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Iyouboushi   -  Feb 16, 2017

Hello everyone. Everyone who knows me knows that I'm big into programming various mIRC RPG bots. My current, and largest, Battle Arena (https://github.com/Iyouboushi/mIRC-BattleArena) is still going strong but I feel like it's reaching the end of its life in the way it is currently coded. Briefly I'll just say that everything is pretty static. There are pre-made weapons/items/equipment and while I could continue to add more manually I'm starting to think about the future.

I'm thinking of trying to make a Diablo style RPG bot where weapons and armor are randomly generated and dropped by the enemies. My problem is trying to figure out a good way of doing this. I feel like I could have templates and have the bot randomly pick a template and fill in various values based on the level of the player or the level of the battle but I feel like an armor/weapons database or player's character sheets would become really clogged over time. Not to mention there'd be a chance that the bot would randomly pick the same name and overwrite something.

The point of this thread is just to ask other mIRC scripters out there what kind of approach they would take to program something like this in mIRC. Any suggestions/ideas?

Iyouboushi commented on a mIRC Script, Battle Arena version 3.1  -  Dec 17, 2015

It's been seven long months but version 3.1 of Battle Arena has finally been released. With this the development will probably slow down quite a bit as I'm pretty much out of ideas at this point. I think it's safe to say that Battle Arena is now the largest IRC bot RPG ever made. I mean, the game is so big that it requires a freaking wiki to keep track of everything ( http://battlearena.heliohost.org/doku.php?id=start ).

As always, if you want to keep up to date on everything without having to wait 6+ months between versions follow the project on Github: https://github.com/Iyouboushi/mIRC-BattleArena

Thanks to everyone who has played the game and given me ideas/the will to keep going on it.

Iyouboushi commented on a mIRC Script, Battle Arena version 3.1  -  Apr 30, 2015

The eight month wait is over! Version 3.0 has been released to the public in full. While I won't say this is the "final" version, it is definitely going to be the last major release for a while due to burn out and other life obligations. If any bugs need to be fixed they will most likely be uploaded to the Github version. So if you want to keep an eye on that: https://github.com/Iyouboushi/mIRC-BattleArena

Iyouboushi commented on a mIRC Script, Battle Arena version 3.1  -  Feb 23, 2015

Version 3.0 is nearing completion. If you're impatient and don't want to wait here for it, I've been uploading the updated code files to Github: https://github.com/Iyouboushi/mIRC-BattleArena Just use at your own risk at the moment due to it being beta.

Iyouboushi commented on a Page, PinkieBot Oatmeal Script HELP!  -  Jan 04, 2015

on *:TEXT:oatmeal:#: { msg $chan Oatmeal? Are you crazy?! }

Make sure there's a space after the { and before the }

Iyouboushi   -  Sep 22, 2014

[mIRC scripting question] Is there a way to copy an INI section from one ini file to another ini file and keep it the same except for the name? For example:

in default.ini


I want to copy [noname] from default.ini to someother.ini but change the [noname] to something else, but keep everything else inside it the same.

I know I could have the script go through and set a variable for each setting and then write the section using those but the sections I plan on copying are going to be much longer than just two or three lines. Plus if I change or add something in those sections I'd have to go edit the code again, whereas if there's a way to just copy the section it will just be that one non-changing code.

Hope that makes sense.

Iyouboushi commented on a mIRC Script, Battle Arena version 3.1  -  Aug 03, 2014

Version 2.5 has been released. I really recommend everyone to upgrade if you're running an older version. You can keep the same .dat files from before and the bot will auto add any new flags or settings. For those just starting out, you don't need 2.4 to run 2.5 so just start with 2.5 and put it into a clean folder (C:\BattleArena\ is probably best).

I will update the GitHub in the near future.

Iyouboushi commented on a Page, Help with "If" comparison please!  -  Jul 29, 2014

on *:text:!rank:#:{
var %rank.points $readini(points.ini, $nick, points)
if ((%rank.points = $null) || (%rank.points < 47)) {
msg $chan test

Iyouboushi commented on a mIRC Script, Battle Arena version 3.1  -  May 04, 2014

I am, slowly, working on version 2.5. At the moment it isn't introducing a whole lot of new things but fixes a few bugs, and changes a few things to work better (better password security, for example). Not to mention eliminates a few annoying ways that people can stall battles/troll the channel.

I don't know when it'll be officially released though. Just keep an eye out for it, if you're still enjoying this game. :)

Iyouboushi commented on a mIRC Script, Battle Arena version 3.1  -  Feb 28, 2014

Battle Arena version 2.4 has been released! Lots of new stuff in this one and several changes.

For those who are upgrading, copy out your battlestats and system dat files unless you don't mind them being replaced.

Iyouboushi commented on a mIRC Script, Battle Arena version 3.1  -  Jan 22, 2014

I've been informed of some issues with 2.3.1. Apparently when I uploaded 2.3.1 I included the test channel's system.dat like a derp. So that's going to cause tons of issues.

The simple solution would be to turn off the bot, locate system.dat and battlestats.dat in the bot's folder and erase both of those. Then run the bot. It will generate a fresh copy of both with the default settings.

Version 2.4 is nearing completion so I won't try to reupload 2.3.1 here. Thanks for understanding.

Iyouboushi commented on a mIRC Script, Battle Arena version 3.1  -  Nov 01, 2013

Version 2.3 is in the works and will have a bunch of bug fixes. If you're interested in following the development of 2.3 feel free to visit this url and read through the thread: http://tinyurl.com/battlearenav2-3beta-thread

Iyouboushi created a mIRC Script  -  Jul 15, 2012
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