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By DaNzO on Aug 06, 2008

Righto, I'll get to the point.

Someone who's not a OP or higher comes into your channel and needs help, no active ops are arround.
The user simply types !assist (or whatever you wish to edit it to) and it will send a notice to all op's and higher telling them they are needed in that particlar channel.

You could additionally add things to this snippet, such as

.oNotice $chan You are needed in $chan $+
.oNotice $chan $nick said the following message: $1-

Idk, whatever floats your boats :)

Not like it's really useful, But it could be useful to some people.

  • DaNzO
on *:TEXT:!assist:#: { /msg $chan Please wait, Finding an available Op. | /onotice $chan You are needed in $chan $+ . }


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Korvin   -  Jan 12, 2010

due to hash being saved in your RAM, it resets every time your computer shuts off, so without any sort of hash protection, you'll lose everything you're saving periodically.

Master-Of-Death   -  Jan 12, 2010

go for hash > .txt as hash saves the disk heads and is more efficient.

Jethro   -  Jan 11, 2010

It depends on what you try to accomplish.

DaNzO   -  Jan 11, 2010

Now it's a question... Do I go for text like El said, or hash like Jethro_ said. :P Decisions Decisions

Master-Of-Death   -  Jan 09, 2010

same Jethro_

Jethro   -  Jan 07, 2010

My preference in order of rank:
[list=1] 1st: Hash Tables.
2nd: Variables
3rd: INI File.
4th: TXT File.[/list]

Master-Of-Death   -  Jan 07, 2010

Neither, use hash tables, can hold as much as .txt files, but are almost as quick as variables.

EL   -  Aug 07, 2008

Text file holds more.`-.-´

DaNzO   -  Aug 07, 2008

Thanks for the tips, I\'ll take them in to a count next time i make a script, though, saying it and doing it is a different thing, I\'ll have to learn the flood control and user login part.

Not sure weather have the user login by saved data to a .txt file or varible ?

AHBARAR   -  Aug 07, 2008

if u can check on who is away or not and send others op would be more cool
check on raw 310 of the nick

Cheiron   -  Aug 07, 2008

a fair bit simpler than my own assistance script
bit the idea is the same and it works. i agree with EL that it needs flood protection and limitation also. otherwise not bad. gets a 3 from me

napa182   -  Aug 06, 2008

yeah i would go with what EL told you to do.. maybe somthing like this to get you started

on @*:TEXT:!assist:#: { 
  if (!$($+(%,assist,$chan,$nick),2)) {
    msg $chan Please wait, Finding an available Op. 
    onotice $chan You are needed in $chan By user $+($nick,$chr(46))
    set -u300 $+(%,assist,$chan,$nick) on 
EL   -  Aug 06, 2008

No i dont im simply suggesting and all i do want is codes that dont harm the person using them not to much to ask really.Feel its our duty to provide if we are goin to release these codes to the public.`-.-´

asakura   -  Aug 06, 2008

el always wants more!! :P

EL   -  Aug 06, 2008

Should checkif the bot or who ever is usin the script is op in the chan - add @ on @*:TEXT:!assist:#: { and add flood protection as well dont need ppl that use yur snippet bein exploited cause you didnt protect them.Also maybe a loggin system if there are no OPS to logg the persons request and then OPs can look at them wen they return and delete them also have to supprt nick,part,quit events.This can be expanded on alot.And its only usefull if it doesnt put the bot in jeopardy and works correctly.`-.-´

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