Lucius commented on a Page, mIRC Coder tools  -  Nov 30, 2011

You mean things like:
%IPtrack. [ $+ [ $nick ] ]
%adminpass. [ $+ [ $nick ] ]

True enough, but also not all variables need that 2 point style, what about simple counters which only need one?
Or 3point ones like: %autopass. [ $+ [ $server ] . $+ [ $nick ]
(take note of that people, thats the kind of thing you need to stop you failing OPER when you connect to another server, I still have my autokill on failed oper. And I still use it.)

The way you have it now is permenantly set to 2point variables.
So something like %lolcount would become and unusable (although it would be simpler to use /set
I understand that you meant it to help a standardised variable set, but isn't it better that everyone has their own style of doing it? Thats one of the reasons vars don't overlap across scripts very often.

If I was to consider using that, I'd need it to be multiple optional. $setvar(blah blarg blah INFO,3) or $setvar(blah blarg bleh 4th_option, INFO) etc which would make it recognise %how.many.are.needed for the variable in question.
For games on bots especially I can see this having a use once it isn't so restricted.
for example.

It's just too simplified right now to be a properly useful tool. It's a 2.point or nothing type of alias.

That said I apologise for my inital derogatory post, it has more use than I expected but it's got more potential as more of an intermediate/advanced use for bot game coders than an initial help.

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