Simple !access for bots

By Lets_Blow_Up_Hawkee on Dec 20, 2010

This is just a simple !access script.

on admin:text:*:#:{
   if ($1 == !access) {
    msg chanserv access $chan $2 $3 $4
  msg $chan $replace($2,add,Added) $3 on the access list (Level: $4 $+ ) }


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Known   -  Dec 20, 2010

You could make your first on:text event into one, instead of having the if ($1 = !access) part.

on 10:TEXT:!access:#:{

You can also probably use "cs" instead of "msg chanserv", as most IRCds have the shortcut enabled.
There is no point for your $replace, as you don't need to replace anything. You could just leave it as

  msg $chan Added .. etc
Jethro   -  Dec 20, 2010

You can use $2-4

msg chanserv access $chan $2-4

though this snippet may need some tweak and improvement.

MixXeduP   -  Dec 20, 2010

Is this your first script?

napa182   -  Dec 20, 2010


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