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PuNkTuReD commented on a Page, mIRC Channel Protection Bot  -  Jul 20, 2012

This is made to run on it's own mIRC, not within yours. (Just incase you were not sure on that)

Bring the bot online, into a channel you own.

First we add you as bot owner,
type this in your BOTS mIRC: /addowner YOUR_NICK

Now we add you as the channel owner,
type this in YOUR mIRC: ?addowner YOUR_NICK

Now in the channel, type: ?commands
You will see all the commands that you are allowed to use.

To make a bot auto-join a server, type: ?server add SERVER-LINK
To remove that server from the autojoin, type: ?server del SERVER-LINK

Then you add channels for it to join.

Regarding the op stuff, and this is important.
Your bot is to run as channel owner status if you want it to run properly.

You then only add Op/Hop/Vop into the bot when those nicks are on the channels official ChanServ lists.

It's not a bot that maintains it's own user status's like other bots do,
this one is to protect the structure of the ChanServ lists.

Basically, so your Ops do not have DeOp wars and stuff.

I hope that helps some.

PuNkTuReD commented on a Page, mIRC Channel Protection Bot  -  Jul 15, 2012

No, I don't script anymore. Although, I did write this so you can easily add your own commands into it.

PuNkTuReD commented on a Page, Clean URLs with Apache mod_rewrite and PHP  -  May 16, 2012

very interesting and helpful, thanks for the post hawkee.

PuNkTuReD   -  May 12, 2012

For those interested, SassIRC is on it's way back however I no longer own it, so please don't contact me in regards to SassIRC any more.

PuNkTuReD   -  May 04, 2012

I don't have many of you on my contact list, and for anyone else, i apolagize, hence why I don't think this is 'spam' http://theorderofindividualacceptance.com/

PuNkTuReD commented on a Page, Ask.com  -  Nov 02, 2011

how could you not?

PuNkTuReD commented on a Page, Ask.com  -  Nov 02, 2011

now, i by no means enjoy deans posts... but his post, while sounding serious, does have its humour...

  • who is the most spammer in the world
  • who is the president of the idiots academy
    and it didnt return Jethro

he sounds shocked doesnt he... lmao...

PuNkTuReD commented on a Page, All of mIRC's $chr's  -  Oct 13, 2011

why dont you make it so that you input two numbers with the alias like
/characters 1 20
so that example would display characters 1 to 20

PuNkTuReD commented on a mIRC Script, BORGserv  -  Oct 13, 2011

i have no need for this script, but i just wanted to say, the dialogs are extremely well set out, great work.

PuNkTuReD   -  Sep 19, 2011

@Jordyk19 hi Aha2Y

PuNkTuReD   -  Sep 18, 2011

@SnoooP Hi snooop, just been busy with everyday bull****. how have you been?

PuNkTuReD commented on a Page, IrcOp Tools V 0.C.7  -  Jul 14, 2011

sorry cheiron, it seems my unrealircd wont load anymore...
however by looking at the code, i only see one timer starting when the button is clicked, so i am sorry to say...
i am unsure of why its starting two...

PuNkTuReD commented on a Page, !report snippet  -  Jul 13, 2011

correct me if i am wrong...

inc %rnick [ $+ [ $1 ] ] 1
keeps track of how many reports are made by each person...

set %report [ $+ [ $+($1,%rnick) ] ]
has insufficent set parameters, but i believe was supposed to keep track of each reported report...

instead of using an ini like


maybe a topic for each nick would be better... then you can use $ini to retireve the total number instead of a var...
plus have all reports stored correctly as you already do...

you told Dani_l11 to read the whole code...
but i still fail to see where you reference %report [ $+ [ $+($1,%rnick) ] ]
again after "setting" it...

PuNkTuReD commented on a Page, RoOm LoCkDoWn   -  Jul 11, 2011

you do realize your text events can be triggered by anyone?

PuNkTuReD commented on a Page, IrcOp Tools V 0.C.7  -  Jul 11, 2011

sweet man, i will take a look at the global timers in the morning...
thanks for your in depth reply...

PuNkTuReD commented on a Page, IrcOp Tools V 0.C.7  -  Jul 10, 2011

glad to help...
i tried to put together an "all round" snippet that covers almost everything needed...
hope this does the job...

PuNkTuReD commented on a Page, dd0.in URL Shortener  -  Jul 10, 2011

nice to see you getting into other scripting languages mate...

PuNkTuReD commented on a Page, IrcOp Tools V 0.C.7  -  Jul 10, 2011

thanks guys...
i dont use irc anymore...
but, if you have any problems let me know...
i have unreal and anope on my local pc, and will do my best to fix anything up...

PuNkTuReD created a Page  -  Jul 10, 2011

; ======================================== ; ======================================== ; REQUIRES: ; Anope Modules: ; svsnick - URL (Should come with Anope) ; notinchan - URL (unsure if this is correct, my apolagies) ; http://modules.anope.org/index.php?page=view&id=18 ; ; NOTES: ; Forbiden/No-Expire lists will only list the ; maximum /list amount which is defined..

