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Jethro commented on a Page, A minus Voice for bad words  -  Mar 16, 2014

I can see quite a bit of fallacy in this code. People with knowledge in MSL may need to rework it a bit to make more foolproof. Anyway, good job and keep it up.

Jethro commented on a Page, Hugs Script  -  Mar 16, 2014

Nice work but I hope people don't use it for malicious purposes to scroll or flood a room.

Jethro commented on a Page, Random Jokes Plus Facts  -  Nov 21, 2012

Thank you, WorldDMT. Wait a minute...where have you been all my life? :p

Jethro commented on a mIRC Script, Grats script using simplified regex  -  Nov 05, 2012

Let it go already. This thread is history judging by the date. :-|

Jethro   -  Nov 05, 2012

Hawkee, there seems to be an issue with the code tags resulting >
to be shown every line proceeding the code at the forum. Could you fix it?

Jethro   -  Oct 29, 2012

Hawkee, why is it that code posted in PM being displayed vertically now instead of horizontally as before? This makes it illegible, especially when you copy and paste it directly into mIRC remote, it generates blank hard spaces. It's troublesome too to have to reconstruct them in order.

Is this an intentional change or bug when you've updated and revamped the website to begin with?

Jethro commented on a Page, English Slang Definition Checker  -  Oct 20, 2012

toclafane1, I've updated the script. Please see to it.

Jethro commented on a Page, access list  -  Oct 03, 2012

mIRC has a nifty function to add user lists via /auser or /guser command. You can then use if ($ulevel == ) { here to check the matching nicknames that you've added. Finally you merely need one check for the op to trigger the code, rather than have one per each if statement. Good job nevertheless.

Jethro commented on a Page, random welkoms massage on join  -  Sep 13, 2012

Well, for a three-line randomization, this snippet doesn't require a text file to begin with. A

$gettok( ,$r(1,3) , 32 )

should get the job done right. :P


var %var = $r(1,3)
if (%var == 1) { do this }
elseif (%var == 2) { do that }
else { do another }

But then again, it's considered quit a bit of effort to jot down or copy / paste everything on the body of a text file to be randomized utilizing

Jethro commented on a Page, random welkoms massage on join  -  Sep 11, 2012

Holy moly.

Jethro commented on a Page, Fun Tweets  -  Sep 10, 2012

eggdrop's a whole new scripting language missy shugary. MSL and TCL don't marry well together...

Jethro commented on a Page, On join entrymsg PM  -  Sep 10, 2012

So whatcha sayin's remove the ѕhit 'bout remove this and that n' leave out # and $+ . But then you can still remove 'em though since you ain't usin $chan or # to begin with buddy...

Jethro commented on a Page, Nick Check  -  Sep 08, 2012

Thanks. I wasn't aware of that. It's been revised.

Jethro commented on a Page, Nick Check  -  Sep 08, 2012

SupahNL, I don't suppose the author of this snippet is "alive" these days...probably gone for good. He was last seen active 7 years ago.

Anyway, here is the modification I made according to your request:

alias setallowed {
  var %file = file.txt
  if (!$read(%file,nw,$nick)) {
    write %file $nick
  else echo 4 -at The nickname already exists!
on @*:join:#:{
  if ($read(file.txt,nw,$nick)) {
    msg $nick Welcome to # $+ !
  inc $+(%,wk,$network,#,$site)
  if ($($+(%,wk,$network,#,$site),2) > 3) {
    ban -k # $nick 2
    unset $+(%,wk,$network,#,$site)
  elseif ($($+(%,wk,$network,#,$site),2) == 3) {
    kick # $nick You're not permitted on this channel. $&
      This is your last warning!
  elseif ($($+(%,wk,$network,#,$site),2) == 2) {
    kick # $nick You're not permitted on this channel.
  else {
    kick # $nick You're not permitted on this channel.

It's the same command as the original snippet here, enter /setallowed . Now, make sure you change "file.txt" in the code to the one of your choice. Place all the allowed nicknames in the chosen text file one after another vertically.

Jethro commented on a Page, calculator   -  Sep 06, 2012

You could do:


this will only match the range between $2 and $4.

Jethro commented on a Page, Facts script  -  Aug 15, 2012

Even a socket has its ups and downs. One of the up parts is that it eliminates the need for saving the source on the hard drive to be referred to by mIRC...the downside is that if the website is down or the source code has been altered, it'll cease to function.

Jethro commented on a Product, here  -  Aug 06, 2012

hosky4 wrote:> it said only available on iPad.Well, there you go. The person who submitted this app mistook it for iphone.

Jethro commented on a Page, Epic, Stupid, and Gay check for a bot  -  Jul 31, 2012

Sean, you could've used


instead of


Also, a $ and /S are recommended

Jethro commented on a Page, Script Help System By JeSTeR  -  Jul 30, 2012

The website name and snippet description itself may sound stupid, (though for parody's sake) but the Author's work doesn't deserve being called a name out of your ignorance, xpl0reR. Let's keep Hawkee running with good manners, shall we?

