May 19, 2017
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manish17xxx created a Page  -  Dec 26, 2017
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So basically, what it does is that it shortens your URLs using TinyURL and displays the new shortened URL.

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manish17xxx created a Page  -  Oct 06, 2017
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So this is my latest Math game which takes some real math skills and fast mind calculations to win. You get a set of numbers, some target numbers, and some operations. Your target is to use the numbers to form the target number by using the operations in the correct order. First player to score 50 points wins the game.

manish17xxx created a Page  -  Oct 01, 2017
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Here is my latest game - CallBreak. Its a multiplayer card game, a kind of brain-teaser that you would probably enjoy playing. For rules, please type !cbrules. It is a 4-player game and AI players will join if enough players aren't available.

manish17xxx created a Page  -  Jun 12, 2017
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Here are a few functions that I created which will probably help you out.

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manish17xxx created a Page  -  May 24, 2017
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Rules to play - There are 4 boxes with a certain number of gems (chosen randomly). When your turn comes, you can pick a maximum of 3 number of gems from any box. Your task is to force your opponent to pick the last remaining gem.

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manish17xxx created a Page  -  May 19, 2017
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