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By sloth on Sep 11, 2009

Just a pretty cool password generator I made to generate passwords for my site after it got bruteforced. It generates 9 character, alpha-numerical, upper and lower case passwords.

Just something I thought others would appreciate.

Here is a list of passwords generated with it.

93q996U45 K64j14sek 3G2QX15Q7 9194221S4 TYM8lfA67 j13c4l4MB y22iMg7t7 I23EeaS33 577729391 Rh42LomYr 467359628 f4MLZJ858 8291Gr6RP 42S6H44r7 966i49T4y 42hZ4lR81 2ij633W39 561hpSJ14

Much better than my first one which used about 50 if statements and was all lower case. Or my second one which only allowed for a set amount of characters.


Redid it so you can /passgen [x] where x = the amount of characters you want in the password. If x is not supplied, the default of 9 is used.

alias passgen {
  var %chars 1
  if (!$1) {
    var %amount = 9
  if ($1) {
    var %amount = $1
  while (%chars <= %amount) {
    var %watsit = $rand(1,2)
    if (%watsit == 1) {
      var %pass %pass $rand(1,9)
    if (%watsit == 2) {
      var %upordown = $rand(1,2)
      if (%upordown == 1) {
        var %pass %pass $rand(a,z)
      if (%upordown == 2) {
        var %pass %pass $upper($rand(a,z))
    inc %chars
  echo -a 14[ $+ $asctime(HH:nn) $+ ]7 $remove(%pass,$chr(32))


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gooshie   -  Sep 23, 2009

Sloth NO, I win! Mine goes to 4144 characters!

alias passgen {
  var %r
  while $len(%r) < $1 {
    %r = %r $+ $chr($remove($r(48,122),58,59,60,61,62,63,64,91,92,93,94,95,96))
  return %r

However, I like Thelmac's best but to be perfectly 'fair' his should be like this:

alias genpass { return $eval($ $+ +( $str($!iif($floor($calc($r(0,61)/10)),$iif($r(0,1),$r(A,Z),$r(a,z)),$r(0,9)) $+ $chr(44),$1) ),2) }

This way is a close enough approximation:

alias genpass { return $eval($ $+ +( $str($!iif($r(0,5),$iif($r(0,1),$r(A,Z),$r(a,z)),$r(0,9)) $+ $chr(44),$1) ),2) }

His original version produces about 50% numbers in the string.

Also, Thelmac if you need a password 469 characters you can: $str($genpass(67),7)

alias PWgen $left($str($genpass(79),52), $1)

To produce up to 4108 character passwords.

TheImrac   -  Sep 12, 2009

=) If I am in need of a 469 character password, I will be using your snippet. I see you changed your snippet, I was going to suggest doing exactly what you did with %pass %pass and removing the spaces, nice job!

edit: also you can do

var %amount = $iif($1 isnum,$1,9)

edit edit:

And if you want you can even use

while (%amount) { dec %amount }

heh sorry, just bored and like to make things more efficient =)

sloth   -  Sep 12, 2009

@Thelmrac: mine goes to 469 so I guess I win something.

TheImrac   -  Sep 12, 2009

Pretty good, I use

alias genpass { return $eval($ $+ +( $str($!iif($r(0,1),$iif($r(0,1),$r(A,Z),$r(a,z)),$r(0,9)) $+ $chr(44),$1) ),2) }

it can generate up to a length of 79 characters //echo -b $genpass(9)

Cracker200   -  Sep 11, 2009

XD it's good and Handy =) 8/10

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