Lindrian commented on a Web App, Regex101 - free regular expression tool  -  Jan 13, 2013

Bunch of new stuff on the site:


  • Improved my code across the board tremendously. Should result in much better performance (even though it might not be noticeable). Also made my HTML a tiny bit more valid.
  • Improved compability for Internet Explorer -- even though it is still lacking more than I'd want it to.
  • New quick reference
  • Improved the highlightning
  • Improved the explanation for regexes
  • Patched up tons of tasks and added more robust tests.
  • Added two new tasks to the quiz (more coming!!!)
  • Added ratings to the quiz so you can compete with everyone else playing!
  • Improved tooltips performance (this was really bad in larger test samples)
  • Added a substitution box (remember /g affects replacements too!)
  • Added a community where you can share regular expressions!

I think these are all the changes that you'll actually notice, even though I have done a lot more work behind the scenes.

I hope you enjoy the changes! All form of feedback is awesome!

Hawkee  -  Jan 13, 2013

I like the community feature, that's pretty neat. You should emphasize the search as that could be incredibly useful as your database of regular expressions grows.

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