napa182 commented on a Page, Weapons Game  -  Oct 12, 2008

why not put these in a txt file
maybe somthing like

on *:TEXT: !weapon:#:{ if (!%weapon.flood) { set -u5 %weapon.flood on | describe $chan gives $nick $read(weapon.txt) } }
on *:load:{
  write weapon.txt a small, rusty 3" pocket knife, and grabs a 3' sword, and battles him, winning, takes $ 300,000.
  write weapon.txt a large, razor sharp axe, and grabs a bow & arrow set,stays at a distance, shoots multiple times, and wins, taking $ 300,000.
  write weapon.txt a shotgun, and takes a pistol, seeing no chance of winning, runs, and accidentally slams into a cliff wall, where he is trapped, and shot, losing $ 300,000 to $nick .
  write weapon.txt a sniper rifle, and takes a shotgun. Wandering around, stops to rest, and gets his head blown up by a snuper bullet, losing $ 300,000 to $nick .

then maybe add an alias to add more or remove some

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