DEOP = Kick/Ban

By fearls on Jan 14, 2005

If you Dont Wont Takeover you can use this. If sombody DEOP you they well be Kiced/banned.

ON * { 
  if ($opnick == $me) { msg $iif(Q ison $chan,Q,L) op $chan } 
  if (($nick == $me) || ($nick == L) || ($nick == Q) || (. isin $nick)) { return } 
  if ($opnick == $me) { msg L chanlev $chan $nick -ao | msg Q chanlev $chan $nick -ao | set %deopper. [ $+ [ $chan ] ] $nick | set %deopper-addr. [ $+ [ $chan ] ] $address($nick,2)  } 
  elseif (($me isop $chan) && ($opnick != $nick)) { mode $chan -o+b $nick $address($nick,2) | kick $chan $nick Stop that. } 

"""""""""  Fearls """""""


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Zmodem   -  Feb 20, 2009

Yea, there are a bunch of other commands ChanServ has, including: Protect.

/MSG CHANSERV PROTECT #channel nick - Protects a selected nick on a channel. If nick is not given, it will protect you. If channel and nick are not given, it will protect you on all channels you're on, provided you have the rights to. By default, limited to the founder, or to SOPs or those with level 10 and above on the channel for self protecting.

This will keep anyone from being able to DeOP you, unless they are a higher rank of channel administrator than you are.

However, I agree wholeheartedly with Cheiron; use the PEACE mode with ChanServ, it is the better of the two.

PuNkTuReD   -  Feb 20, 2009

yea you should add into your description this is a quakenet script using Q and L

Cheiron   -  Feb 20, 2009

you can always use chanserv commands also if your server supports it using secureops command or peace .. if this script does not work for you


Syntax: /msg ChanServ SET channel PEACE {ON | OFF}

Enables or disables the peace option for a channel.
When peace is set, an user won't be able to kick,
ban or remove a channel status of an user that has
a level superior or equal to his via ChanServ commands.



Syntax: /msg ChanServ SET channel SECUREOPS {ON | OFF}

Enables or disables the secure ops option for a channel.
When secure ops is set, users who are not on the userlist
will not be allowed chanop status.

Abtehi   -  Feb 20, 2009

Will this work with X on Undernet IRC..?? We have alot of Takeovers going on as I speaks.! :(

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