Karlien commented on a Page, Blackjack Race  -  Feb 08, 2017

Works great! Nice game play and options. We're having lots of fun playing this.
Just trying to mess with the colors a tad is a bit tricky, but really they are fine as is :)
~Thanks for your time on this one~

Degausser  -  Feb 13, 2017

No problem :)

dma  -  Feb 18, 2017

Best game here.

Degausser  -  Feb 18, 2017

hehe thanks <3

Quite proud of this one myself, some of the functions really pack a lot of power. Had a lot of fun writing this :)

Illusion  -  Apr 25, 2018

Trying to give this a try now, but this may seem like a dumb question......Why am I seeing a bunch of symbols for the card pics for diamond, club, spade and heart? Is there a way to fix this? Example: cards: ♦2 ♥2 ♥K :: T

newklear  -  Mar 20, 2020

Wow, 3 years ago already! Great script Degausser, love the logic used in the functions, especially the AI :)

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