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DeeperStill commented on a Page, Channel Auto Limit and Auto Voice  -  Jul 06, 2016

I need this auto voice and auto limiter script to kick instead of devoice. Would anyone know how to adjust it to make it kick.

note: I need it to auto voice, as it does. I need it to limit the idle time of said guest to 20 minutes ( done via the dialogue), and kick out after 20 minutes.

Please respond if you can adjust this.

Thank you

DeeperStill   -  Feb 25, 2015

I am seeking a script to add into my mirc which will allow the moderators in my irc channel, to trigger the /sajoin command within my script. The usage of this script would allow my moderators who do not have the level of network admin, to use my own client as a bot to send idle users into an #idle channel.

The moderator would type !Idle nick to trigger the output of /sajoin nick #idle | msg $nick You have been joined to our idle channel per our anti idle rule. Please rejoin the channel when you are ready to take part again.

I attempted to script this myself but only ended up creating a script that only joined my mods to the #idle channel and not the person on the nick list whom they wished to send there.

I am a network admin and have the level myself to use the /sajoin command but by mods to do have that level.

Is there some way to script this so my mods can trigger my script to send idle nicks into our idle channel?

Thank you for any help
Cornerstone Chat

DeeperStill   -  Oct 21, 2014

Seeking advise on embeddable web chat clients that connect to irc networks.

Currently I am using a lightirc embedded chat box on my webpage.
When I do speed tests upon my page using gtmetrix, I often get warnings about using FLASH. or advise to delay the loading of flash or java scripts.
I've looked into other embeddable webpage chats ( to irc), like kiwiirc but always, these embeddable chat boxes cause slow speeds on my page. of course java scripts and flash applications will slow down a page.

Does anyone here know how to code in html5; a embeddable webpage portal chat client to irc without using flash?

I know that the Firefox new updated browser does not support flash. This means that every person who updates to the new firefox browser cannot open the chat box on my webpage. I also suspect that over time, flash will be phased out. Google is already down-ranking sites with flash.

Any advise would be helpful.

DeeperStill   -  Nov 03, 2013

on notify need

I need a simple on notify snippet. I need the snippet to change my nick to an away nick when a person logs on the network. I suspect it would be something like on notify If annoying pest logs on, change my name to myname-afk

Can anyone whip this one up ?

DeeperStill commented on a Page, AKA Nick Tracker  -  Aug 03, 2012

I still like this script. But I do now wish that the entries were dated as well as showing which network they were on.
I also wish it was possible to search for a specific network list, or all networks.

just a thought

DeeperStill commented on a Page, AKA Nick Tracker  -  Aug 21, 2011

I like this . I have used it a while now. There are two things I wish it had. 1. a highlight /delete function to remove entries on the list after you've done a search. And 2. , to have the nicks you get when clicking "check selected", to show up in its own @window.

When I am checking hosts and clicking "check selected" , the nicks pop up in the active window and get lost in the massive posts. I cannot copy paste a group of nicks when I have to go hunting for them in the midst of chatters posts. A separate window including in the dialogue ( with scroll ability) would eliminate this issue for me.

Like it though. I use it daily and constantly


DeeperStill commented on a Page, tips notify on name called   -  Dec 29, 2009


DeeperStill commented on a Page, Meanings list  -  Dec 29, 2009

I am a noob and i am not sure I understand the function of this code. Are you saying that a person in a channel can add a word, a defintion to the word,and Author of said definition, and basically, make a Mirc Wiki. Id call it a Miki and its a great idea. people in their own channels can have their own Miki

sounds cool to me

Kind regards

Ps, Id make it so only ops can add words.

DeeperStill commented on a Page, tips notify on name called   -  Dec 29, 2009

This code goes in Aliases?


DeeperStill commented on a Page, Nick Watcher  -  May 21, 2009

I like the idea of this script, but I wonder if it can be used watch a specific nick ( not mine) and log all they say into a file, or folder, or .txt. ? I'd call it Nick-Spy.

How would the script above change to allow for watching others?


PS, also it would need date, time, network, channel stamp in the file.

DeeperStill commented on a Page, Idle Kicker  -  May 20, 2009

I will try this script but what I am really looking for is a "Guest nick Idle kicker". I do not mind idlers at all, however I do mind idlers that do not change from a guest nick. I have jpirc applet users coming into channel who will park without changing nicks. Pretty soon I have a list full of guest nicks. It drives me nuts!!

So make this same script but designate it to kick guests only who idle over a designated time while still protecting ops, vops, halfops, and all other nicks who are not "guest##"

then Id love ya to death RusselB...
oh, I love ya anyway


Later**** I tested this out in my irc channel. I set it to kick idlers at 30 minutes. It didn't work. Should I have placed it some other place besides "remotes"?

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