -  Jun 30, 2013

Not sure on the bug, but check line 72. Everywhere else the dialog is referenced using "mp3player," but in this one line you have just "mp3."

Also, I see under the alias randomsong you're setting global variables when you could get by using the temporary /var function. %mp3.num and %mp3.ran2 can be set with a var instead, since they aren't ever used outside the alias and only set up data for the next script line.

jaillyn  -  Jul 01, 2013

Fixed line 72. I was converting the dialog/commands before posting and I missed one.

Yeah I modified that on my local copy trying to fix the 'folder issue' I'm having. Nothing I've tried seems to work in making the script remember to open from the folder I choose.. keeps defaulting to wherever I last opened an mp3... well, not always. it decides randomly when it's going to start doing that and I have to unload/load the mrc file to get it going again.

Savage_CL  -  Aug 09, 2013

Your problem is in using $$file=""


Displays the select file dialog and returns the selected filename. Title and oktext are optional. The dir can include a wildcard as a file mask.

That's from the help file. Should make your life easier.

jaillyn  -  Aug 09, 2013

that caused the lil glitch I mentioned to happen immediately :(

Savage_CL  -  Aug 09, 2013

You would define the directory, as so:

var %directory = $sfile("C:/Users/<some user>/Music/",Select Song,Select)
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