Jan 03, 2017
Writing stories, Scripting and Watching Movies.

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manish17 created a Page  -  Mar 19, 2017
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Commands : !hilo , then !start to start the game.. !high or !low to play. Multiplayer version coming soon.

manish17 created a Page  -  Feb 08, 2017

Playing cards is always fun , so here comes a new card game made by me : Alpha Cards. The game is played between three players and as of now , it works good. Please comment if you find any bug.

manish17 commented on a Page, Pokedex Script ( With GEN7 + Mega)  -  Feb 06, 2017

Script updated.
Enjoy v.1.1 of pokedex !!

manish17 created a Page  -  Feb 01, 2017
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Hello , so the script lets you play cricket online in the chatroom . You can select up to 10 wickets and play with 2 players.

manish17 created a Page  -  Jan 27, 2017
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Moderating channels might be a tough job . You might have to face situations where you make some people staff and when you are away, they misuse their powers by kicking/banning innocent people. But here is an awesome bot script that will let you moderate your channel using simple commands and moreover, it will also let you track your channel . By tracking channel , I mean that it will allow you to..

manish17 commented on a Page, Cards Against Humanity  -  Jan 04, 2017

I did player selection by typing !player1here , !player2here , etc. But after that the game does not proceed. What is the command?

manish17 created a Page  -  Jan 03, 2017

Updated :- v.1.3 : Added Auto-Correct feature, to help you with wrong spellings.

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