Replace background colour text

Platform:  mIRC
Published  Jun 17, 2007
Updated  Jun 17, 2007
This will replace the default TEXT output if someone uses the colour of your background as the colour of any of their text. Output may need to be tweaked to match your theme.
Oh yeah this might be a bit messy but oh well. on ^*:TEXT:*:#:if ($regex($1-,$iif($len($color(background)) == 1,$+(/,$chr(3),$chr(40),0,$color(background),$chr(124),$color(background),$chr(40),(?=[^d]),$chr(41),$chr(41),/g),$+(/,$chr(3),$color(background),/g)))) { haltdef | echo $chan $timestamp $+(<,$nick,>) $regsubex($1-,$iif($len($color(background)) == 1,$+(/,$chr(3),$chr(40),0,$color(background),$chr(124),$color(background),$chr(40),(?=[^d]),$chr(41),$chr(41),/g),$+(/,$chr(3),$color(background),/g)),$chr(3) $+ $color(normal text)) }


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RagBot   -  May 25, 2008
This is great, considering i\'m using a theme that messes up the colors, so this is indeed a great and handy script 10/10
kerstt   -  Jun 18, 2007
nice lil snippter :D
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