RafaeLLa IRC Bot Services v7.5

Published  Sep 03, 2014
Updated  Apr 20, 2016


The RafaeLLa IRC Bot Services is an multi IRC channel bot, based on modules design, it's easy and is that anyone need for his/her channel, including an setup manager that you can easy setup it with your settings also you change/enable/disable any setting or any module from popups (Right click on Status Window), it has also a lot of modules that parsing websites information (e.g: youtube,rutube,ustream,facebook,twitter,vimeo,dailymotion,imgur,twitch,soundcloud,github,more...) and give them to the user or into the channel, also including auto talking module that it talks on the channel when someone joins or automatically after the set seconds from the currently files that are on "Files" folder that these files are in the English language but don't care about them you can replace them with your own language also there is an module that these files are updating to the latest online files from the web so if you are going to add your own be in mind to disable that module (UPDATE-FILES), also including a lot of searching modules that can search for anything related on some modules of what i mean are (e.g: website advisor,google search,bing search,bing translator,movies search,ip lookup,seen user,twitter,dns scan,site check status,scan channel idle,channel away scanner,shorten urls,currency convert,country code info,weather info,horoscope info,dictionary word info,more...) the only negative think is that does NOT have any CHANNEL PROTECTIONS!!! and never in the future releases are going to include any (network services are already doing this job), it working into ALL IRCD's - IRC SERVICES into every network, the services can only run under Windows platform (XP and over), the services of course using the latest online mIRC version (www.mirc.com), also the most important feature is that you can update the hole project to the latest version with only ONE CLICK via right click menu or with an private bot command (!Update or !UpdateDownload), do not forget that this project license is protecting from any law agreement read more here http://westor.ucoz.com/rafaella/license, if you have any questions/informations about this project you can contact us into the live-support IRC room http://westor.ucoz.com/contact or from http://westor.ucoz.com/about .



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Dec 14, 2014


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^WeSt   -  Apr 20, 2016

RafaeLLa IRC Bot Services have been updated to 7.5 version.

Thank you for using it.

dma   -  Mar 06, 2016

this is what i mean in greek -<%RafaeLLa_8312> opote pao sto gymnastirio oloi moy kolane aman pia! all the url stuff is fine how do i get it to talk in english??

^WeSt  -  Mar 07, 2016

In the next version all the files will be translated into the English language, but you can add/remove/edit your own from the 'Files' folder and use private the bot the command "!set update-files off" in order to disable the update-file module to get the newest.

dma  -  Mar 07, 2016

thanks west

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dma   -  Nov 29, 2015

how come mine is in some greek language?

^WeSt  -  Nov 30, 2015

I cannot understand what you are talking about, the hole project is into the English language, except some .txt files that are related to some modules, if you want to change them you can do it from Files folder, also into the next version the .txt files are gonna be into English.

dma  -  Nov 30, 2015

sorry for your troubles im noob at times

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dma   -  Nov 29, 2015

I do I make it stop running...and its in greek how do I turn it off

^WeSt  -  Nov 30, 2015

What exactly you wanna turn off? if you are talking for a module that is using a .txt file and is into the Greek language, then have a look into the !SET OFF - read more here: http://westor.ucoz.com/rafaella/7_4/#!set

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ChrisBruce   -  Nov 29, 2015

I cannot describe in words that how much I am delighted on getting my hands on this script. Super script with loads of features, and everything is very well coded.
Hats off to you @^WeSt, very much appreciated.

I just found some bugs/errors and suggestions for some features to be amended for best results. Please have a look at them @^WeSt:

  1. Could you please provide a list of commands for all the modules, for users to use? Like !cmdhelp or !cmdlist, gives all the user commands in the NOTICE, instead of going to the website.
  2. Could you please add a module for psyBNC and proxy support?
  3. Could you please amend it to give all the replies in NOTICE? On URL/Youtube/Dailymotion/WOT-Advisor etc, it gives replies on channel's MAIN. If 5-6 users start posting links, it disturbs the Ongoing chat.
  4. It is not providing any LINK on any search. This is what I see where the link should be "Link: 401 Unauthorized".
  5. It is not providing any results on facebook links, nor on !facebook search.
  6. It is not giving any results on !dailymotion search.
  7. Horoscope module doesn't give any results, neither in the channel nor in notice.
  8. Some features like !ttop10 !tstats and !tstats nick could be very useful as well.

