Jul 04, 2005

Code Snippets

Daveoh created a Page  -  Apr 10, 2010

This is a simple script which displays your ping (in milliseconds) to the server via a custom window. After loading the script and connecting to a server, the script will set a timer to ping all connected servers every 60 seconds. This will be displayed in the custom window list.

Daveoh created a Page  -  Mar 25, 2009

This is a script which obtains user stats from the Quake Live website (quakelive.com) and notices them to the user. (This can be changed to message the channel instead, read 3rd paragraph.)

Daveoh created a Page  -  Mar 04, 2009

This function will return the duration of the given time period in days, hours, minutes and seconds.

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Daveoh created a Page  -  Mar 08, 2008

Automatically creates and maintains multiple socket connections to multiple IRC servers. The script should be added to to create more automated commands. Currently it returns PING replies from the server to maintain the connection and automatically joins a channel on connection.

Daveoh created a Page  -  Sep 28, 2007

A tournament script I did for some people a while ago. Might still have a bug or two... leave a comment if so. Modify it to your needs (might need quite a bit of changing) and replace all #CHANNEL with the channel you want it to work on.

Daveoh created a Page  -  Jul 29, 2007

This is a custom identifier and command that will return text encoded to suit URLs (e.g. hello%20world) Usage: $urlencode(text) will return the encoded text, and /urlencode text will echo the encoded text. Do not enter the whole URL into the text, only the parameter values that need encoding.

Daveoh created a Page  -  Jun 23, 2007

This is a simple local countdown script, which will count down and from a date.

Daveoh created a Page  -  Jun 17, 2007

This will replace the default TEXT output if someone uses the colour of your background as the colour of any of their text. Output may need to be tweaked to match your theme. Oh yeah this might be a bit messy but oh well.

Daveoh created a Page  -  Apr 18, 2007

This is a simple script I use to tell when someone has highlighted me, along with mIRC's line highlighting. Usage: mIRC will beep twice (or however many you want and however fast if you want to edit it) when someone highlight's you in a channel or PM with TEXT, an ACTION or a NOTICE.

Daveoh created a Page  -  Dec 08, 2006

Searches froogle (Google's shopping search engine) for items and returns the first four. Use: !froogle Warning: Make sure you have flood protection on or you are allowed to send the required amount of text.

Daveoh created a Page  -  Sep 23, 2006

A binary clock :D This will teach you how to tell the time on a binary clock aswell as tell the time :) /bclock - turns it on /block off - turns it off (also turns off when you close the window) The colours are customizable, search for ";colours" in the script (they are currently ok for default mIRC colours)Where to buy a binary clockIn depth how to read a binary clock Have fun and buy yourself a real..

Daveoh created a Page  -  Aug 21, 2006

What it does: Returns a TinyURL to the user/channel. Usage: !tinyurl http://URL.com - Either you or someone else can say this in a channel and the tinyurl will be returned to the channel. Also; /tinyurl http://URL.com will echo the tinyurl to the active window

Daveoh created a Page  -  Jun 09, 2006

This grabs information about a BF2 server and displays it to the channel requested from. Requires IP and port number formatted as IP:port. Includes name, players, ranking and password status, booster pack, map and ping.

Daveoh created a Page  -  Mar 14, 2006

Here's a revision of the old Battlefield 2 stats gatherer, the bf2s.com site changes a bit so this code has to aswell. It can use a player's nickname or PID to check the stats. It now uses flags aswell to let the user customize what returns. It can return ID, Name, Rank, Global score, Kills, Deaths, Score per minute, Total time played and the server they are playing formatted as , in any order and..

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