Jethro commented on a Page, VLC Now Playing  -  Jul 24, 2012

Indeed you can shorten your regex using the pipe to separate each match:

if ($regex(%v,/<(length)>([^>]+)<\/length>/)) { 
   set %v. $+ $left($regml(1),2) $hf($regml(2)) 
    if ($regex(%v,/<info name='(artist|album|title|bitrate|type|sample rate)'>([^>]+)<\/info>/i)) { 
    set %v. $+ $left($regml(1),2) $hf($regml(2)) 
Jethro commented on a Page, Nick Listing Logger v1.1  -  Jul 22, 2012

Or there's another way that you can take advantage of the /ialmark command and $ial().mark identifier to work side by side with the hash table:

on !*:join:#: check $nick
on *:exit: hsave nc nc.hsh
on *:start:{
  if (!$hget(nc)) hmake nc 1000
  if ($isfile(nc.hsh)) hload nc nc.hsh
on *:nick:{
  var %nc = $addtok($ial($newnick).mark,$newnick,32)
  .ialmark $newnick %nc | hadd -m nc $wildsite %nc
alias check {
  if ($hget(nc,$address($1,2))) {
    echo -s * $1's nick(s) : $replace($v1,$chr(32),$+($chr(44),$chr(32)))

mIRC's IAL will always return the rightful nicknames, whether it's new or old.

Jethro commented on a Page, Nick Listing Logger v1.1  -  Jul 22, 2012

The on start event does nothing if one doesn't restart his or her mIRC but copy and paste the snippet into their remote directly. Without the -m switch utilized, they're surely to get an error of "hash table not found" if that happens.

I still don't see the point of using a timer to save a hash table periodically. Again, mIRC adds or updates the item and data when triggered by the nick event when change takes place and then overwrites the old info. If one gets disconnected, quit or parted, the hash table is still there, not lost. The only time hash table is gone with the wind is when mIRC itself is closed completely.

Once again, the noticeable difference between $site and $wildsite is that, $wildsite adds !@ while $site doesn't. I'm not sure what $wildsite has to with being able to see the network easily or not. In your example, you use the $network identifier in conjunction with the $wildsite, the network name itself has to present anyway. According to the help file:

$site: Returns the portion of $address after the @ for the user associated with an event in the form user@host.> $wildsite: Returns the address of the user who triggered an event in the form !@host.If you have a modern PC running with latest operating systems today, be that as XP, vista or windows 7, aka the NT system, they all come with ample amounts of RAM...compared to Windows 95/98/Me, which cannot digest too much RAM, say, more than 512 MB. That will have a negative effect on the running of a hash table indeed.

The point is, a modern system that runs mIRC does not have to worry about limitation or "slow to a crawl" or "grind to a halt" concern anymore. What a hash table runs is based on your computer, not mIRC. Of course, slow internet connection is another story.

Jethro commented on a Page, Nick Listing Logger v1.1  -  Jul 22, 2012

You don't really need the on start event to create a hash table to begin with. Get rid of it in favor of the -m switch being used.

The timer suggestion is a waste of resource. A hash table won't get lost so long as you don't close mIRC, let alone the trigger upon a nick change in this snippet. The essential one you'll need is the exit event.

There's no difference between $site and $wildsite. They are releatively the same; one is shorter and the other longer.

Hash table virtually has no size limit according to the RAM of your computer, which is what mIRC's hash table function adapts to ultimately. The more memory you have, the better for a hash table to work fast and effectively.

Jethro commented on a Page, Warn System  -  Jul 16, 2012

You can consolidate those separate text events into one to minimize the repetitions.

Jethro commented on a Page, Weather script for mIRC  -  Jul 16, 2012

Kilim, use a different type of text event, such as:

on $*:text:/^!white( |$)/iS:#:{

this should resolve the conflict.

Jethro commented on a Page, Identify Alias  -  Jul 15, 2012

You should make it to have the ability to input the password, rather than have it hard coded in the snippet by itself:

alias id {
  noop $$input(Put Your Password Here:,p,Nickname Identify)
  ns identify $!

this way it's easier and convenient for people who are interested in using your snippet.

If this is for personal use only, you can put the /ns identify cmd directly inside mIRC's perform box without using an alias. To read more, enter: /help /perform

Jethro commented on a Page, Random Jokes Plus Facts  -  Jul 15, 2012

Kilim, the jokes command is to trigger the joke part of the script. By removing it, the script will cease to send a random line of joke.

Jethro commented on a Page, Mirc friends/notify list  -  Jul 09, 2012

Nice job done, blackvenommm666. You've improved tremendously.

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