Feb 13, 2015

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ChrisBruce commented on a mIRC Script, RafaeLLa IRC Bot Services v7.5  -  Nov 29, 2015

I cannot describe in words that how much I am delighted on getting my hands on this script. Super script with loads of features, and everything is very well coded.
Hats off to you @^WeSt, very much appreciated.

I just found some bugs/errors and suggestions for some features to be amended for best results. Please have a look at them @^WeSt:

  1. Could you please provide a list of commands for all the modules, for users to use? Like !cmdhelp or !cmdlist, gives all the user commands in the NOTICE, instead of going to the website.
  2. Could you please add a module for psyBNC and proxy support?
  3. Could you please amend it to give all the replies in NOTICE? On URL/Youtube/Dailymotion/WOT-Advisor etc, it gives replies on channel's MAIN. If 5-6 users start posting links, it disturbs the Ongoing chat.
  4. It is not providing any LINK on any search. This is what I see where the link should be "Link: 401 Unauthorized".
  5. It is not providing any results on facebook links, nor on !facebook search.
  6. It is not giving any results on !dailymotion search.
  7. Horoscope module doesn't give any results, neither in the channel nor in notice.
  8. Some features like !ttop10 !tstats and !tstats nick could be very useful as well.

Best regards.

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