FlyBy ban

By Cheiron on Nov 21, 2007

this is how a flyby script should look for simplicity and total effectiveness.

this script is aimed at total newcomers.

just change the channel to what you want it too on both JOIN and PART.
also change yournick to yournick

the first variable (-u30) is the timer for the script to trigger.. here it is 30secs. if they leave before that time is up, it then bans with the (-u600) timer. that means after 10mins... it will unset the ban automatically.

this script has been updated now with thanks to a requested edit from Jethro_
it will now not trigger for ops join/parting. also if this is on a bot... it will now ignore you as a user too :)

Comments people?

on  !*:JOIN:#channel:{
  if ($nick !isop $chan) && ($nick != yournick) {
    if (% [ $+ [ $wildsite ] $+ ] .rd == $null) { set -u30 % [ $+ [ $wildsite ] $+ ] .rd on }
on !*:PART:#channel:{
  if ($nick !isop $chan) && ($nick != yournick) {
    if (% [ $+ [ $wildsite ] $+ ] .rd != $null) { ban -u600 # $address($nick,1) | msg $chan Ten Minute Ban for a Flyby was triggered by $nick in # }


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Elerikk   -  Jan 26, 2016

I love the script but want to legnthen it to a 24 hour ban can you give me a hand getting there?

Cheiron  -  Feb 10, 2016

ban -u86400 just bear in mind your connection if you ping out or peer out.... if looking 24 hours.. i'd be doing a chan ban to be honest

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Cheiron   -  Mar 20, 2009

script updated now to ignore ops and your own nick if it is run on a bot. many thanks Jethro_ for your help with the edit

mskatlee   -  Mar 19, 2009

To make exceptions to a flyby ban if using mIRC type this:
/mode #channelname +e (nick)or(isp)
this works well for registered nicks
You can view this info by right clicking on channel window for channel modes.

Simple guys!

Cheiron   -  Jan 10, 2009

to make exceptions.. you need multiple if $nick == blah halt statements or make a ini / hash file of nicks to ignore.

Muddley   -  Jan 10, 2009

I have been using this flybye ban for a long time now. It really works great, with one exception.

I have been trying to make an exception list for the regulars in the room and have had no luck.

As i am VERY new at this i have no clue now i have exausted all my smarts.

I have modified othe r codes to my satisfaction but this one has me stumped.

EL   -  Dec 19, 2007

Works well not sure if i wanna ban ppl for just coming an goin lol to get anyone is nice on my small server, 2 channels an 30-45 ppl, we don\'t even get that many on the whole server,its new been attacked by morons a couple times ya know hard to get goin but ya bad to the code here.But i can see it being effective in high traffic channels tho big network maybe and yeah it\'s less complicated so some one useing it may be able to learn from it and make it into something else.Good work and useful 8/10.`-.-

Cheiron   -  Nov 22, 2007

tuts .... :P bit more complex than what i was looking for but not many people own more than one room these days that are active enough to warrent something that complex. i own 2 rooms that have 30-45 people at any one time in them. but only require the flyby in one channel.

nice idea though. thanks :) how abouts a score :)

Lindrian   -  Nov 22, 2007

Hm sorry for the doubble post, I used $nick and not $wildsite on the part event, my bad.

Lindrian   -  Nov 22, 2007

How about:

on !@*:JOIN:#chan: {
  if (!$hfind(flyby,$+(*,$wildsite,*),1,w)) hadd -mu10 flyby $calc($hget(flyby,0).item + 1) $wildsite
on !@*:PART:#chan: {
  if ($hfind(flyby,$+(*,$nick,*),1,w).data) {
    ban -u600 $chan $nick

Now, it can be made much better, to work with several channels etc etc, i just made one to match up with what u did.

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