URL encoder

By Daveoh on Jul 29, 2007

This is a custom identifier and command that will return text encoded to suit URLs (e.g. hello%20world)
Usage: $urlencode(text) will return the encoded text, and /urlencode text will echo the encoded text.
Do not enter the whole URL into the text, only the parameter values that need encoding.

alias urlencode {
  var %r = $regsubex($$1-,/([!#$%&'()*+,/:;=?@[] ])/g,% $+ $($base($asc(\t),10,16)))
  $iif($isid,return,echo -a) %r


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Daveoh   -  Jul 29, 2007

Oh hmm I definitely entered it as \t, since I copied and pasted my script, but I added the backslash in.
The closing bracket character is escaped, and the only one that needs to be (since $ for example cannot mean the end of a string in a character class.)
Also, not all non-alphanumeric characters should be encoded (even if that is an idea) since only these characters and alpha-num form a valid URI according to internet standards. Even more so, the characters -_.~ should not be encoded.

Olliegod   -  Jul 29, 2007

I don\'t see how it can work, there are quite a few errors with errors with the regex that I can see. $asc(t) would need to be changed to $asc(\t) and all of the []()/ etc. characters in the regex string should be prefixed with a \ so that they are interpreted as characters and not a closing bracket or something. Also there are special regex escape strings which would be much better for capturing all non alphanumeric characters.

Daveoh   -  Jul 29, 2007

Ok, -a is a good idea, but it sure works.
Maybe your mIRC ver., or other scripts.

Olliegod   -  Jul 29, 2007

Well 1. It didnt seem to work at all for me. //echo -a $urlencode(hmm testing;=!@#$%^&) returned: hmm testing;=!@#$%^&

And 2. If you do /urlencode 1 or any other number for that matter, it will give you an error. So I suggest you change the echo to echo -a.

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