PuNkTuReD commented on a Page, PHP MySQL Query  -  Jul 10, 2011

definitely a handy function, thanks for the share...

PuNkTuReD commented on a Page, Token identifiers with null tokens  -  Jul 10, 2011

reinventing the mirc scripting language...
i like...

its obvious you have alot of knowledge regarding mircs scripting language jaytea,
have you done, or plan on doing some in depth tutorials or write ups on it?

PuNkTuReD commented on a Page, All about backgrounds [Channel]  -  Jul 10, 2011

it may not be alot of code or anything like that, but its nice to see someone who is willing to help others customize their mirc...
well done...

PuNkTuReD commented on a mIRC Script, Hawkee Script v2  -  Jul 10, 2011

while i can understand both sides of the argument, it has been noted in previous description of this script, that AmytiX was not the author of 100% of this script...
so i dont think "ripper" could justifiably be applied here...
especially considering AmytiX does not state that they made this script from scratch all by themselves...

as for the name of the script...
thats noones business but Scotts to comment on...

as for napalms profile picture...
it looks like cotton candy, and i wanna take a bite...

i would have to agree with p0d, a theme system would be preferable...
you could them add as many themes as you like to the script...

renaming the script, would be a personal choice, and would be best...
or at least add "unofficial" to the title of the script...
keep as many "credits" in as possible, maybe even making a dialog stating credits and links to each singular snippet you have used...
i am sure the authors would be appreciative of that...

either way, i have not tested it, and dont plan to...
but to compile a group of snippets and have no clashes, takes time and if your enjoying it...
keep going...

PuNkTuReD commented on a Page, save and search nicks  -  Jul 05, 2011

as you have "last seen", a user could join a channel and stay for days on end...
adding a part event and maybe even a quit event, would give a more accurate "last seen" time...

you could also use $prop and use one alias...

this is a quick example, untested...

menu * { 
  .savenick: $ohn($$1).1
  .delnick: $ohn($$1).2
  .seeinfo: $ohn($$1).3
  .search: $ohn
alias ohn { 
  if ($prop = 1) { 
    var %ohnevent = $iif($event = join,joining $chan, $iif($event = nick,changing nick to $newnick,leaving the server))
    writeini -n savednick.ini $1 ip $address($1,2) last seen %ohnevent on $fulldate 
  elseif ($prop = 2) { remini -n savednick.ini $1 }
  elseif ($prop = 3) { echo -a ---> $readini(savednick.ini, $1,$address($1,2)) <--- }
  else {
    var %nick $$?="searching for who?"
    echo -a ---> $readini(savednicks.ini, %nick, ip) <---
on *:JOIN:#: { $ohn($nick).1 }
on *:PART:#: { $ohn($nick).1 }
on *:QUIT: { $ohn($nick).1 }
PuNkTuReD commented on a Page, Pandoras Talking Bot  -  Jul 02, 2011

ok try the above code again...
im just using FordLawnmower's original code, but placing it into a text event, so when he sees these comments i am sure he will make a better way for you to achieve these same results...

PuNkTuReD commented on a Page, Pandoras Talking Bot  -  Jul 02, 2011

im sure this can be cleaned up,
and i cant guarantee its going to work ( i didnt test it )...
but try this...
note: this may need to go into a seperate blank remote file,
triggers are !boton !botoff
for channel ops only...

on *:text:*:#: {
  if ($1 == !boton) && ($nick isop $chan) { 
    hadd Pandora $+($network,$chan) $puttok($hget(Pandora,$+($network,$chan)),$wildsite,6,32) }
  elseif ($1 == !botoff) && ($nick isop $chan) { 
    .msg $chan I will not be silenced forever :P
    hadd Pandora $+($network,$chan) $puttok($hget(Pandora,$+($network,$chan)),0,6,32)
  if ($gettok($hget(Pandora,$+($network,$chan)),6,32) == $wildsite) {
    var %sockname $+(pandora,$nick,$ticks,$r(1,1000))
    sockopen %sockname $gettok($hget(Pandora,$+($network,$chan)),1,32) 80
    sockmark %sockname $+($chan,,04<,07,$nick,04>) $fixurl($wildsite) $fixurl($replace(%text,$me,$gettok($hget(Pandora,$+($network,$chan)),5,32))) $hget(Pandora,$+($network,$chan))
PuNkTuReD commented on a Page, Pandoras Talking Bot  -  Jul 02, 2011


PuNkTuReD   -  Jun 22, 2011

@Hawkee i dont know if it is just my browser or what, but a newly posted windows product, shows up as a blank page..
here is the url http://www.hawkee.com/18921399/
when i click the url in the url bar and press enter to reload the page, it goes to a page doesnt exist page.. (404)

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