IllogicTC commented on a Page, Sticky Note Custom Window  -  Dec 22, 2011

How exactly would your INI be structured?

title=This is my First Note!
body=And this is the Note I left myself.


Unless you're going to have multiple items in a section (like this), INI wouldn't do much good. Of course, title and body are just the beginning... you could have a lot of other settings for a particular note saved in the same section, if you can think more stuff up.

A different way to do things would be to have a dialog with an editbox, a text box, and a list. The list is filled with all currently saved notes' titles, and when you double-click one it opens it up in the textbox (and in the editbox for editing). Of course, there would be a save function on it as well. I myself don't see the @Window being the best form of presentation of your system, but that's just my tastes.

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