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Weldon   -  Apr 13, 2020

I know it has been a long time since i been here, i have had alot of family issues that prevented me from doing things on the net. I jsut wanted to say hi to everyone and let everyone know i am back but im stick with node and api projects atm. i moved away from java and messing with mirc scripts.

I now only chat on discord if anyone is interested in coming to my chat, its a chat about whatever you want server.
https://discord.gg/ewrjRbk if anyone is interested <3

Weldon created a Page  -  Nov 14, 2017
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This is a relay bot to link a discord chat server to an ircd server, you must have node.js installed. In Command Prompt type "discord-irc --config YourConfigFileHere.json" Do not include " in the command prompt. (Example: discord-irc --config tesconfig.json). This will start the bot and it will connect to the discord channel and the ircd channel

Weldon   -  Sep 12, 2017

Just want to say i'm back and i missed you all! Getting back into coding/programming

Weldon created a Page  -  Aug 25, 2014

Full Nicklist commands for Chanserv, Operserv, MemoServ, BotServ, HostServ and Janus A friend wanted me to make one of these to where he can be as lazy as possible...Well here it is, enjoy :)

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Weldon   -  Aug 16, 2014

Got my cpu fixed!! been away for awhile but back now :)
Live Radio and chat are up if anyone is interested in a small server and some good tunes.
irc.xtreme-chat.com :: http://www.xtreme-chat.com (Listen to radio here if you like)

You can also access the radio on iTunes. Stream URL

Weldon   -  Apr 20, 2014

Happy Hoppity Easter to all Hawkee members :)
Hope everything went as according to plan xD

Weldon   -  Apr 17, 2014

Xtreme-Chat now has a chat applet for its website called mibbit for now till i get LightIRC configured the right way and everything uploaded to the webspace. We also have a LIVE radio in #Xtreme-Radio which is broadcasted 24/7. We are also linked to ExChat. Those that want to come and visit whenever can either use their irc client or the web browser.
irc.xtreme-chat.com:6667 Room: #Xtreme-Chat

Weldon   -  Mar 14, 2014

We got rid of our java chat (ChatSpace) and switched to unreal ircd, come join us!
irc.xtreme-chat.com:6667 #Xtreme-Chat

Weldon   -  Jan 11, 2014

I know it's late but Happy New Year everyone and belated Holidays

Weldon   -  Oct 14, 2013

Xtreme-Chat goes PINK to show our support for Breast Cancer Awareness month
Come stop by: chat.xtreme-chat.com:6667 #Xtreme-Chat

Weldon   -  Oct 05, 2013

What happened to all my chatters!!!
chat.xtreme-chat.com:6667 #Xtreme-Chat

Weldon   -  Aug 20, 2013

XtremeChat is finally on a VPS.
IRC: chat.xtreme-chat.com:6667

Weldon   -  Jul 31, 2013

http://www.xtreme-chat.com has been seeing some good user base :)
We get 20 users throughout the day now instead of 5 :)
Access through an irc client via chat.xtreme-chat.com:6667 #XtremeChat

Weldon   -  Jul 26, 2013

XtremeChat has its own domain now!
Web Users: http://www.xtreme-chat.com
IRC users: chat.xtreme-chat.com:6667

Weldon   -  Jul 24, 2013

Anyone know how to setup a Request Songs page? I have Sam Broadcaster 4 and trying to figure out how to put a request songs page on my site. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Weldon   -  Jun 30, 2013

If anyone is interested in java chats, i have a chat that could use some users xD
We have a live radio & great games!

We also have an ircd server. irc.macbit.be:6667

For those that want to come, hopefully you have fun and enjoy your stay with us :)

Weldon   -  Mar 27, 2013

Finally i added a live radio stream to go with my chat

http://xtreme-chat.servebeer.com to access the chat via web browser
xtremechat.servebeer.com:6667 for irc access

Weldon   -  Feb 19, 2013

got my server upand running the way i want it (mostly).
Anyone wants to come your more then welcome.
You can access my server at http://xtreme-chat.servebeer.com (web browser). irc users can use xtremechat.servebeer.com:6667
Hope to see some of you there :)

Weldon commented on a Page, .commands for bot  -  Jan 02, 2013

xtremechat.servebeer.com:6667 #XtremeChat
my nick is Weldon, my bots name is Juggs

Weldon commented on a Page, .commands for bot  -  Jan 01, 2013

i also just posted a screenshot of Juggs banning Guest20 and Guest20 being able to rejoin then i removed the ban. btw Guest20 is on Java so there is no auto join on kick/ban

Weldon commented on a Page, .commands for bot  -  Jan 01, 2013

ChatSpace lol

Weldon created a Page  -  Dec 31, 2012

This script is intended for my bot. To use, copy and paste in remotes. I know this script could be done ALOT differently.. Commands are: .mod = Gives Moderator status to a user .remod = Take Moderator status from a user .voice = Give Strict Moderation status to a user .revoice = Take Strict Moderation status from a user .quiet = Give quiet status to a user .requiet = Take quiet status from a user .kick..

Weldon commented on a Page, ChatSpace Timed Message  -  Dec 30, 2012

yep, also having the server messages in .txt so it can be read from them with a random time would be a little better :p

Weldon   -  Nov 30, 2012

finally back home :p

Weldon commented on a Page, My Theme  -  Nov 03, 2012

thanks, its still in progress, had to change things around just to use a color talker which likes to crap out on me for no reason LOL and sometimes /me or / of any kind doesnt want to work. so its still a work in progress :)

Weldon commented on a Page, Auto connect & oper & Joiner  -  Nov 03, 2012

yea that does sound like a very good idea, thats basically how i like to run things is through ini or a text file

Weldon commented on a Page, Avoid a slap :p  -  Nov 03, 2012

thanks meta, good idea :D

Weldon created a Page  -  Nov 02, 2012

made a Luigi. open remotes and create a new alias or an existing one and paste there.. type /luigi to use

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Weldon created a Page  -  Nov 02, 2012
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open remotes and make a new alias. to use type /mario

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Weldon commented on a Page, Avoid a slap :p  -  Nov 02, 2012


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