Sep 16, 2011
um. idk.

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extio commented on a Page, pokeball script (Basic)  -  Apr 12, 2014

ehhh you dont even battle it? the least you could do it make it safari zone, and give it treats or throw rocks at it to increase chances of getting it... like in the original blue version.

just start with a low chance to catch certain pokemon. you could have it where with the name of the pokemon, you have it like bulbasaur::2 and then you split this string on :: and it starts with a difficulty of 1/2 chance to catch it.

but for a kangaskan you could have kangaskan:4 and it starts with a 1/4 chance to catch it, so you have to use rocks or give it treats, and do math to bring it up to a .5 chance to catch it.

you can use variables to keep track of all that.

you could use a variable to keep track how full it is, so keep feeding it treats alone wont work, and also how much it dislikes you, if you keep throwing rocks it will run away.

also, yah, your script isnt closed at all... it wouldnt work like it is as of 2:24 pm april 12th 14

extio created a Javascript App  -  Feb 22, 2012
extio commented on a Page, LastBattle  -  Nov 04, 2011

ok guys, to make the shop menu, i decided to use an identifier that is dynamic.

alias testone {
testtwo itworksifitusesthefirstone 1

alias testtwo {
var %x $2 ; <- here we say use the second one, should be a one.
var %combined $ $+ %x ; <- so that one directs it to the first one.
var %combined2 . [ [ %combined ] ]
echo %combined2 hi

and this works, unless, you take out the period. then the text is just oddly colored. ... why? ... anyways so the shop menu, im working on that. then invintory, then a way to keep track of progress through the singe player story arcs.

extio commented on a Page, kvirc to mIRC Avatars  -  Oct 28, 2011

ah another reason to use mirc for more than scripting with cool sounding scripts like this.

but i use icechat for my regular client... and mirc only to script with...

extio commented on a Page, LastBattle  -  Oct 27, 2011

an option then i will keep in mind. for now i dont want to make them have picwins to see the map, so im just going to have "maps" you can pick up or buy in the game, and it shows a representation of everything. currently an example is at the bottom of the code.

extio commented on a Page, LastBattle  -  Oct 26, 2011

as an unexpected side effect... reducing the number of ontext significantly increased the speed of the battle processing. that and i now turn off flood protection for the channel im using. using a designated channel. now works much better....

i cant have a flood protection, it sends too much stuff. i have flood protection on mirc option list set to 500 bytes though.... and like 20 lines. also strips color codes on incoming.

extio commented on a Page, adding new alias check  -  Oct 25, 2011

extremely useful for another reason, i needed to know how to check for aliasis. for a game script im working on... thanks much for using $isaliase so i could see how to use it.

extio commented on a Page, Bad Word Detection Engine (Using Socket)  -  Oct 22, 2011

so why not just get the text list and store it locally every so often... for people with lag or slow connections...

extio commented on a Page, Emoticon changer  -  Sep 28, 2011

ooo i didnt realize jethro's did it without a loop. but i dont understand it at all. hmm...

extio commented on a Page, Emoticon changer  -  Sep 27, 2011

i know there would be a way to use a loop to avoid a lot of that code and use variables to change just the parts...... but i guess thats unimportant.

extio commented on a Page, LastBattle  -  Sep 23, 2011

its a game you play with a bot hosting the code, the picture needs to come through irc?? i dont think picwin (and i couldnt find it to get it anyways) can do that?

this game is like zork, only .. multiplayer... with action based battles... and co-op.... and online.... the map will have to show up in the channel.

extio commented on a Page, LastBattle  -  Sep 22, 2011

actually i should probably group the like commands and aliases better to keep track... the exit / leave thing is just in there while im testing it so it doesnt matter much. its just so i can make it leave without going into mirc since my regular client is icechat. also im new to mirc script cause in icechat i used vbscript ... so im just using the easiest commands i can find.

extio commented on a mIRC Script, AutoAwayIDV1.0  -  Sep 21, 2011

refer to the snippet by the same name
it is more up to date

extio created a Page  -  Sep 16, 2011

ok... so i wanted an action based text game. so... after wasting much time i realized no one wants to play me that i know.... sssooooo i made an AI to play. lol. anyways because it passes insane number of parameters, i could, theoritacally just decide how much energy an attack will use and such and make any cool commands i want. because everything is function bassed, i can make an AI use an attack..

extio commented on a Page, AutoAwayIDv1  -  Sep 16, 2011

the only thing i like about the variable, is when you connect, if the variable matches your nick, it means the script has been run in the past, and then it loads again unless you cleared it last time. also it checks a lot of stuff based on the variable set as the current nick to see if it should be messing with your nickname, in case it wasnt what changed it lol. but the $awaytime thing is great to know ill see if i can put it to use.

i dont understand /scon enough to try for that, so i guess the script will be a single connection script for the time being.

extio created a Page  -  Sep 16, 2011

Auto Away script that attempts to identify you when you change back to your name (automatically) , and set name correct when you join a room with an away name (automatically).

extio created a mIRC Script  -  Sep 16, 2011
extio commented on a Page, Simple Auto Identify  -  Sep 16, 2011

i was looking for a way to identify on return from nick|away nicks. this helped me figure out a way when i couldnt get mirc to do an action on a notice from nickserv for some reason.... so thanks.

now i just need to finish it with an on connect and ill be done...

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