DeeperStill commented on a Page, Idle Kicker  -  May 20, 2009

I will try this script but what I am really looking for is a "Guest nick Idle kicker". I do not mind idlers at all, however I do mind idlers that do not change from a guest nick. I have jpirc applet users coming into channel who will park without changing nicks. Pretty soon I have a list full of guest nicks. It drives me nuts!!

So make this same script but designate it to kick guests only who idle over a designated time while still protecting ops, vops, halfops, and all other nicks who are not "guest##"

then Id love ya to death RusselB...
oh, I love ya anyway


Later**** I tested this out in my irc channel. I set it to kick idlers at 30 minutes. It didn't work. Should I have placed it some other place besides "remotes"?

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