Dec 05, 2006

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Lindrian commented on a Web App, Regex101 - free regular expression tool  -  Jan 13, 2013

Bunch of new stuff on the site:


  • Improved my code across the board tremendously. Should result in much better performance (even though it might not be noticeable). Also made my HTML a tiny bit more valid.
  • Improved compability for Internet Explorer -- even though it is still lacking more than I'd want it to.
  • New quick reference
  • Improved the highlightning
  • Improved the explanation for regexes
  • Patched up tons of tasks and added more robust tests.
  • Added two new tasks to the quiz (more coming!!!)
  • Added ratings to the quiz so you can compete with everyone else playing!
  • Improved tooltips performance (this was really bad in larger test samples)
  • Added a substitution box (remember /g affects replacements too!)
  • Added a community where you can share regular expressions!

I think these are all the changes that you'll actually notice, even though I have done a lot more work behind the scenes.

I hope you enjoy the changes! All form of feedback is awesome!

Lindrian created a Web App  -  Jan 05, 2013
Lindrian commented on a Page, $charcheck  -  Oct 31, 2008

Works perfectly fine here, Scakk, on mIRC 6.35.

Thelmrac: That regex is so wrong in so many ways its just sad. You should abuse regex for such simple tasks, it's just stupid.

Lindrian commented on a Page, $charcheck  -  Oct 28, 2008

I'd use something much more simple:

alias charcheck {
  var %a 1,%b $chr($2),%c
  tokenize 32 $1
  while $($ $+ %a,2) != $null {
    var %d $v1,%c %c $iif($left(%d,1) != %b,%b) $+ %d
    inc %a
  return %c
Lindrian commented on a Page, HTML Viewer  -  Sep 25, 2008

When I get around to it, i'll help you improve it! :P
I still have a bunch of ideas and even more improvements in mind now!

You know where to find me bud ;)

Lindrian commented on a Page, $haddtok/$hremtok  -  Sep 13, 2008
    if ($hget($1)) hadd $1-2 $addtok($hget($1,$2),$3,$4)
    else echo $color(info) * /haddtok: Error, no such table $iif($1,( $+ $1 $+ ))

You can use the -m switch here, incase the table does not exist, it creates it.

Lindrian commented on a Page, Two way Encryption Example  -  Sep 09, 2008

Create a file called "test.php" and put the code in it, aswell as the example, and open it.

Lindrian commented on a Page, Personal-Theme  -  Sep 08, 2008

Yes, you need to work on your picture skills! :P

Calculate the size of the font, $window(@win).w and $window(@win).h etc, and calculate its position!

If you need help creating a 'better' preview, id be happy to help @ - #Lindrian :)

As you can see from this picture I've had my fair share when it comes to creating theme editors, and especially, previews ;). Thouugh I assume my preview does not work the same way yours does (as I belive my system is a bit more complex (MTS based)), it is still not very hard to do! :)

Good luck & best regards,


Lindrian commented on a Page, Personal-Theme  -  Sep 07, 2008

why is the preview text so utterly small, and not starting from the left to right?

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