Mar 03, 2016

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Karlien commented on a Page, Lottery for IRC  -  Aug 31, 2018

Another cool one :)
However; I can't get it to display the toplotto. It just shows a white "."
I've checked and rechecked and its nearly the same as the topiq so am stumped as to why it won't show. I thought maybe conflicting variables with the topiq but changing those did nothing.

Karlien commented on a Page, Fight Game  -  Jun 04, 2018

Is there a simple way to change the way this saves without a complete rewrite? As it is, every time it saves, it removes my current .vars and replaces it with fight.ini. Obviously that causes some issues since my bot has over 50 scripts in it. I'd like to use this but can't the way it is.Having it write to an .ini file more like the Dice you have would be preferable.
p.s. likes the Dice, simple but still fun :)

Karlien commented on a Page, CountryCode-Search  -  Nov 17, 2017

The New Module Manager Download on your website is corrupted. I've been trying to update the manager but the download won't unzip.

Karlien commented on a Page, !Pickpocket w/ !additem and !delitem  -  Feb 14, 2017

Nice job with the rip off. Been using the pickpocket script for a couple years...

Karlien commented on a Page, Blackjack Race  -  Feb 08, 2017

Works great! Nice game play and options. We're having lots of fun playing this.
Just trying to mess with the colors a tad is a bit tricky, but really they are fine as is :)
~Thanks for your time on this one~

Karlien commented on a Page, Horoscope-Search  -  Jul 08, 2016

Tinyurl... My server doesn't allow this at all. As soon as I ran your module with the horoscope script I was server banned. Is it possible to remove those sections from the script and module without it affecting anything else? Or must that section be there?

Karlien commented on a Page, Weather script for mIRC  -  Mar 03, 2016

I just got this script and everything works great! For the first person to use it. If you then enter another zip, city, whatever it will only output the first person's information. I've tried deleting all the variables from .vars and the same thing happens again. Its a great script with great features but this is driving me crazy and I can't figure it out. Help please

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