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gooshie commented on a Page, mIRC SHITTY SASL  -  Feb 15, 2017

Well coded. Good comments. I especially enjoyed this one under PARSELINE:
; versions >= 7.42 (2015)
I imagine this:
%u $+ $lf $+ %u $+ $lf $+ %p
is your coding style 'cause I can't imagine you can make this and don't know:

gooshie commented on a Page, $array()  -  Feb 15, 2017

The biggest bug you can squash is to replace the # with ; to comment out a line.

gooshie commented on a Page, massa voice devoice  -  Feb 13, 2017

Mass voice, halfop, op, ban with address(user,2)

alias MassMode {
  var %i 1,%g,%n $2-,%s $left($1,1),%m $mid($1,2,1)
  if %m = b {
    %n = ""
    while $gettok($2-,%i,32) {
      %n = %n $address($v1,2)
      inc %i
  while %n {
    %g = $gettok(%n,1- $+ $modespl,32)
    mode # $+(%s,$str(%m,$numtok(%g,32))) %g
    %n = $gettok(%n,$calc($modespl +1) $+ -,32)
gooshie commented on a Page, Nicklist popups  -  Feb 13, 2017

You may want to have a if/else for $modespl
if a server does not report it; although I've
never seen a server not report it.
Of all those $address(0-9), not all are useful.
Also does mass ban with $address(user,2)
I actually have it named MassMode.

alias changeState {
  var %i 1,%g,%n $2-,%s $left($1,1),%m $mid($1,2,1)
  if %m = b {
    %n = ""
    while $gettok($2-,%i,32) {
      %n = %n $address($v1,2)
      inc %i
  while %n {
    %g = $gettok(%n,1- $+ $modespl,32)
    mode # $+(%s,$str(%m,$numtok(%g,32))) %g
    %n = $gettok(%n,$calc($modespl +1) $+ -,32)
gooshie commented on a Page, mIRC /hswap  -  Feb 13, 2017

I like the way it's written except I'd test that
the item ends up where it should instead of:

if (%item_to != %item_from) {
        hdel %table_to %item_to
        hdel %table_from %item_from

I'd also want a verbose option; something along the lines of:
Foo was moved from TableFoo to TableBar which now reads: Yada Yada Yada...
Bar was moved from TableBar to TableFoo which now reads: Blah Blah Blah...
(I'd truncate the actual data to a reasonable length to keep it in one line.)

gooshie commented on a Page, Help with Python plugin for a bot.  -  Feb 07, 2017
#!/usr/bin/env python

import re

message = "WhaT iS lOvE"

pattern = re.compile(r"What is love(!|\?|\.)?$",re.IGNORECASE)
print re.match(pattern,message) 
# re.match does not require ^

pattern = re.compile(r"^What is love(!|\?|\.)?$",re.IGNORECASE)
gooshie commented on a Page, Whois Raws  -  Feb 05, 2017

That's some serious halt abuse.
Hard coded colors are a bad idea. No one will run your code because noobs
won't be able to pick out all the broken codes and vets won't want to.
Try: //echo -ac action blah blah $+($chr(3),$color(info).dd) more blah blah blah
Even better set up colors 2-13 in alias with variables for all $color()s:
set %k-A $+($chr(3),$color(info).dd)
set %k-B $+($chr(3),$color(action).dd)
set %k-C $+($chr(3),$color(text).dd)
etc. (be sure to aways use .dd or you'll learn why)

Save colors [0,1,14,15] as background colors
Do not stray far from default colors to setup themes
based on those four background colors, but do shift
them slightly for better contrast with each on the four
background colors.

Make use of /color to shift them on theme change.
;Change the active color scheme to mIRC Classic
/color -s \"mIRC Classic\"
;Change the color of 1 in the color palette to purple (128, 0, 128).
//color 1 $rgb(128,0,128)
;Restore the original color
/color -r 1
;Change the color of the background to 1 (1 by default of black)
/color Background 1

About 80% of women and half the
guys will use light gray #15 as background, the 2nd
most used bg color will be black #1 followed by white #0.
It would be an odd duck that chooses dark gray #14, but
I exclude it as a color option just to round out the numbers.

To fix background colors used in messages
look at this post:
PROTIP: Only connect to freenode where colors are forbidden

Unfortunately if you change themes in the pallet editor (crayons)
there is no signal of that change (that I currently know of) to
initiate a script to fix all the other colors as in nicklist
colors or to shift all the $RGB values of colors for better
contrast. Khaled has failed to connect the dots in several
areas that you don't really figure out until you try to
take a script to it's logical conclusion.

gooshie created a Page  -  Nov 03, 2015
1 348 

Nick Tracker (Unfinished)

  1 Thread   mIRC  
gooshie   -  Mar 17, 2013

All my snippets seem broken now in one line.
I don't like the new layout; it seems like less is happening and there is less information than before.

gooshie commented on a Page, Remote add scripts  -  Aug 09, 2012

Wut you talken' 'bout Willis!?

gooshie   -  May 19, 2012

Okay, my totally off topic question is about the movie John Carter and why every english word maps to martian except the names of planets.

gooshie commented on a Page, Ident Based kick/ban upon joining  -  May 12, 2012

If you only need like a handfull do as Yawhatever explained.
If you needed like 20 or so then I would change the
line: if $istok(badident Guest,%ident,32) {
to: if $istok(%badident,%ident,32) {
then: /set %badident badident1 badindent2 etc3 etc4
Also, at this point I would add some simple scripting to
make these changes easier/quicker.

