Jan 14, 2007

mIRC Code Snippets

BackoffJackson created a Page  -  Apr 11, 2007

This snippet was made so I can laugh at whoever uses my drinks. Oh yeah. Put in remotes (ALT + R). Enjoy... Not much else I can say, it counts the amount of time someone ordered stuff... Remember to replace YOURNICK under 'on *:TEXT:!Reset:#:{' with your nick.

BackoffJackson created a Page  -  Apr 05, 2007

Just put it into your remotes (Alt + R) and type /chrocks. Yes, I was bored when I made this, yes, very bored, very very very bored. Don't worry, it doesn't message any channels and all comes out on one line.

BackoffJackson created a Page  -  Mar 22, 2007

This is a silencing script. It is meant to delete an OPs access and give it back at the end of the silencing. It also retrieves the ial of the user if you don't have it. A ~q: ban is a silience ban on the network I am currently using the script. One slight bug. If the user changes their nick while banned, it will unban them, but it would not give that nick its access back due to needing your current..

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BackoffJackson created a Page  -  Feb 15, 2007

I am totally lazy, so I created a sentence ender that WORKS. If you use "?", "!" or "." at the end of the sentence, it does not activate. Great for the lazy people like me! It also works for emotes. One more feature, it doesn't mess up / commands. Yes, I know it probably could made shorter, but I thought I would show the people of Hawkee the greatness of ASCII numbers. So pretty much, it does what..

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BackoffJackson created a Page  -  Feb 09, 2007

Someone delete this... it was apparently to much text to use.

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BackoffJackson created a Page  -  Feb 01, 2007

A very simple and fun game I made! Just load it into your bots remotes and type !Play Bomb Game and then answer with !Cutwire Red, Green, or Blue. Enjoy!

BackoffJackson created a Page  -  Feb 01, 2007

Very simple, just add this to your bots remotes and private message him with !Act or !Say .

BackoffJackson created a Page  -  Jan 21, 2007

This is really nothing special it is for a bot, I got bored so I wrote it, it makes it semi easier to find channels.

BackoffJackson created a Page  -  Jan 20, 2007

This is a simple script that goes in your remotes. Yes, simple, very simple. It is meant for a bot. Yes, I posted two on purpose, some people like to abbreviate Super Smash Bros Melee.

BackoffJackson created a Page  -  Jan 14, 2007

This is a new and improved version of mysterycool's F00dB@rM@Ni@c script. It is not meant to be fancy, just alot more clean (For those of you who are to lazy to edit).

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