The channel's very own restaurant!

By BackoffJackson on Jan 14, 2007

This is a new and improved version of mysterycool's F00dB@rM@Ni@c script. It is not meant to be fancy, just alot more clean (For those of you who are to lazy to edit).


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VinX   -  Jul 29, 2009

nice script :))

mysterycool   -  Apr 12, 2007

dude the food is so like mine! and the timers and the: |The Menu|!

BackoffJackson   -  Jan 15, 2007

Okay, I will do that next time, when I said cleaner, I meant it had less typing errors and had cool drinks. ;).

vegeto079   -  Jan 15, 2007

Instead of using
On :text:!whatever:#: {
every time, just put one
On :text::#:{
and use it like...

On :text::#:{
if ($1 == beer) { msg $nick aofuhjawou | HALT }
if ($1 == pie) { msg $nick Pie. | HALT }

and just use a bunch of \"if ($1 ==\"

it would look a lot cleaner IMO

Aaron   -  Jan 14, 2007

maybe a drink and food counter :)

Aaron   -  Jan 14, 2007

its...alright, nothing too special about it, but something that could be pretty fun

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