Battle Arena version 3.1

Published  Jul 15, 2012
Updated  Dec 19, 2015


Welcome to the largest IRC game written in the mIRC scripting language! Battle Arena is a game in which you join together to kill monsters and bosses to gain orbs and new weapons/skills/techniques. The game was heavily inspired from the Devil May Cry and Final Fantasy series; though it includes more than just DMC/FF monsters/bosses/weapons/items. The whole purpose was to make an mIRC game that is completely automated in terms of the battle system (there doesn’t need to be a DM around to do !next and control monsters).

Here players join the battle when the bot announces an open battle. After a few minutes, it will generate monsters/bosses and have them join the battle and the battle will start. When it’s a monster’s or boss’ turn, they will automatically do their things. When it’s the player’s turn, there’s a few commands you can do (attack with a weapon, attack with a technique, do a skill, use an item). If the player idles for too long the bot will force their turn and skip over them. This is done so that someone can’t disappear for an hour and cause the battle to drag on forever.

There’s a bunch of weapons that can be bought and each weapon has a few techniques attached to them. . You buy weapons using black orbs when you obtain via winning boss fights and being alive at the end of one and then upgrade your weapons, skills, and techniques using the red orbs you find by killing monsters.

That’s really the gist of what the bot is.

The zip contains everything you need to run the game. Make sure you unzip it into a folder like C:\BattleArena\ and if you need help, read the README.txt that's included. If that's not enough help: read through this wiki as that might help you out.


VERSION 3.1 changes/additions/fixes
Due to the size of the changelog, I won't post everything here. If you want to see the full list go here: The following list is just some of the bigger changes/additions/fixes:

  • Added the Dragon Hunt system
    The game will now generate special dragon monsters that hide in lairs. Players must use !dragon hunt to hunt for and discover these lairs to face the dragons within. Leaving the dragons alone is dangerous as they can kidnap NPCs for the evil forces.

  • Added the Bounty System
    The game will pick a random boss from any boss in the \bosses\ folder. If this boss is defeated before the bot picks a new boss an orb bonus will be applied to the battle.

  • Added the Torment Battle Type (aka Endgame)
    Using Torment Orbs players can enter a 3-wave battle against any enemy in the game. Winning will result in items that can be used to craft high level equipment and items. Torment Orbs can be crafted using a new misc item, Death'sBreath and higher Torment Orbs result in harder battles but more rewards.

  • Added Dungeons
    These are special battles that can be activated once per 24 hours by using special keys bought in the shop once the new shop NPC shows up. The dungeons have a variety of monsters and bosses within as well as unique accessory rewards.

  • Added an October shop
    During the month of October players can accumulate CandyCorn and spend it in a special Halloween shop with unique items and armor.

  • Added new Augments
    Several new augments have been added into the game.

  • Added a Resting Bonus
    For every 1 hour that a player isn't in battle the player will receive +150 orbs to their next battle. Note that at least one battle has to have happened before the player can start to accumulate this resting bonus.

  • Added Breakable Objects to Battlefields
    There's a 25% chance that one will spawn on certain battlefields. Although they are technically monsters, they don't get turns and only have 1 HP. Just break them to help boost your style.

  • Added Info Upon Logging In
    Upon logging into the game players will be greeted with a bit of information including the local bot time/date and how much of various currencies he/she has. A message of the day (admin message) will also display if an admin has set one.


