PuNkTuReD commented on a Page, ctcp version reply for help based channel  -  Jan 23, 2009

ok so i brang 3 online
Rage_Virus = Bot with script
The_Infected = Op
PuNkTuReD = nick joining channel

i also added a few echos to see where it stops etc

when i bring PuNkTuReD into the room he sees(recieves ctcp by the bot)

[22:56] [Rage_Virus VERSION]

the bot sees

PuNkTuReD joined, now sending ctcp
recieved reply from PuNkTuReD now sending onotice
[22:56] [PuNkTuReD VERSION reply]: mIRC v6.35 Khaled Mardam-Bey

and on mine ( The Op ) sees

[22:56] -Rage_Virus:@#Help- PuNkTuReD is using IRC client: VERSION mIRC v6.35 Khaled Mardam-Bey

with this code

menu * {
  $$iif($$1,$style(0)) Get $+(,$$1,$chr(39),s) CTCP Version: CTCP $$1 VERSION
on *:JOIN:#: {
  if $nick == $me { echo -a I joined so i wont ctcp myself | halt }
  else { echo -a $nick joined, now sending ctcp | set %.ch $chan | CTCP $nick VERSION } 
on 1:CTCPREPLY:VERSION*: { echo -a recieved reply from $nick now sending onotice | onotice $($+(%,.,ch),2) $nick is using IRC client: $1- }
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