Best regards.

^WeSt  -  Nov 30, 2015

Thanks for your feedback.

  1. '!Commands" channel command has been added into the next version - (Thanks).
  2. PsyBNC cannot be supported neither proxy support.
  3. This is already exist into the services have a look here: http://westor.ucoz.com/rafaella/7_4/#!outputnot
  4. This problem has been fixed into the next version. (read the changelog)
  5. There is not any !facebook related command exist into the services.
  6. There is not any !dailymotion related command exist into the services.
  7. Yes this is a bug, i will try to solve it and find out a solution about it, thanks.
  8. This feature has been added in 'CHAN-STATS' module for the next version.
  • Thanks!
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man united   -  Oct 11, 2015

when I extract all the files with win rar all the files axess denided can somebody help me pls im a newbie on these things

^WeSt  -  Oct 13, 2015

This is not a problem. You can extract and run the services and just ignore this. It's beacause the winrar cannot read correct the files stream or file security permittions.

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RedNose   -  Oct 08, 2015

10/10 ! You've made a big work into this project, it's really the best bot I saw ever! good work.

Arsel   -  Oct 04, 2015

WOW!!! it's perfectttttt . thank you @westor !!!

^WeSt   -  Sep 10, 2015

RafaeLLa IRC Bot Services have been updated to 7.4 version.

Thank you for using it.

Arian   -  Mar 03, 2015

Good work! I love this bot!!!!!

^WeSt   -  Mar 02, 2015

RafaeLLa IRC Bot Services have been updated to 7.3 version.

Thank you for using it.

^WeSt   -  Jan 15, 2015

RafaeLLa IRC Bot Services have been updated to 7.2 version.

Thank you for using it.

^WeSt   -  Jan 15, 2015

RafaeLLa IRC Bot Services have been updated to 7.1 version.

Thank you for using it.

^WeSt   -  Dec 14, 2014

RafaeLLa IRC Bot Services have been updated to 7.0 version.

Thank you for using it.

Resinator   -  Sep 23, 2014


^WeSt  -  Sep 23, 2014

Well, the RafaeLLa IRC Bot Services has designed for channel and tested too and since now there are NOT any several bugs, just some minor bugs that will be fixed on the 7.0 version that will be release in some day's, also the bot of course only accept only MAIN nickname and not any alternate nickname and this is NOT problem just that way the bot has been designed to only work with ONE nick and on an SPECIFIC server if the nick is something else then OF COURSE the bot will be disconnect if the server is NOT the set server then also will be disconnect, that's the way on the FIRST startup of the bot it said "BE CAREFUL ALL THE SETTINGS MUST BE CORRECT" also as i said in the bot description the bot does not support all the network IRCD's and Services i describe exactly which ircd's - services support (in the future maybe will be added more), Also the Script Editor font has been designed to be that so you cannot read/write anything that will break the bot scripts, The bot owner (ME) has the ability to do anything that the user has not the rights to do on it, i describe this on the bot startup. the LOT of data that the bot stores on text files and ini files where exactly did you see that???, the bot is using variables storing system on the most of the features, also the 1,2,3, script filenames and the hundred of lines are coded to work what's the problem about it? do you have any script problem with the coded lines? also if you have any problem please describe your problem and not do comments about the way that the bot has been scripted and coded i am trying to do it as fast as i can also in the next release 7.0 the bot will be 50% more faster as i am trying to do.

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ovelayer   -  Sep 06, 2014

avira poped up stating that the ocx.dll is infected TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen

^WeSt  -  Sep 07, 2014

There is NOT any ocx.dll file include into the bot, if you mean the dcx.dll i it's not an virus and is not infected you have to put the avira into the recycle bin and download an new an better antivirus :D

so0sick  -  Dec 18, 2014

The best anti-virus known to man is the brain. good work on the bot, thank you.

chainz0r  -  Jan 09, 2015

Nice west will add it to my site also

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