  • Changed the code for techs and items so that you can use ME as a valid target name to target yourself
  • Changed the warmachine boss battle type to no longer spawn additional monsters alongside it
  • Changed the boss "Magus" to "Maou_Magus" to stop an exploit with the trust NPC Magus.
  • Changed the "TechBonus" augment so that it only applies to non-magic techs
  • Changed the code for checking for an item drop so that it's centralized in one spot
  • Changed Player Access commands so that players must have logged in within the last week in order to be controlled.
  • Changed PVP battles so that bot admins can specify a level cap for players to enter under. Use !startbat pvp # to set the cap
  • Changed the skill Speed to consume 10-25% of a user's HP based on the skill's level
  • Changed portal items so that they cannot be used if Shenron's Wish is on.
  • Changed the maximum resist-skill that a player can have in a dungeon to 50, down from 100. This does not include accessories.
  • Changed certain boss battles to hopefully give a slightly bigger orb reward
  • Changed certain bosses/monsters/summons/npcs to have the ignore elemental message flag
  • Changed some modifiers on certain monsters/bosses
  • Changed gold chests to remove Big Whoop from them and to read from the black chests for portal items
  • Changed ignitions to remove str/def/spd down as people were abusing that
  • Changed the technique Torcleaver to not be magic and made its AoE damage and TP cost match the -jaII spells
  • Changed the guardian style to be capped at level 5 in dungeons and portals
  • Changed the streaks you can use a portal item on to 1-20. Anything higher will block portal usage.
  • Changed the elemental weapon to use attack_elemental.txt since they don't technically use staves/wands
  • Changed healing/battle items a little bit
  • Changed elementals to use different techs based on streaks (a minor change)
  • Changed the way the shop displays certain error messages and what it says when you use !shop by itself.
  • Changed the way summons and clones work when summoned outside of a portal battle. Now they are skipped
    on the round they are summoned on and will only take action on the following round.
  • Changed the "Battle open" message to show the current winning/losing battle streak at the end of the line.
  • Changed HP healing items to work on a percent amount of a target's max HP rather than a static value.
  • Changed portal battles so that the allied notes reward is split by the number of people who enter the battle
  • Changed the shop so that the maximum amount play can upgrade a weapon via the shop to is level 250.
  • Changed the armor equip command so that players do not need to !unequip armor before !equip armor
    The bot will automatically remove the old armor before wearing the new one.
  • Changed the shop so that shadow portals show up on their own line
  • Changed the max amount of portal items players can use per 24 hours to 10 (up from 8)
  • Changed the AI slightly to try and prevent NPCs from using techs that will heal monsters
  • Changed the AI slightly to try and prevent NPCs from using techs that would inflict the same status a monster already has on
  • Changed the code for how the bot generates the deathboards.
  • Changed the bot so that if the streak is automatically reset to 0 the next battle will be an AI vs AI battle
  • Changed the max amount of enhancement points for HP
  • Changed !npc status to be color-coded. Red means kidnapped, maroon means not found yet and green means at the HQ
  • Changed code so that +1 accessories, weapons and armor all show up in blue. Legendary weapons and armor will show up in orange.
  • Changed code so that Torment reward items (Horadric and crafting) show up in orange in the items list
  • Changed the max level of the skill OrbHunter to 30. However, the base cost from 21+ is 2500 per level instead of 250.
  • Changed the cost of the Orb Bonus potion effect
  • Changed the chance of certain special bosses to occur
  • Changed the orb penalty for Spirit of the Hero to be not as much
  • Changed many lines in translation.dat to be consistent with equipment and weapon colors


  • Fixed a typo that was preventing ignition augments from working right
  • Fixed a typo in !misc info
  • Fixed an issue with !view-info and the pokeball summon item
  • Fixed an issue with %enemy in a provoke skill description not showing the right name
  • Fixed an issue with "Conserve TP" showing up in both status and skill lists. It should only be in skills now.
  • Fixed an issue where a person who was asleep would still get an extra turn occasionally
  • Fixed an issue with the DTrigger ignition description
  • Fixed an issue with charm not wearing off immediately if the charmer was erased due to multiple wave
  • Fixed an issue with berserker NPCs
  • Fixed minor issues with the various damage formulas
  • Fixed a potential bug with the monster list
  • Fixed a portal battlefield limitation issue that could be exploited
  • Fixed the "On the Edge" achievement so that it actually gives the Super Potion item correctly
  • Fixed the elemental spell totals in misc info being counted multiple times on AOEs
  • Fixed a bug with orb rewards for players who are far under the streak and not using SotH
  • Fixed a bug in which fists were being calculated wrong for their damage (being counted twice, basically)
  • Fixed a bug in which NPCs who had mechs would try to use them in no-mech battlefield conditions.
  • Fixed a bug with en-spells counting towards the elemental spell totals in misc info when they shouldn't have been
  • Fixed a bug in which the elemental messages for en-spells were not showing upon melee hits
  • Fixed a bug in which npcs and trusts weren't being killed in portals that had no-trust or no-npc set.
  • Fixed a bug with AI vs AI battles when NPCs used shadow copy
  • Fixed a bug with AI vs AI battles in which if the streak was less than 0 it wouldn't work properly
  • Fixed a bug with !flee not counting the number of times fled properly
  • Fixed a bug in which provoked NPCs may try to attack dead targets that have been erased due to multiple waves
  • Fixed a bug in which player clones would die if they were summoned before a no-trust or no-npc portal battle happened
  • Fixed a bug with the enhancement point shop that might prevent certain skills from showing up in the shop
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the wall of flesh from ever being chosen
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to get around the melee penalty if the same weapon is used twice in a row


  • Removed the elements from NPC weapons
  • Removed attack_Aettir.txt, and attack_ChatoyantStaff.txt as they are no longer needed
  • Removed the Elder Dragon boss battle type

Again, this isn't everything. Be sure to read the versions.txt in the documentation folder for a full list of everything or check out the changelog URL.


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Dec 19, 2015


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TUSK3N   -  Jun 09, 2016

I was thinking of using this on Twitch and I saw that you said that it didnt work, well you can send whispers now like "msg #jtv $nick [text]" and that will do it, I dont know how to recieve them tho.

Iyouboushi   -  Dec 17, 2015

It's been seven long months but version 3.1 of Battle Arena has finally been released. With this the development will probably slow down quite a bit as I'm pretty much out of ideas at this point. I think it's safe to say that Battle Arena is now the largest IRC bot RPG ever made. I mean, the game is so big that it requires a freaking wiki to keep track of everything ( ).

