Opped channel joiner

By Acclamator on Feb 01, 2009

This thing joins the channels you have ops in, up to about 20 channels, because mirc gets cranky when you try to have more than 20 channels open at once.
usage: /jop (short for joinop)
/jop uses /ns alist to get a list of channels you are opped on, then joins them, and this script uses a varible trigger, so typing /ns alist yourself wont trigger it.

alias jop { set %blah 1 | ns alist | query nickserv }
on *:text:*:?: if (%blah == 1) && ($nick == nickserv) && ($regex($2,/#/) == 1) { join $2 } | elseif ($regex($1-,/End/) == 1) { unset %blah }


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Acclamator   -  Feb 05, 2009

thank you for the throttle idea

Cheiron   -  Feb 02, 2009

alot of servers will default the number of channels you are able to connect too so always remember that. alot of unreal ones will stop you at 10 channels at anyone time. nice different take though for the autojoin. one slight issue though..
you may wish to throttle the join times on connect. if you join more than so many channels at once you may also poof yourself off the server. add a little variable timer or something just to protect yourself. otherwise... gets a 7/10 from me

PuNkTuReD   -  Feb 02, 2009

nice new appraoach to auojoinig certain channels

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