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Daveoh commented on a Java App, Multi Image Uploader (IMGUR)  -  Oct 31, 2011

How did you make the GUI? Netbeans?

Daveoh commented on a Page, Quake Live Stats  -  Nov 20, 2010

Glad you like it!

Daveoh commented on a Page, Ping status  -  Apr 17, 2010

Those numbers are how many milliseconds it took. I.e. 1000 = 1 second. A good ping is below 100 ms.

Daveoh commented on a Page, Ping status  -  Apr 10, 2010

I think a single line in a treebar is pretty small, smaller than a tip, and less obstructive... Won't work very well in a switchbar however.

Daveoh created a Page  -  Apr 10, 2010

This is a simple script which displays your ping (in milliseconds) to the server via a custom window. After loading the script and connecting to a server, the script will set a timer to ping all connected servers every 60 seconds. This will be displayed in the custom window list.

Daveoh created a Page  -  Mar 25, 2009

This is a script which obtains user stats from the Quake Live website (quakelive.com) and notices them to the user. (This can be changed to message the channel instead, read 3rd paragraph.)

Daveoh created a Page  -  Mar 04, 2009

This function will return the duration of the given time period in days, hours, minutes and seconds.

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Daveoh commented on a Page, MP3 Player  -  Apr 17, 2008

hehe cool :)
has a high rating
people must like it lol :)

Daveoh commented on a Page, IRC connections using sockets  -  Apr 17, 2008

I don\'t know what server you\'re using.
You should debug a normal, stable connection to the server to see what\'s happening.
(woops, deleted comment :P)

Daveoh commented on a Page, MP3 Player  -  Apr 17, 2008

/me wants credit :)
oh well

Daveoh commented on a Page, IRC connections using sockets  -  Mar 18, 2008

I used it myself and it works for at least QuakeNet and similar servers.
If others require different commands, they need to be added. Knowledge of the IRC server and raw commands is needed.

Daveoh created a Page  -  Mar 08, 2008

Automatically creates and maintains multiple socket connections to multiple IRC servers. The script should be added to to create more automated commands. Currently it returns PING replies from the server to maintain the connection and automatically joins a channel on connection.

Daveoh created a Page  -  Sep 28, 2007

A tournament script I did for some people a while ago. Might still have a bug or two... leave a comment if so. Modify it to your needs (might need quite a bit of changing) and replace all #CHANNEL with the channel you want it to work on.

Daveoh commented on a Page, URL encoder  -  Jul 29, 2007

Oh hmm I definitely entered it as \t, since I copied and pasted my script, but I added the backslash in.
The closing bracket character is escaped, and the only one that needs to be (since $ for example cannot mean the end of a string in a character class.)
Also, not all non-alphanumeric characters should be encoded (even if that is an idea) since only these characters and alpha-num form a valid URI according to internet standards. Even more so, the characters -_.~ should not be encoded.

Daveoh commented on a Page, URL encoder  -  Jul 29, 2007

Ok, -a is a good idea, but it sure works.
Maybe your mIRC ver., or other scripts.

Daveoh created a Page  -  Jul 29, 2007

This is a custom identifier and command that will return text encoded to suit URLs (e.g. hello%20world) Usage: $urlencode(text) will return the encoded text, and /urlencode text will echo the encoded text. Do not enter the whole URL into the text, only the parameter values that need encoding.

Daveoh commented on a Page, Countdown  -  Jun 26, 2007

I explained in the intro that this script will count down AND FROM a date.
The amount of CPU used by the timer seems minimal, the CPU usage of mIRC for me is usually under 1% using the script or not. The only point of the switch is so that the countdown does not go out of sync from what it should be, otherwise you could be seconds to minutes out.

Daveoh created a Page  -  Jun 23, 2007

This is a simple local countdown script, which will count down and from a date.

Daveoh created a Page  -  Jun 17, 2007

This will replace the default TEXT output if someone uses the colour of your background as the colour of any of their text. Output may need to be tweaked to match your theme. Oh yeah this might be a bit messy but oh well.

Daveoh commented on a Page, Hangman v1.0  -  May 31, 2007

In regards to the $read, just use a wildcard search - $read(hangman.txt,w,$2) (will match exactly that word as the line)
Quite a few /if\'s can be removed by using &\'s in the matchtext for on TEXTs such as the first one which could be !hangman & &
There is no need for (( )) for the conditionals of the /if\'s (can use 1 or 0 () in some cases)

Daveoh commented on a Page, Bot Access List  -  May 07, 2007

You do need to post a new snippet to fix a mistake, simply click edit on your snippet page. (There is one over the code box)

Daveoh commented on a Page, Simple highlight notifier  -  Apr 18, 2007


Daveoh created a Page  -  Apr 18, 2007

This is a simple script I use to tell when someone has highlighted me, along with mIRC's line highlighting. Usage: mIRC will beep twice (or however many you want and however fast if you want to edit it) when someone highlight's you in a channel or PM with TEXT, an ACTION or a NOTICE.

Daveoh commented on a Page, Froogle search  -  Dec 08, 2006

Added results URL after the list

Daveoh created a Page  -  Dec 08, 2006

Searches froogle (Google's shopping search engine) for items and returns the first four. Use: !froogle Warning: Make sure you have flood protection on or you are allowed to send the required amount of text.

Daveoh commented on a Page, Binary clock  -  Nov 18, 2006

Unfortunately I have no idea how to use \'$base(,10,2) to convert an integer to a binary string, then loop through the string with $mid and color the square if a 1 is found\'

Daveoh created a Page  -  Sep 23, 2006

A binary clock :D This will teach you how to tell the time on a binary clock aswell as tell the time :) /bclock - turns it on /block off - turns it off (also turns off when you close the window) The colours are customizable, search for ";colours" in the script (they are currently ok for default mIRC colours)Where to buy a binary clockIn depth how to read a binary clock Have fun and buy yourself a real..

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