pokeball script (Basic)

By Akumu on Apr 10, 2014

Quick pokeball script

  • 1/3 chance of catching a pokemon on each go.
  • 60 second timer for each go (to prevent abuse/spam)
  • to add pokemon type /write pokeball.txt PokemonNameHere
  • change if ($me == Bot) to if ($me == YourBotsNameHere)
  • Working on another version, will update it soon -

[16:15] <~Kid> !pokeball
[16:15] <~FakeServ> Kid throw a pokeball at Bulbasaur
[16:15] <~FakeServ> the pokeball is glowing
[16:15] <~FakeServ> Kid caught the Bulbasaur !

[16:15] <~Kid> !pokeball
[16:15] -FakeServ- please wait 25 seconds to use another pokeball!

on *:text:!pokeball*:#: {
  if ($me == Bot) {
    if (%time != $null) { notice $nick please wait %time seconds to use another pokeball! | halt }
    set -zc %time 30
    set %pokemon $read(pokeball.txt)
    .timer 1 1 msg $chan $nick throw a pokeball at %pokemon 
    .timer 1 2 msg $chan the pokeball is glowing
    set %chance $rand(1,3)
    if (%chance == 3) { .timer 1 4 msg $chan $nick caught the %pokemon ! | halt }
    else { .timer 1 4 msg $chan the %pokemon escaped ! | halt }


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Nos   -  Apr 13, 2014

My version does not use notepad [/i] ^_^

on *:TEXT:*:#:{
  var %pokemon = 1|2|3|4|5|6, %p = $gettok(%pokemon,$rand(1,$numtok(%pokemon,124)),124), %chance = $rand(1,2)
  if ($me == Bot && !pokeball* iswm $strip($1)) {
    if (!%flood) {
      set -zc %flood 30
      .timer 1 1 msg $chan $nick throw a pokeball at %p 
      .timer 1 2 msg $chan the pokeball is glowing
      if (%chance == 1) { .timer 1 4 .msg $chan $nick caught the %p $+ ! }
      if (%chance == 2) { .timer 1 4 .msg $chan the %p escaped! }
    else {
      .notice $nick please wait %flood seconds to use another !pokeball
Vegito  -  Apr 15, 2014

It's beter to use a textfile.

Arigateaux  -  Apr 15, 2014

It's only better when you have a lot of items you want to use. In this case, a large number of Pokemon would be better suited for a textfile.

Vegito  -  Apr 15, 2014

Yea it's likely that he wants more then 6 pkemons

Nos  -  Apr 15, 2014

just add or edit

<pokemon 1>|<pokemon 2>|<pokemon 3>|<pokemon 4>|<pokemon 5>|<pokemon 6>|<pokemon 7>|<pokemon 8> and so on
Vegito  -  Apr 15, 2014

I know that but it's not a nice way of doing it.

Like @Arigateaux said, it's beter if you use textfile if you gonna use large number of pokémons.

Arigateaux  -  Apr 15, 2014

@Nos , imagine doing that with all 719 Pokemon...

Nos  -  Apr 15, 2014

whether all mIRC users know how to write the words on the notepad file and put it where?

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extio   -  Apr 12, 2014

ehhh you dont even battle it? the least you could do it make it safari zone, and give it treats or throw rocks at it to increase chances of getting it... like in the original blue version.

just start with a low chance to catch certain pokemon. you could have it where with the name of the pokemon, you have it like bulbasaur::2 and then you split this string on :: and it starts with a difficulty of 1/2 chance to catch it.

but for a kangaskan you could have kangaskan:4 and it starts with a 1/4 chance to catch it, so you have to use rocks or give it treats, and do math to bring it up to a .5 chance to catch it.

you can use variables to keep track of all that.

you could use a variable to keep track how full it is, so keep feeding it treats alone wont work, and also how much it dislikes you, if you keep throwing rocks it will run away.

also, yah, your script isnt closed at all... it wouldnt work like it is as of 2:24 pm april 12th 14

Vegito  -  Apr 15, 2014

This is a nice idea xD

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Arigateaux   -  Apr 11, 2014

You need to close your script. It won't work as is. You can also use elseif and else instead of halting. I personally think halting looks ugly. Also, you should create a table that keeps track of player usage of the command instead of timing out the command globally.

Nos   -  Apr 11, 2014

I think no need to use set %pokemon $read(pokeball.text)
and directly to

.timer 1 1 msg $chan $nick throw at $read(pokeball.txt)
.timer 1 4 msg $chan $nick caught the $read(pokeball.txt)
.timer 1 4 msg $chan $nick the $read(pokeball.txt) escaped ! 
Vegito  -  Apr 11, 2014

Using variables looks beter.
But he doesn't need to use set.

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Vegito   -  Apr 11, 2014

Why are using set for %pokemon and %chance
also you don't need * in the event.
and you can remove the halt and unset at lines 9 and 10.

Akumu  -  Apr 11, 2014

Thanks, I removed the unset part. Not sure how to make it without the set %pokemon $read(pokeball.txt) though.

Vegito  -  Apr 11, 2014

You can use var.

Nos  -  Apr 11, 2014

@Vegito : so how do you think is best :D

Arigateaux  -  Apr 11, 2014

/set is the same as /var -g, making the variable global and allowing access to it by all scripts. Sometimes this is necessary, like with %time. /var, however, is used only be the script being called.

Vegito  -  Apr 15, 2014

@Nos cause in his script there is no need for set only for %time he needs it.

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