Dec 12, 2013
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Laxus commented on a mIRC Script, Battle Arena version 3.1  -  Mar 10, 2014

Umm, how do I start auto battle... or rather what is the command? !autobat 1 or something?

Laxus created a Page  -  Feb 19, 2014

Didn't find a welcome script here(sorry people if I didn't see yours) but here it is just incase you didn't find one or if you don't know how to make this. This script could sorta spam people a bit who have long auto join's. So be aware...

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Laxus commented on a .NET Script, Monty Hall Game c#  -  Feb 19, 2014

What language is this(coding language)?

Laxus commented on a Page, Slap Script   -  Feb 16, 2014

You didn't add a closing bracket, or any flood protection this can be abused. A lot more can be added, like a text file etc.

Laxus created a Page  -  Feb 15, 2014
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Credits to Velosis for making the script, I just edited it out. I like all the if's because it feels easy to edit out, I could put it in a file but I don't feel like it :).

Laxus created a Page  -  Feb 15, 2014

Awesome was a really popular script on my IRC but the one who made it left. So I decided to re-create it. It is very simple and meant to be that way. !powerlevel is one of the popular scripts as well, but just decided to create it.

Laxus commented on a Page, Quote Script  -  Dec 19, 2013 doesn't work, I have owner permissions on the channel and it does not let me delete it.

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