As always, if you want to keep up to date on everything without having to wait 6+ months between versions follow the project on Github:

Thanks to everyone who has played the game and given me ideas/the will to keep going on it.

Iyouboushi   -  Apr 30, 2015

The eight month wait is over! Version 3.0 has been released to the public in full. While I won't say this is the "final" version, it is definitely going to be the last major release for a while due to burn out and other life obligations. If any bugs need to be fixed they will most likely be uploaded to the Github version. So if you want to keep an eye on that:

cptpan   -  Feb 25, 2015

ignore this, can't delete comment

Iyouboushi   -  Feb 23, 2015

Version 3.0 is nearing completion. If you're impatient and don't want to wait here for it, I've been uploading the updated code files to Github: Just use at your own risk at the moment due to it being beta.

Iyouboushi   -  Aug 03, 2014

Version 2.5 has been released. I really recommend everyone to upgrade if you're running an older version. You can keep the same .dat files from before and the bot will auto add any new flags or settings. For those just starting out, you don't need 2.4 to run 2.5 so just start with 2.5 and put it into a clean folder (C:\BattleArena\ is probably best).

I will update the GitHub in the near future.

Adventure   -  Jul 11, 2014

When I try to put the file into the scripts place, mirc just stops responding. Is it supposed to take a while?

Iyouboushi  -  Jul 11, 2014

Try unzipping the game into C:\BattleArena\ and running the mIRC.exe that's in the folder included. Let me know if that still causes errors..

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Iyouboushi   -  May 04, 2014

I am, slowly, working on version 2.5. At the moment it isn't introducing a whole lot of new things but fixes a few bugs, and changes a few things to work better (better password security, for example). Not to mention eliminates a few annoying ways that people can stall battles/troll the channel.

I don't know when it'll be officially released though. Just keep an eye out for it, if you're still enjoying this game. :)

Laxus   -  Mar 10, 2014

Umm, how do I start auto battle... or rather what is the command? !autobat 1 or something?

Iyouboushi  -  Mar 12, 2014

The bot should be set up to do automated battles out of the box (unless you're still using the system.dat from version 2.3.1 that I uploaded, which was messed up; I would recommend erasing it and resetting up the bot in that case). But if it got turned off somehow, a bot admin can use !toggle automated battle system to turn it back on.

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Iyouboushi   -  Feb 28, 2014

Battle Arena version 2.4 has been released! Lots of new stuff in this one and several changes.

For those who are upgrading, copy out your battlestats and system dat files unless you don't mind them being replaced.

luigi255698   -  Feb 04, 2014

Sir when i type in new char it just says /copy: unable to copy 'C:\Users\Compaq' to 'C:\Users\Compaq CQ40\Desktop\battlearena-v2.3.1\CQ40\Desktop\battlearena-v2.3.1\characters\new_chr.char' (line 59, characters.mrc)

Iyouboushi  -  Feb 05, 2014

Make sure the bot is in a folder that doesn't have spaces. Try C:\BattleArena\ instead of C:\Users\Compaq CQ40\Desktop\etcetc

I think I've discovered a way to fix this issue for version 2.4. I'd still recommend running the bot in a folder that has no spaces, just to be sure, but at least it shouldn't come to a grinding halt with the next version..

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Iyouboushi   -  Jan 22, 2014

I've been informed of some issues with 2.3.1. Apparently when I uploaded 2.3.1 I included the test channel's system.dat like a derp. So that's going to cause tons of issues.

The simple solution would be to turn off the bot, locate system.dat and battlestats.dat in the bot's folder and erase both of those. Then run the bot. It will generate a fresh copy of both with the default settings.

Version 2.4 is nearing completion so I won't try to reupload 2.3.1 here. Thanks for understanding.

Laxus  -  Jan 26, 2014

For version 2.4 mind putting a mIRC file like always? It saves us a lot of time and is very easy to put up that way.

Iyouboushi  -  Jan 27, 2014

Yeah, for 2.4 I'll pack it up better with everything.

Laxus  -  Feb 04, 2014


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Iyouboushi   -  Nov 01, 2013

Version 2.3 is in the works and will have a bunch of bug fixes. If you're interested in following the development of 2.3 feel free to visit this url and read through the thread:

cptpan   -  Oct 28, 2013

Seriously, this is incredible. My channel has been playing this almost non-stop since I got it.

PackardBell   -  Oct 24, 2013

wub. never mind. My bad...

cptpan   -  Oct 24, 2013

Getting this on v2.2:

  • /writeini: insufficient parameters (line 18, control.mrc)
cptpan   -  Oct 24, 2013

Holy fuk this is epic!

Menteroth   -  Sep 30, 2013

cool script. too bad I won't be able to use it in my channel on the IRC server.

AnGeLLuS   -  Mar 01, 2013

can you make a dialog with the commands ? it will be usefull enough ;)

AuXFire   -  Jul 18, 2012

I'm still having the same problem with !newpass.

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