Nick Watcher

By SnoooP on Sep 27, 2005

Basically it will tell you when someone said your name, What time and what channel.

I've updated this, because when you are in a trivia channel and the bot says "well done snooop, snooop got it correct" it gets really annoying because it echo's it everytime. so you can now turn it on or off... Also thanks to xdaemon i changed it to the way he said i should

again updated... Counts how many times your nick has been said... scripted better and new colours

#nickwatch on
on *:text:$($+(*,$me,*)):#: window @nickwatcher | echo @nickwatcher 7[8Nickname7]4-=-7[8 $+ $nick $+ 7]4 Said Your Nickname At 7[8 $+ $time $+ 7]4 $nick Said 7[8 $+ $1- $+ 7]4 In 7[8 $+ $chan $+ 7] | /inc %nickcount | echo @nickwatcher  7[8Counter7]4 My Nickname Has Been Said 7[8 %nickcount 7] 4times
#nickwatch end

menu * {
  My Stats
  .NickWatcher:  msg $chan  7[8Counter7]4 My Nickname Has Been Said 7[8 %nickcount 7] 4times
  .Nick Watcher:/enable #nickwacth
  .Nick Watcher:/disable #nickwatch

on *:LOAD:{
  .echo -a You Have Just Loaded The "Nick Watcher" snippet By Snoopy.
  .echo -a to use it right click in the channel, Then go to "Nick watcher", Then select on or off


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DeeperStill   -  May 21, 2009

I like the idea of this script, but I wonder if it can be used watch a specific nick ( not mine) and log all they say into a file, or folder, or .txt. ? I'd call it Nick-Spy.

How would the script above change to allow for watching others?


PS, also it would need date, time, network, channel stamp in the file.

xDaeMoN   -  Sep 28, 2005

@ IceMan, maybe because another Text event is conflicting with this? Try psating this code on a new remote file (Alt-R -> File -> New)

SnoooP   -  Sep 28, 2005

Hmm, I dont no why its not working for you, Me and my mate both use it and it works fine for us.

`IceMan`   -  Sep 28, 2005

the script does not work, fix it

EliteT0kr   -  Sep 27, 2005

OmG lEEt

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