If it became necessary to have say 50 or more badidents
then I would think about storing them into a text or ini file
and maybe loading them into hash for quicker response.

gooshie commented on a Page, Scroll Append - Inifinite/Endless Scroll  -  Apr 18, 2012

LoL there seems to be no bottom to the main page now!

gooshie commented on a Page, English Slang Definition Checker  -  Apr 16, 2012

I modified the code as shown so i could simply /define [WORD]
and it works so I'm suspecting you have other issues or are trying to
trigger your own 'on text' event which is impossible.

on *:sockopen:ud*:{ 
  tokenize 32 $sock($sockname).mark 
  if ($sockerr) { $5-6 Socket error! | return }
  $2-4 GET $+(/iphone/search/define?term=,$1) HTTP/1.1
  $2-4 Host: $+($sock($sockname).addr,$str($crlf,2)) 
  $2-4 Connection: close
on *:sockread:ud*:{
  tokenize 32 $sock($sockname).mark
  if ($sockerr) { $5-6 Socket error! | return } | var %ud | sockread %ud
  if (undefined isin %ud) { $5-6 $qt($replace($1,+,$chr(32))) is $+($v1,!) }
  elseif ($regex(%ud,/"definition":"(.*)/)) { $5-6 $remde($gettok($regml(1),1,34)) }
alias define {
  set -l %ud $+(ud,$str($ticks,3))
  $+(sock,$iif($sock(%ud),close,open) %ud 80)
  sockmark %ud $replace($strip($1-),$chr(32),+) sockwrite -nt %ud .echo -a 
alias remde var %. | noop $regsub($1,/\134r\134n/g,$chr(32),%.) | return %.
gooshie commented on a Page, English Slang Definition Checker  -  Apr 14, 2012

You need to be in a clone or another instance to trigger the 'on Text' event or ask another chatter to try to trigger it.

gooshie commented on a Page, CSS treeview  -  Apr 07, 2012

Yes, I'm on IE8 mainly because IE9 bites the big one.
I also have FF11 installed but on windows IE is my 'goto'
I wish FF would handle search engines and favorites like
IE does. Strike that last comment before a holy war erupts... again...
Yes, you did get it fixed for IE8 and it looks great! I'm worried tho
how it will be when someone post 1,000 lines of code and the first
many lines are longer than the window and we have to scroll.
OIC, I can just click on the line and [key=>] over to it.
BTW, that one shows like lots of extra space after the longest
line that could make you feel like there is a long line hiding somewhere.
Don't mean to be overly picky but while we got you on this and it's
fresh in your mind best to give you feed back now I hope..

Note: I was fixing a gals computer and during the conversation she asked
me if i was on facebook and I replied, "no, I'm on which is like
facebook for computer nerds... instead of posting pictures of getting drunk
and writing goofy crap about snooky and the situation we post screenshots
of programs and code we create on our computers and write tutorials on
how to use and modify the code." I do not understand why but then she asked
me if I was seeing anyone to which I replied enthusiastically, "Not when I take
my medication!" I never did figure out why she had such an interrest in my

gooshie commented on a Page, CSS treeview  -  Apr 06, 2012

Nice! Thanks, I am needing some type menus about now.

I like the new code blocks and hope you are thinking how to set the height/length
based on number of lines so you dont have a verticle scroll and not so much empty
space. A line or two more than needed would be nice up to like maybe one hundred
lines of code at which point you get the verticle scroll bar. Or much better would be
that the maximum size is about same as browser height as its tough to have to scroll
both ways if the code block is too much larger than available space. That part of the
original design was not really bad before. I do however like the addition of multiple
blocks exactly for code like what sunslayer posted here. Also of course the line numbers
are GREAT idea and will make referencing code sections easier. Syntax highlighting for
a seemingly infinite number of languages.... good luck with that... wouldnt want to be you..

gooshie commented on a Page, Alert $Tip Message Balloon  -  Mar 17, 2012

Nice, thanks for sharing that, I may play with that some
in the future and I hope others will find it usefull also.

gooshie commented on a Page, Random Fake CTCP version Reply  -  Nov 27, 2011

we already figured all that out like almost nine months ago.
oic trying to help d3oneGeneral... ok, as you were.

gooshie commented on a Page, Badwords detection engine  -  Oct 15, 2011

Thanks for that list. Now I can script a word replace.
(Actually already did that long ago, lol.)

gooshie commented on a Page, Mass ghoster  -  Sep 29, 2011
alias ghostit {
  if $me != %mghost {
    if $network {
      .msg nickserv ghost %mghost %mghostpw
      .timer 1 1 .nick %mghost
      .timer 1 1 .msg nickserv identify %mghostpw
    else {
      .services ghost %mghost %mghostpw
      .timer 1 1 .nick %mghost
      .timer 1 1 pass %mghostpw
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