May 24, 2009

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sloth commented on a Page, Highlight with log, auto-reply and watcher  -  Nov 04, 2009

Haha, yeah. I don't know when everyone got into this cramping up stuff. I remember when people used to tell me to space my scripts out even more.

Also updated because I finally upgraded to 6.35

sloth commented on a Page, Services Dialog  -  Sep 13, 2009

Takes a lot of the work out of setting up a new channel. All that /bs /ns /cs stuff gets REALLY old.
Good script, works great and thanks for it.

sloth commented on a Page, Password Generator  -  Sep 12, 2009

@Thelmrac: mine goes to 469 so I guess I win something.

sloth created a Page  -  Sep 11, 2009

Just a pretty cool password generator I made to generate passwords for my site after it got bruteforced. It generates 9 character, alpha-numerical, upper and lower case passwords.

sloth commented on a Page, Easy Chanmode Script  -  Sep 03, 2009

@Aerialman actually you would be able to because it executes the action before it sends the text so the rest of the channel sees +bk whereas they only see their kb


  • sloth set mode: +b !
  • test left (Kicked by sloth with the foliowing reason: -) +bk test
sloth created a Page  -  Aug 09, 2009

A simple script born out of neccesity. For servers that don't have services or when you don't want to use service bots, you can use this script instead.

sloth commented on a Page, Ultimate mass mode  -  Aug 09, 2009

Nice snippet. Fastest massmode script I've ever used.

sloth commented on a Page, Highlight with log, auto-reply and watcher  -  May 25, 2009

@WorldDMT Yeah I know it can be much shorter, but I personally like spacing scripts out more because:
1) It allows for people to customize it more as I said
and 2) It means if I'm updating it and I get an error, I get a line that has one clear command on it, makes it easier for me when I'm making it. I'm lazy like that.
But thanks a bunch for the input.

sloth commented on a Page, identify auto join  -  May 25, 2009

I use aliases for this, but I suppose it could be handy for those who like to automate the process.
A thought though, you might wanna add a timer before the joins, just to make it goes through and you don't get kb'd from restricted channels.

sloth commented on a Page, Highlight with log, auto-reply and watcher  -  May 25, 2009

@blitzjager Yeah, thats a great idea. I'll probably do that next.
Scratch that, just did it. Its a little buggy only letting one nick be watched although I could probably fix that by changing "set %hinick $nick" to "set %hinick. $+ $nick" and then change "if (%hinick == $nick)" to "if (%hinick* == $nick)" although i dunno if that would work. It also only works in case there is no message with the highlight (For cleanliness reasons) although thats easily changed and I can do that if you think it would be better.

@slacker & Aucun50 I was trying to space it out and make it much more easily customizable. I was kind of expecting people to mess with it to optimize it. But thanks for the tips.

sloth commented on a Page, Twitter Status Update + Direct Message  -  May 24, 2009

Great code. Tweets from IRC and manage multiple accounts. I just wish there was a dialogue where I could read the tweets of everyone I was following. Oh well, I'll have to keep using Firefox for that.
Thanks, keep up the good work.

sloth created a Page  -  May 24, 2009

Save into your mIRC directory (C:\Program Files\mIRC by default) as highlight.txt then /load -rs highlight.txt Instructions are included.

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